5 Healthy Snacks That Are Perfect For Road Trips

July 2, 2013

If you are planning to take a road trip or vacation, you may be thinking about taking snacks to enjoy during the ride.

Many people like to snack while riding and bringing your own snacks from home can help you avoid making a lot of stops along the way to buy them.

If you are dieting or trying to eat healthy, road trip snacks like candy bars and potato chips can ruin your diets.

Here are 5 snacks that are healthy and perfect for road trips.

Enjoy them guilt-free.


Fruits make great road trip snacks because they are portable, healthy and can satisfy your sweet tooth. Bring grapes, berries, apple or bananas. You can slice and peel the fruits or eat them one piece at a time.

If you are bringing a cooler, keep the fruit in an air-tight container inside the cooler until you are ready to eat them. Then you will not only have a sweet treat that is healthy and satisfying, but also refreshing.


Nuts are healthy snacks that are packed full of protein. Because nuts are sold in small packets or canisters, they are great to eat in the car.

You can also toss a few handfuls into a plastic baggie and toss them in a purse or vehicle console.Nuts can satisfy your salt cravings or your sweet tooth.

String Cheese

Dairy products are an important part of a healthy diet. String cheese is a tasty and healthy snack to bring with you on car rides. They are almost always individually packaged so they can be brought in a small cooler or even packed in a picnic basket for the duration of the car ride.

You can choose from a variety of string cheese flavors. Be sure to bring some wholegrain crackers with you to enjoy with your cheese.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter may not seem like a good idea for a car ride, but it makes a tasty and healthy dip.

Don’t worry about trying to spread it on your favorite foods, just dip them straight into the jar instead. Apples, crackers, cookies and celery all taste great when dipped in peanut butter.

Peanut butter is full of protein and will stop you from being hungry until you get to your destination.



Popcorn can be healthy if air popped and not loaded down with salt and butter. If you are craving a crunchy and salty snack, bring some popcorn from home.

Popcorn is a great alternative to chips and other salty foods that are full of fat and calories.Even store bought popcorn can be healthy as long as you check the nutrition label before you buy it.

Take some of these snacks along with you on your next road trip and you won’t get hungry or ruin your diet.

Making smart snack choices can help prevent you from eating too many calories and will ensure you get the proper nutrients needed to keep you healthy.

These snacks are proof that healthy food can be tasty food.

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