5 Everyday Foods You Didn’t Know Were Ruining Your Teeth

September 7, 2017

ruining your teeth

Your teeth are precious and you only get one shot with them, much like Eminem in his famous song. This is why you must be careful about what you eat and drink on a daily basis.

Here are 5 things most of us consume rather frequently without realizing these foods are destroying our teeth.

1. Dried Fruit

Although dried fruit is almost always at the top of the list when it comes to healthy snacks, these delicious and nutritious bad boys can indeed damage your teeth since the chunks of these dried snacks  tend to stay on your teeth much longer than other types of food.

So, next time you find yourself eating dried fruits or trail mix, make sure you rinse properly after and do toss some brushing and flossing into the mix.


2. Sugary Foods And Sodas

Sugary foods and sugary drinks cover your teeth with crazy amounts of this everyday drug, which is then used by plaque bacteria to produce acids that attack your enamel, the hard surface of your tooth.

3. Hot Pizza With A Cold Drink

Pizza and coke go great together, but they also work together to slowly but surely ruin your teeth. What happens is that hot pizza expands your enamel, while cold drinks cause it to contract. This can make what’s called a craze line – thin vertical crack in the enamel that can lead to breaks and stains.

4. Acidic Foods

Any type of acidic food will wear away your enamel. The main culprits are:

  • both regular and diet soda
  • orange juice
  • wine
  • sports drinks
  • sour gummy candies
  • lemons.

Tough luck mammals, all these are destroying our enamels…

5. Coffee And Tea

Although coffee and tea, in their natural forms, are essentially healthy beverage choices, drinking too much of these and adding sugar is ruining your precious teeth in the long run.

Frequent drinks of coffee and tea will also stain your teeth quite a bit. However, if you are like me and simply can’t imagine your day without at least one cup of damn good coffee, make sure you accompany it with plenty of water.

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