Working Out on Empty

October 17, 2014


Keeping the body fueled throughout the day is necessary to keeping the engine that is your metabolism operating at peak efficiency. But many have wondered whether or not you should also keep the body filled before a workout.

Some Clear Benefits

Recent studies have shown that exercising on an empty stomach has plenty of advantages. For one, when the body is hungry, its sensitivity to insulin is raised.

Insulin is a hormone that helps us absorb nutrients from our food. Sugar is removed from our blood stream and stored in the liver, muscles and fat cells for usage later on.

Another reason is the production of growth hormones. Studies show that 24 without food raised the amount of GH a man’s body produces.

GH is amazing in that it has so many positive benefits on the body, like helping the body produce new muscle tissue, helping to burn fat, strengthen bones, and improve all-around physical function.

Grinding the Edge

When combined with a dedicated weight training program results show that fasting helps build lean muscle mass more effectively than would otherwise be possible on a full stomach. Also, the body is more effective at absorbing nutrients when eating after a fasted state, ensuring that the nutrients in your food don’t go to waste and get stored as fat.

The adjustment factor is also a benefit to consider. The human body is an amazing organism, as it is capable of adapting to almost any condition it is put into. The more often exercise or other kinds of physical exertions happen during a fast, the more effective the body gets at using fuel when it does have it. The benefits of this are obvious, as you won’t have to worry so much about retaining weight.

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