9 Diet Hacks To Lose Weight And Improve Your Health Instantly

October 11, 2017

diet hacks

Cutting your intake of calories, losing weight, stabilizing your blood sugar, and lowering your risk of weight-related diseases shouldn’t be mission impossible.

Of course, you will have to make some changes to your diet, but what if we told you there were some simple and easy-to-do diet hacks that can help you speed up the process significantly?

Check out the following diet hacks that can make you lose weight and improve your overall health in no time!

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1. Eat Whole Fruit Instead Of Drinking Juice

Eating fresh fruit is always a better choice than drinking store-bought juice. The researchers over at Harvard found that eating three servings of whole fruit instead of drinking three glasses of fruit juice a week can reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes by over 7%.

2. Use Smaller Bowls

Another experiment found that we tend to eat more simply because we use big plates and big bowls. In this study, participants who were given larger bowls, served and ate 16% more than the people who were given smaller cutlery.

Yes, it sounds ridiculous, but that’s the case.

3. Don’t Watch TV While You Eat

Of course, it is much more fun to eat while watching an episode of your favorite TV show, but if you manage to resist this urge, you might lose some pounds even during your first week of this practice.

According to a research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who ate their meals while distracted tend to eat 10% more in one sitting than those who were only concentrated on their meals.

4. Dine By Candlelight

Not only will dining by the candlelight set a more romantic mood and increase the meal satisfaction for you and your partner, it will also help you eat less.

According to some researchers who examined certain fast food restaurants, people who eat in a relaxed environment with dimmed lights and mellow music eat up to 180 fewer calories per meal than those who eat in a more typical restaurant environment.

5. Eat Frozen Fruits And Veggies But Choose Wisely

Some nutritionists claim that frozen fruits and veggies, which are picked and prepped at their prime, can be even healthier and more nutritious than some fresh produce you buy at your nearest store.

6. Eat More Soup

This diet hack is a slam dunk! The trick is to eat an appetizer of a broth-based soup and thus eat less when the main course comes. This trick can reduce total calorie intake over the course of the meal by up to 20%.

So easy, yet so effective!

7. Eat More Spicy Foods

Great new for all spicy food lovers out there! Researchers have found that piperine, the compound responsible for pepper’s distinct taste, also hinders the formation of new fat cells in the human body.

This reaction is called adipogenesis, and can indeed lead to losing weight and a decrease in cholesterol levels.

8. Add Cinnamon To Your Carbs

If you can’t live without your favorite carbs, simply add some cinnamon to your meal. Namely, a series of studies published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition claim that adding cinnamon to a starchy meal can help with your blood sugar levels and might also ward off insulin spikes that often lead to hunger, cravings and weight gain.

9. Ditch The Snacks

Simply try to avoid your usual mid-morning and afternoon snacks as these can hinder all the weight loss efforts you made previously.

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