Weights or Cardio, The Choice is Yours

July 15, 2014


When you are trying to get in shape, picking the right diet is hard enough. But just about every diet out there recommends you get exercise in addition to the meal plan. Usually, this has people thinking of 1 of 2 options: going to the gym to lift weights, or running yourself ragged around a track or neighborhood.

The first thing you need to outline to yourself is what your goal is. Are you trying to lose weight, or are you going for more muscle mass? Unfortunately, you cannot get completely away from one in favor of the other.

But finding the right balance for your overall goals will definitely have you looking the way you want soon.

For those trying to shed weight, typically you’re going to want to focus more on a cardiovascular exercise.

Even more than that, you need to figure out what kind of cardio you wish to do. For a more energetic exercise, high-intensity training will have you burning more calories over a shorter period of time, but will also leave you more exhausted for the rest of the day. A low-intensity jog might be more suitable for those who are going for a slim look, or for those who are expecting to lift later.


Likewise, with weight training, you will need to do less cardio, as that will hamper future muscle growth. When lifting it is just as important to know what you are going for, though. Going into a gym and working out at whatever machines look fun at the time may be good for a mini-confidence boost, but won’t do much for you in terms of dedicated muscle growth.

Your body type also plays a role in determining your workout. An ectomorph, or someone who is naturally skinny with a high functioning metabolism, will have to put in extra time with weights to see significant muscle growth than and endomorph, or someone who naturally retains mass. Endomorphs, therefore, have to spend more time doing cardio than others to see the same weight loss.

Finally, if you’re a mesomorph, or someone who has all the luck and naturally possesses a muscular body, gets to do less than both endo- and ectomorphs, yet still see the same results.

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