15 Street Foods That Are Actually Healthy


With “green” healthy eating trends gaining in popularity across the country, street food merchants took the hint and changed some of their traditionally greasy, heavy menus for fresh produce, nuts, herbs and grass-fed dairy products.

Many food trucks are even powering their engines with “green” fuel, getting energy from solar panels and making sure they cater to the trendy crowds looking for healthy and sustainable types of food anywhere they go.

The following list is a review of street-food options that are readily available and nourishing at the same time.

1. Veggie Sandwich

A veggie sandwich is a healthy option found in most fast food places or sold by street merchants and served with fresh produce in addition to different types of bread you can choose in certain instances.

Always go for the whole grain option when it comes to the bun of the sandwich and stay away from adding any meat, such as chicken or turkey.

Make sure you say “no” to sauces, from mayonnaise to BBQ sauce, or opt for a fat-free version if you can’t do without. Avoid having your sandwich grilled or toasted as the toasting dish is usually covered in butter or oil.

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