10 Worst Side Effects Of Extreme Diets


Even though most diets respect the most nutrition and health rules, certain eating plans tend to bypass these same rules by offering less daily calories, activity, allowed food groups, or requiring a lot more time to be spent on meal preparing, all in the name of fast weight loss.

These diets are labeled extreme due to promoting calorie restrictions, which can easily lead you to many issues much worse than being overweight. With that in mind, here are the 10 worst side effects of extreme diets.

1. Slow Metabolism

Since our bodies are used to regular eating and a normal calorie intake, switching to an extreme diet which usually involves a calorie deficit and reduced energy levels can lead to a slowed metabolism.

This happens because your body goes into ‘self-preservation’ mode as soon as it realizes you’re not getting enough calories.

Your metabolism slows down in order to conserve energy, which means you’ll still store fat but also use muscle mass for energy.

A slowed metabolism often leads to a slow weight loss, and when it finally happens, you’ll notice that you still have the same body fat levels but less muscle.

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