10 Most Successful Diets Among Celebrities


Diets were originally meant to help people become healthier through natural foods and a more balanced eating regimen. However, when your job depends greatly on how good you look, the game changes a lot.

Celebrities such as actors and singers rely on their looks, as it is what puts them in the spotlight. That’s why we wanted to reflect on the 10 most successful diets among celebrities.

1. The Hampton’s Diet

Let’s face it – Sarah Jessica Parker had her great looks since pretty much forever. If you ask her how, she would probably just say: the Hampton’s Diet.

The eating plan in question is actually really simple and loose. The philosophy behind it tells the dieter to just avoid processed foods and to start making meals out of fruit, veggies, nuts, and fish. There are no strict rules and limitations, yet the method is pretty obvious.

The 50-year-old actress defies time as she still posses that same balanced body she was sporting back in the days of “Sex and the City.” Contrary to many fads and quick fixes, the Hampton’s Diet appears to be a way of living.

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