8 Big Gluten Intolerance Symptoms Most People Ignore

September 19, 2017

Gluten Intolerance

Gluten has been the subject of many a talk and article lately, all over the web.

Our intolerance to gluten has been kept in the dark for decades, while the people who suffer from this condition have been eating gluten-packed foods without even knowing they are bad for them.

Now that we know gluten intolerance is a real thing, we for some reason tend to avoid talking about gluten intolerance symptoms.

In that name, here 8 huge gluten intolerance symptoms you might be ignoring.

1. You Feel Dizzy

If you often find yourself feeling dizzy with no particular reason, or you faint out of the blue, you might be sensitive to gluten. People who are gluten intolerant often report:

  • disorientation
  • feeling off-balance
  • brain fog

…and other disturbing cognitive disruptions.

2. You Have Mood Swings

Gluten intolerance means your body, mainly your stomach, is struggling to digest this substance, which can very much cause generalized physical stress. This is when mood issues kick in.

This is perfectly understandable and even expected with people who suffer from this allergy. They often report:

  • explainable anxiety
  • irritability
  • feeling upset for no reason.

According to The New England Journal of Medicine, there are 55 diseases that are caused or worsened by gluten intake.

3. You Have Migraines, And Chronic Ones

If you have chronic headaches that, neither you nor your doctor can account for, you might have gluten intolerance. People who suffer from a gluten allergy or intolerance are more likely to have headaches which tend to come within an hour after the person has eaten food containing gluten.

4. You Have Stomach Pains

Perhaps the most obvious gluten intolerance symptom… The issues with gluten come from problems digesting this wicked substance, and the first thing that is affected is, of course, your digestive system.

Stomach aches are likely to happen every time you eat food containing gluten, and this should be your first and foremost cue to go and see a doctor.

5. You Feel Itchy, All Over

People whose bodies are struggling with gluten often have itchy skin. This struggle is causing the inflammation as your immune system is forming a lot of antibodies that are supposed to fight off the gluten that entered your body.

These antibodies can give you psoriasis-like reactions on your skin.

6. You Feel Tired, All The Time

Gluten intolerance often causes chronic fatigue as the gluten you eat is putting your body in the state of high alert. And if this happens EVERY time you consume gluten, this will make you feel tired ALL THE TIME.

It takes a huge amount of energy for your body to deal with the unwanted gluten you might be eating on a daily basis, so your 8 hours of sleep a night are not nearly enough.

7. You Have Fibromyalgia

If you get diagnosed with fibromyalgia, it might mean you are gluten intolerant.

As reported by Medicine Net, “When patients are helped by a specific dietary measure, it is often because of the presence of a secondary condition that does have a recognized response to diet. And when you take care of that, you do get some relief from all the symptoms. You feel better overall.”

8. You Think You Have Lactose Intolerance

Lactose intolerance and gluten intolerance are quite similar in terms of how they affect your body. The gluten intolerance symptoms might be mistaken for lactose intolerance signs and you might end up being treated for the wrong thing.

On the other hand, people may have both of these conditions at the same time, so if you’re already having problems with lactose, gluten may be just as difficult for your system to process.

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