5 Useful Apps To Make Your Meal Planning Easy

January 23, 2017

Meal Planning

Meal planning is not an easy task. Not even for the most organized of foodies.

Far too many people screw things up when it comes to planning out a week’s worth of meals, as they tend to “go with the flow” when it comes to shopping for groceries.

But not every week is the same, now is it?

If you’ve ever found yourself lacking groceries or throwing out expired produce or meats, this means it might be time for you to change those grocery shopping habits and take a look at these 5 extremely useful apps that will help you with your diet and your meal plan.

1. Yummly (iOS, Android)

This nifty app has over a million delicious recipes in its database and it is definitely one of the best meal planning resources out there. You can even filter app searches by:

  • prep time
  • nutrition
  • type of cuisine

With Yummly you can make your own virtual recipe box and choose the meals you’ll be making, then the app curates all the ingredients to a grocery list and exports it to Instacart, a smartphone-based, grocery-delivery service.

Pretty neat.

2. MealPlan (iOS)

Mealplan is great for first-time planners as it has an easy-to-navigate interface where you can drag and drop your recipes or keywords (“burgers”, “salad”, “soup”) into a home screen organized by meal. When the list is done, you can email or print out the generated grocery list which is then sorted by aisle for the quick and easy shopping.

3. Mealboard (iOS)

Mealboard is perfect if you are on the budget. This app will help you eat healthy and clean while not spending insane amounts of money.

Simply tap to add recipes from your favorite websites or foodie blogs into your weekly calendar and then just drag and drop specific meals to the exact days you want to eat them. Mealboard then aggregates a grocery list including ingredient prices (should you chose one of the stores utilized in the app, that is).

4. AnyList (iOS)

This one is a slam dunk if you are a big and busy family. Anylist will help you pull the perfect grocery list together very quickly, while also respecting the wants and needs of each and every member of your cool little collective of foodies. The app allows multiple users to add items to a singular shopping list, and any changes made will then sync to everyone’s devices.

Awesome indeed.

5. Pepper Plate (iOS, Android)

If you think of yourself as the multi-course master, this one is for you. Aside from the regular recipe and grocery list generator, Pepper Plate also has a built-in timer, which is extremely useful if you are making multiple dishes at once.

Kind of like having your own personal assistant.

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