7 Easy But Effective Culinary Hacks Coming Straight From A Master Chef

May 3, 2017

culinary hacks

Cooking on your own and preparing food from scratch is one of the most rewarding chores one can have. In fact, if you are a true foodie, cooking won’t even feel like a chore.

It should invoke your creativity and nudge you in the right direction towards healthier diet plan and balanced meals.

In that name, here we have some extremely effective cooking hacks that should help you fall in love with cooking even more. You won’t be able to imagine spending time in the kitchen and preparing food without these ever again.

Buckle up, Jimbo!

1. More Vivid Boiled Vegetables

If you want to prevent boiled and stewed vegetables from losing their color and make them keep their vibrant colors in order to look more mouthwatering (as you probably do), try dipping them in ice-cold water immediately after cooking.

2. Adding Salt To Sweet Pastry? Yes!

Although this might seem a bit counterintuitive, half a teaspoon of salt added to your sweet dough will make your pastry even more delicious. Finely ground salt actually brings out the taste of all the other ingredients in your sweet dessert.

Add a pinch of salt to your chocolate milk as well! You’ll thank us later.

3. A (W)hole In The Lemon Hack

Instead of cutting your lemon in halves or quarters in order to squeeze the lemon juice out, just use your palm to roll the fruit across the countertop a few times, pierce the bottom of the lemon using a toothpick, and squeeze out the juice.

This way your lemon will stay fresh for much longer.

4. Use Frozen Grapes Instead Of Ice Cubes

Nobody likes their wine or other alcoholic drinks to be watered down by melting ice cubes. In order to avoid this, use frozen grapes instead.

5. The Perfect Rice Trick

Far too often cooking rice turns into a grueling disaster (sorry, for the pun).

In order to prevent this from happening, simply cover the saucepan with an ordinary kitchen towel immediately after turning off the heat and let it cool off like that.

6. More Succulent Meat

Simply roll your meat in an egg white and 1 teaspoon of corn starch to keep your meat juicy and tender throughout the cooking process.

7. Salt And Cinnamon In Your Coffee

Turn your ordinary cup of coffee into a mouthwatering liquid that will tickle your taste buds like no other coffee has done it before.

Simply add a pinch of salt and cinnamon to your cup a Joe and feel how its taste becomes mellow, while its aroma intensifies and becomes more vibrant.

In the words of special Agent Dale Cooper, it would be one damn fine cup of coffee.

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