5 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Start Cooking From Scratch

March 9, 2017

Only true foodies know that real food and real satisfaction comes only when you learn to cook from scratch. There simply shouldn’t be any shortcuts when it comes to healthy cooking.

When you start preparing your own meals from scratch, you realize just how empowering, therapeutic, and practical it really is.

As Johanna Bond of HuffPost once said – it can even be “romantic”.

So without further ado, here are our 5 reasons why you should consider cooking from scratch like a true chef.

5. You Learn To “Smart Shop”

Far too many of us just go to the nearest grocery shop and buy whatever we see first, which is a fundamental mistake. We have to dig a little bit deeper. When you start cooking from scratch, you learn how to navigate the grocery store like a boss and you learn where everything is.

This will also help you learn how to read the ingredient labels, which is one of the most overlooked aspects of healthy cooking. Only true chefs pay attention to what actually goes into their food, which is crucial for your overall health.

4. The Food Starts To Taste Better

Cooking from scratch makes you truly feel ALL the flavors and ALL the various ingredients you used when you were making the meal because you know each and every little thing you had put in the dish.

“There’s also a hidden secret flavor when I cook for myself: pride”, says Johanna Bond.

3. You Boost Your Creativity

Once you realize that, as a chef, you can now put virtually anything in your dishes – that’s when the real magic happens. You begin experimenting with ingredients and your creativity blooms immensely.

Remember what Zappa said about music? – “Without deviation from the norm progress is not possible.” Well, the same goes for cooking.

2. You Make New Friends

Once you enter the world of preparing meals from scratch, you connect with other foodies who appreciate healthy home cooking.

“If you are stuck at a party where you know no one and have no small chat left in you, turn to food. Even if your new acquaintance doesn’t cook, I’m willing to bet he or she eats”, says Johanna.

1. You Finally Reach The Balance In Your Life

Reaching that coveted inner balance is one of the key things for a healthier and happier life, and what better way to reach that balance than through food?

“I’ve become more aware of my food, my body and my time. The kitchen for me has morphed into a safe place of both chaos and respite, a place to recharge both physically and mentally,” says Bond.

You are what you eat, indeed!

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