Using Technology to Tell you When to Exercise

October 14, 2014


Technology with relevance to fitness trends has kept a remarkably steady pace with the development of new fitness methods. As more and more exotic fitness trends make their way out of California to the rest of the nation, one company is making sure that the wearable fitness technology of today is one step ahead of the fitness jocks.

What’s it do?

Jaybird has confirmed that its new fitness bracelet Reign will do more than just measure calories burned or miles jogged, it will also monitor your heart rate and predict when conditions are best for you to achieve maximum fitness.

The key is your “Go-Score”, or the compounding of the information gained from your heart rate’s variability into a score based system; the higher your score, the more primed you are for fitness.

Better yet this bracelet has been built tough to handle all sorts of fitness needs. It is able to be worn while swimming and sleeping.

Running a price-tag of just under $200, the Reign will need a Bluetooth capable iOS or Android phone to save and display recorded data. However, the technology that went into this little device is cutting edge, and bound to make your workouts just that much more intense and effective. In the world of fitness, every-little-bit helps.

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