5 Easy Weight Loss Hacks That Actually Work

April 10, 2017

Weight Loss Hacks

Going to the gym regularly and finding the right weight loss plan is enough for some people, but many of us struggle with shedding pounds even when these two things are checked.

Some of us need to go the extra mile in order to lose weight, which can be rather annoying, causing many to give up quickly and simply give in to their chubbiness.

In order to prevent this from happening, we’ve come up with 5 simple but effective weight loss hacks that will help you make most out of your diet in no time.

1. Never Ignore Your Daily Calorie Allowance

Whether you’re trying to maintain your weight or lose some of it, you need to keep track of your caloric intake. The sad truth is that far too many people ignore this simple fact and focus only on exercising.

In order to come up with your optimal calorie budget and build a healthy diet plan just for you, you will need to pay close attention to your suggested daily calorie intake based on gender, age, and physical activity level.

Here’s an awesome books that can help you with that.

2. Never Starve Yourself

You must never let yourself be too hungry. People tend to make poor decisions when they’re hungry and their judgment is compromised. Hunger is a primal urge and when you’re too hungry, it’s hard to choose the right foods.

This is when people resort to junk food over making a little more effort and finding healthy food options.

3. Try The “Red/Orange/Green Rule”

This one is rather simple – just make sure that you include one food of each of these colors during every meal. This way you will make sure to get at least some produce on your plate.

4. Don’t Eat The Last Bite

If you manage to achieve this at every meal and don’t succumb to the temptation, you could save about 75 calories each day. And let’s be honest, we all save the juiciest bite for the end.

5. Drink Plenty Of Water

This is a weight loss hack as old as time itself, but it is truly the most effective one. People forget that water is essential for keeping our body hydrated.

The general recommended daily amount is 64 ounces.

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