Walking: The Superfood of Movement

October 2, 2014


Getting motivated for a grueling session in the gym is typically what keeps most people from ever getting exercise. People more or less know that to lose weight, you need to get your body active in addition to eating right.

However, when most people think of exercising to lose weight, the things that come to mind are actually not as effective as they might believe. Stepping into the gym, going to a Crossfit workout, or any one of the numerous fitness trends out there all seem like they would be the best weight-shredders available.

Those thoughts, though, are wrong.

It’s About the Lifestyle

As our understanding about how our bodies function grows, the new thought injecting itself into dietitians and fitness researchers everywhere is how to defeat a sedentary lifestyle rather than finding the workout that burns the most amount of calories.

Last year a study was performed at the University of Texas School of Public Health where researches asked over 200 marathon runners to report their exercise habits during a typical week.

What was reported showed that the average marathon runner may spend over 6 hours per week training, but that they spend around 10 hours per day sedentary!

Even though marathon runners appear to be in good shape, the exercise they are getting actually isn’t enough to counteract the amount of time per day they spend sedentary. And that’s where walking comes in.

Walking Will Save Your Life

“Walking is a superfood. It’s the defining movement of a human,” said Katy Bowman, a biomechanist based in Ventura, California. “It’s a lot easier to get movement than it is to get exercise.”

Another study published in the journal of Medicine & Science suggested that 3 five minute walks done throughout three hours of prolonged sitting reverses the harmful effects of prolonged sitting on arteries in the legs.

Not going to a gym, not going to Crossfit, but three little walks. So do yourself a favor: the next time you tell yourself you don’t have time for the exercise your body so desperately needs, just remember that all you need to do is walk.

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