Time For Some Thigh And Hip Toning

December 9, 2014


The extra fat on our thighs is well known for being persistent and impervious to exercise. This is because you’ve been doing all the wrong exercises, mostly focusing on leg and cardio workouts.

The key to thinning your thighs is to focus on the back of your body, meaning hamstrings, glutes, and lower back.

And while doing exercises like these, you will also strengthen your lower ab muscles, giving you that waistline you’ve always dreamed of.

Bench Step-Up

The step-up is excellent when it comes to targeting thighs, because you whole body is in constant movement, and you put a large portion of your weight on your thighs while doing this.

Here are the steps:

  • Hold a light- or medium-weight dumbbell in each hand standing next to the bench lengthwise.
  • Step up with the right foot onto the middle of the bench.
  • Hold for 3 counts with the left leg lifted to side.
  • Step down with the left foot and tap down with the right.
  • Immediately step back up to the bench with right foot.
  • Do all reps on this leg, rest for 30 seconds, then switch sides.

Bent-Knee Deadlift

While bending in this exercise, you tighten your legs as much as possible. This stretches your lower glute muscles and forces them to grow and expand.

The fat is then forced to make way for your incoming muscle growth, making this exercise very efficient.

Here is how it’s done:

  • Stand with feet shoulder-distance apart, holding medium-weight dumbbells in each hand, arms at sides with palms in.
  • Keeping head up, shoulders back, abs tight and knees slightly bent, hinge forward from the hips to slide your butt back.
  • As you bend forward, slide weights down the legs, gazing slightly ahead of you.
  • Keeping body weight over heels, slowly return to starting position and repeat.

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