Venus Factor Product Review

January 15, 2015


Venus Factor is a 12-week nutrition and workout program designed to help women lose weight and keep it off by stimulating their metabolism. Venus Factor was created by John Barban, a renowned expert in nutrition, physiology and biology, who was motivated by his sister’s struggles with excess weight to find a solution that will help women achieve slimmer and healthier bodies.

As is the case with any other weight-loss program, Venus Factor has both positive and negative sides to it, and this review discusses what you need to keep in mind before giving Venus Factor a try.

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How Does It Work?

Venus Factor focuses on female metabolism by striving to stimulate the body to utilize leptin’s full potential. Leptin is a hormone that triggers metabolism to start burning fat, and although women produce adequate amounts of this hormone, their bodies are predisposed to storing fat, instead of burning it off.

Levels of leptin in the female body are naturally high, but when dieting those levels decrease substantially, making it frustratingly difficult to lose weight. Consequently, Venus Factor stimulates leptin to push metabolism into overdrive, thus creating concrete, long-lasting results in a matter of weeks.


  • Venus Factor is designed especially for women with their shape, rather than their weight in mind. It strives to give its users an “hour-glass” shape, instead of low numbers on the scale.
  • Venus Factor doesn’t build bulky muscles, and it allows you to eat what you crave. The result is a healthy, feminine figure with nicely proportioned curves.
  • This program puts other diet and fitness weight-loss solutions to shame when it comes to losing baby weight. Venus Factor targets unwanted fat in female problem areas that is accumulated after giving birth better than any other program on the market.
  • Venus Factor is based on the most recent scientific discoveries related to female metabolism and hormones that deal with the fat-burning process. It is supported by real scientific evidence and countless success stories.
  • The creators of Venus Factor are confident enough in their product to offer the users a 60-day money-back guarantee if they don’t achieve desired results.
  • Venus Factor’s Virtual Nutritionist serves to guide the users when selecting healthier food. For those of us who don’t lack the will power to eat healthier but are often confused by contradictory information about what’s good for us and what isn’t, the Virtual Nutritionist is there to mentor us through the process.
  • Venus Factor successfully debunks myths related to dieting and fat loss, allowing its users to thrive even after the program armed with the right information about eating healthy and exercising that specifically targets women.
  • Losing weight and changing our eating habits isn’t easy for anyone, and in addition to physical changes that follow weight loss, emotional changes are sometimes even more evident, for the better. That’s why Venus Factor has its online community of users who offer each other social support while dealing with everything that’s transforming in their lives thanks to Venus Factor.


  • Venus Factor is for women only, although the same author did design an equivalent program for men called Adonix Golden Ratio.
  • Venus Factor is not for beginners, assuming its users are well versed in fitness and diet lingo, failing to provide explanation for certain terms or a user guide for its workout and diet charts.
  • In addition to the price users pay for the program, other expenses for healthier foods, gym memberships or exercise equipment arise from using Venus Factor.
  • For the most part, the program is hosted online, which means you need to have Internet access every time you wish to use it.
  • Finally, although the creator of the program sounds enthusiastic and eager to help in his pitch, Venus Factor has average customer service that won’t always respond to your needs instantly.


Venus Factor definitely is a different weight-loss program on the market flooded with quick fixes and overnight solutions. It focuses on female physiology by using scientific principles to achieve healthy, long-lasting results. Venus Factor does come up relatively short in some departments, but if its shortcomings don’t personally bother you, it is sure worth a try.

Overall – recommended product.

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