This Is Why Exercising Is Never Enough

January 29, 2016


Although it might work great in combination with a healthy diet, exercising is actually not a good way to lose weight when used by itself for long periods of time.

Finding The Sweet Spot

For a long time, it was believed that increased physical activity is all you need to do to prevent obesity. However, Herman Pontzer from the City University of New York has proven that this is not completely true.

Pontzer and his team looked into the exercise levels and energy expenditure of over 300 subjects only to find that almost all the subjects had similar daily energy requirements.

The research team explains that this is because our bodies adjust to our activity levels so that they burn an equal amount of energy regardless of the amount of activity.

Furthermore, Pontzer and his colleagues found out that subjects who had moderate activity levels also burned about 200 more calories in comparison to others. That being said, the best way to use exercising and physical activity in the goal of weight loss isn’t overdoing it, but taking it in moderation.

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