10 Diet Fads People Still Believe In


Dieting as a way to slim down and reach a weight goal has been around for centuries, as women (and men) have engaged in some pretty bizarre behaviour to achieve unrealistic beauty standards since the biblical times.

Our list of diet fads that are still around includes everything from media-driven trends right down to dangerous practices that can jeopardize our health.

1. Gluten-Free Diet

Up until 5 years ago, gluten-free foods were reserved for hipsters and individuals affected by coeliac disease, but ever since Nicole Ritchie rapped about making gluten-free spaghetti, Gwyneth Partlow put her kids on gluten free diets, and Novak Djokovic claimed a gluten-free regimen transformed his tennis, consumers all over the world have gone crazy for everything gluten-free.

A gluten-free diet first meant a diet with no bread and pasta, but since this movement gained such momentum, food manufacturers have managed to make gluten-free foods that include cookies, snacks and pizza.

Individuals with coeliac disease, an auto-immune disease that makes the body believe gluten is actually attacking it, are certainly enjoying this surge of gluten-free options, but others who have tried to cut down on gluten usually do it for health and “lifestyle” reasons.

Many nutritionists agree that it may actually be yeast and not gluten that is causing digestion problems after eating bread or certain types of noodles and pasta.

The results from people who have gone gluten-free to lose weight are mixed at best, and it simply seems that gluten isn’t that bad after all, especially if we take into consideration that people have eaten bread since the beginning of time.

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