10 “Diet” Foods that Actually Make You Fat


As more and more people around the country realize that they must manage what they eat, dieting is becoming more and more common. More often than not, these diets insist on replacing many different foods in your day-to-day meals with healthier alternatives.

However, the key problem that caused America’s increased weight-gain can still be seen today. Namely, people are not actually considering just what it is they are putting into their bodies. Most people will eat what they consider to be “healthy” foods simply because someone told them they were good for them. That is why this list came to be: to detail many different “health” foods that are actually making people fatter.

1. Nuts/Trail Mix

Nuts and trail mix come in first on this list and are combined because they both suffer from the same basic flaws. Trail mix often includes nuts, dried fruit, and chocolate.

Nuts are loaded with plenty of heart healthy nutrients that are great for your body, and dried fruit does contain vitamins and nutrients just like the normal versions, even though the process of dehydrating them takes a little bit away.

The problem is, nuts are also loaded with fats for their relatively small size, and people easily tend to over-eat them.

You go to a bar or some society function, and more often than not you will see people throwing fistfuls of the stuff into their mouths.

The same goes for trail mix, which has the added sin of also being high in carbs! When combined with the high-fat and sugar contents that come along with the nuts and dried fruit it contains, it’s a flurry of unhealthiness for your body.

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