5 Healthy Nutrition Tips Coming From Registered Dietitian Nutritionists

May 11, 2017

Nutrition Tips

We all have so many tips to give out when it comes to healthy eating and assembling the right diet plan. Most of those tips we gleaned online from some suspicious websites that only want to lure you to click on their article and then give you next to nothing.

We at mydiet.com are not like that. We genuinely want our readers to have the best diet tips out there.

This is exactly why we came up with these crucial nutrition hacks that come straight from the horse’s mouth – registered diet nutritionists.

Eat More Whole Plants

Let’s start with a classic – the more plants you eat the better! Sharon Palmer (RDN, The Plant-Powered Dietitian and author of Plant-Powered for Life) has this to say:

“No matter what your eating style, you can gain more health benefits by filling up your plate with at least three-fourths plant foods, such as beans, lentils, whole grains, like quinoa, brown rice, and farro; vegetables, and fruits. Plus this eating pattern is better for the planet, too.”

Plan Your Meals

Planning your meals in advance can be key when it comes to finding and sticking to a healthy diet plan.

Michelle Dudash (RDN, Cordon Bleu-certified chef and creator of Clean Eating Cooking School: Monthly Meal Plans Made Simple) suggests that that you look at your kitchen, see what you have to begin with, and then go from there.

Whenever you can, make sure you plan, prepare and store healthy meals for the whole week.

Combine Your Food

The more nutritious ingredients you throw in the mix the better! “Combining foods is so important for increasing your metabolism and controlling hunger better” says Sarah Koszyk (MA, RDN, sports dietitian and weight management specialist, founder of Family. Food. Fiesta).

“When you combine foods such as a carbohydrate and protein, you will feel more full and satisfied than if you just ate one of the foods by itself.”

Eat More Fiber

This is one of the oldest tips in the book. Fiber is known for having numerous health benefits but for weight loss and a healthy body. Shelly Marie Redmond (MS, RD, LDN, and founder of Skinny Louisiana) says:

“Fiber keeps us FULL! Instead of a ‘ho-hum’ granola bar, boring cereal flakes, or random whole grain look for the ones that pack the punch of fiber. Goal: pick ones with 5 or more grams of fiber per serving.”

Don’t Eat Out

No matter how lazy you are, or how delicious the food from the restaurants might be, you should train yourself to cook more. Rearrange your work hours, your chores and your whole week plan if possible, so you have more time to cook as often as you can.

Robyn Webb (MS, award-winning cookbook author, culinary instructor and Food Editor of Diabetes Forecast Magazine) says that you must: “learn knife skills, grow some of your own food if you can. Good nutrition will sort itself out if you learn all about your food.”

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