The Importance Of Exercising

May 5, 2015


It’s not that uncommon for people to exercise minimally or to skip it completely. This is mostly due to some fad diets promoting the idea of an easy and quick weight loss fix that requires little to no effort on our part.

But no matter how much you keep track of your calories or how good your food choices are, being sedentary will weaken the weight loss effects of a good diet. With that in mind, here are a couple of how’s and why’s regarding the importance of exercising for weight loss.

Kick-Starting Your Health

A lack of activity won’t only lead you to putting on a few pounds, but can also mess up your metabolism.

One particular study from the University of Colorado has shown that our metabolism becomes inflexible after only a couple of days of non-activity.

Having a slow metabolism prevents you from losing fat and absorbing nutrients from food, making your dieting efforts virtually ineffective.

Know Your Limits

The trick about exercising and dieting at the same time lies in knowing when it is enough. This goes both ways but let’s focus on the fitness part at this moment.

An overweight or obese person should not exercise extensively. Doing heavy workouts while having extra pounds will lead you to gaining mass, and even though this is healthier than being overweight, it’s still the opposite of weight loss.

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Instead, focus on a ‘milder’ variation of activity. This includes everyday chores, such as cleaning and walking. Simply take the stairs instead of the elevator, and you’ll see an improvement in both your metabolism and weight in no time.

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