17 Day Diet Review

July 16, 2013


Ever since introduced to our world by Dr. Mike Moreno in his book, The 17 day diet has sparked some lively discussions in medical, nutritional and public community. Overall accepted as a quick, healthy and right way to lose weight, some if its proposed methods are still questioned by experts.

Basics of 17 days diet

The concept of 17 day diet is basically a strategy of confusing metabolism by alternating periods of low and normal calorie intake. It is consisted of 4 phases, where first three lasts 17 days each and the fourth can last as much as you like.

First phase, called “Accelerate” by Dr. Moreno, is very similar as the 1200 calorie diet that we have already analyzed.

The daily calorie intake should be reduced to 1200 calories, which is a minimum needed amount for a body to function and stay healthy. It is very important to reduce all sorts of processed sugars.

Exercise and demanding activities should be reduced to bare essentials like some light walking and yoga; otherwise you can make more damage to your body than benefits.

Second phase, or “Activate”, is similar to first, except that calorie count each shifts between low high count, averaging around 1500 calories per day.

The purpose of the third phase is to “Achieve” desired eating habits that can be practiced in the long run. Less meat and more grains and fruit are proposed, and some moderate alcohol and even more modest snacks are back.

The goal is to get used to eat balanced, low calorie healthy meals.

Forth phase, called “Arrive” is starting by the day 52 and it is a constant cycling between first three phases each work day, until the weekend when you can indulge yourself.

 Can you lose weight with 17 days diet?

Sure you can. Every diet based on low calorie count combined with some light exercise should produce results if balanced diet is practiced.

Biggest progress will be shown in phase one when the dieters is expected to lose 10 to 15 pounds, but most of it will be water.

Phase two should shave off another 5-6 pounds if you pay close attention and not overeat yourself in days with high calories count.

And finally addition 2-3 pounds should be gone in phase three, switching to healthier and more balanced foods.

Fourth phase is designed to keep your weight more or less the same, but regular weekly weighting is needed, and if you gain 5 pounds, you should go back to second phase and repeat dieting cycle from there.


Diversity that this diet promote will prevent you from being bored with it, and hopefully motivate you all the way to the desired goal weight.


Letting yourself loose on weekends in fourth phase may have greater impact on your weight than upholding this diet during work days. 1750 extra calories per two day may annihilate deficit of 3500 calories created during work days. It also has a great impact on the dieter’s mindset and hard earned healthy habits

Experts opinion about 17 day diet

First phase is, by nutritionists’ opinion, is to low in fibers and for many people low in calories. This diet is definitely not for people with type 1 diabetics, teens and pregnant or lactating women. It is not scientifically proven that calorie cycling has any impact on metabolism, but also there is no harm, since most of us are doing it every day.

Helpful Tips

  • It is advisable to take multivitamin-mineral supplement during the first two phases.
  • 17 minutes of some light daily exercise such as walking or yoga is advisable in first two phases, and that should go up to 150 -300 minutes per week in later phases


Balanced diet with healthy food and some exercise is always a great way to lose some weight and that is what 17 days diet propagates, so it can be recommended for dieters, as long as some propositions such as weekend spree and metabolism confusion with zigzagging calories intake are taken with some reserves.