What Water Resistance Training can do for You

November 5, 2014


Water aerobics has long had its place in medicine. It is used to help patients with physical rehabilitation. The benefits are obvious, but have also left many wondering if there could be a possible application to body building and weight-loss.

Will It Work?

With regard to weight-loss, a good cardio exercise is the best way to drop weight.

When you look at the opportunities that water-resistance training offers, you begin to see a natural adaptation of a cardio exercise.

Water adds natural, smooth resistance to your body’s movements as well as requiring more muscle force to push your body than would otherwise be required in air.

One of the most basic cardio exercises with water resistance training is water running.

As its name implies, this activity involves mimicking the act of running along the bed of whatever body of water you are exercising in. Simply submerge yourself up to your shoulders, run, and you will feel your heart-rate go up in no time. Swimming laps in a pool is another classic water-based exercise.

Other more tone-focused exercises include chair sits, where an individual uses the natural buoyancy of water to keep them balanced as they square themselves up strait and slowly lower themselves into a “seated” position and recover. This exercise may seem easy at first, but the key with water exercise is repetition. This exercise provides you with a soothing and relaxing way to exercise your thighs.

An exercise that focuses on your arms requires a pool edge or something equivalent, but there are many different variations. Pull-ups in a pool are great, especially for those who are a little heavier and have trouble with a pull-up bar. Also easier in water is an upright ab-crunch. With your back to the edge of the pool, you can rest your elbows on the edge and slowly raise your extended legs up to a 90° angle.

The thing to keep in mind is that your every movement is going to meet resistance in water. While strength training may take a little more creativity, it is certainly possible and is as easy as strapping weights to your ankles and running through shallow water. Your imagination is really the only limit to the fitness benefits that a relaxing pool offers.

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