5 Simple Tips To Make A Perfect Burger

June 1, 2017


Stop looking for “the best burger in town” for it can be made right in your own backyard.

Your barbeque party is only as good as the burgers you are making, it is as simple as that. Yes, your friends told you that it is all about spending time together, talking to each other and bonding, but it is really all about the food!

To make healthier and overall better burgers, you will need a few easy tips before tossing that beef on the grill.

Let’s sizzle!

1. Choose The Best Beef

The first rule of Burger Club is – the burger is only as good as the beef in it. Make sure you purchase freshly ground, high-quality ground beef with at least 20% fat.

This type of beef will make your burgers juicier, healthier, and more flavorful. Plus – they will look amazing. Just look for the 80/20 sticker on ground beef packages you are buying, or even better – visit your local butcher shop.

2. Form The Perfect Patties

To form perfect patties, each one should:

  • have between 5 and 6 ounces of ground beef
  • be gently tossed back and forth in your hands to form a ball
  • be placed on a flat surface and patted it into a disk (each should be at least as wide as your hamburger buns).

Now, it is time for the secret trick!

3. Make A Dimple In The Middle Of Each Pattie

In order to prevent your burger patties to bulge in the center while being grilled, you will want to make a dimple in each and every one of them.

The thing is that ground beef contracts when it gets hot, thus making the notorious “burger bulge.”

This can be easily prevented by simply making a dimple (or divot) in the center of each patty using your thumb.

4. Season To Taste And With Taste

In order to leave room for the taste of your perfect ground beef to surface, you mustn’t go overboard with the seasoning. Salt and pepper alone should do the trick.

5. Top Colorfully

Topping is where you can get creative. Make sure you have your favorite toppings ready for when those burgers come off the grill and simply assemble your perfect burgers for you and your friends.

And remember – there’s no wrong way to top a burger!

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