The Technology of Fitness

October 13, 2014


Today when you go to the gym you can expect to see a bunch of hi-tech machines designed to help you lose weight. If you like to jog around your neighborhood or park, then chances are you have seen people running with a calorie counter or distance logger on their wrists.

What Do they Look Like?

The most commonly used accessory in fitness today is most likely the smartphone.

Most people have one, and they come in pretty handy: from containing your favorite workout tunes, to new apps that use GPS to track your route on a jog and display detailed information about the fuel your body will burn on a run.

Speaking of runs, those calorie counter watches have also been updated.

Today, there are plenty of different “fitness bracelets” that allow you to not only track the calories burned, but track your body rhythms and sleep patterns. Or you can go with a GPS watch, which does all of the above, plus track your jogging or bike route and measure the speed and distance.

A scale is probably one of the most common household items that people own. A new smart scale will not only tell you your weight, but will keep track of your weight gain or loss from weigh in to weigh in and will automatically update your computer via Wi-Fi with results.

It’s More than Just Working Out

Technology permeates everything in our lives. One of the most common ways to entertain yourself is to play a video game. And with cameras that capture movement for virtual input into a game, it was only natural to design exercise programs for gaming platforms, making it easier than ever to work out at home. Not to mention more fun.

Plus all the features that come along with many of these new games make it really easy to educate yourself about what is really happening in your body. Eventually, you will be able to plan your own diet to an exact detail specifically for you. When it comes to dieting, the most effective tool is knowledge, and using technology helps to bring us every step closer.

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