Summer Sexy: Tips and Tricks for your beach body

June 9, 2014


With summer right around the corner, many are in a fit over trying to sculpt their body to look just right in that new bikini. Yet losing that last 5 pounds can be frustrating. Equally frustrating is the time it takes out of your busy day to actually prepare the proper foods.

Many fail to realize that you can attain a beach-ready body with almost no effort. If you exercise regularly, as well as eat a few key foods, you will be looking sexy in no time flat.

What you put in

Any bodybuilder will tell you that exercise is only half the battle. What you put into your body is the real clincher.

Following a smart, healthy diet plan is necessary for dropping weight. But Dieting is hard and often tasteless.

Strawberries, on the other hand, are short, sweet and to the point. This delicious red fruit is extremely good for you and tastes great as well.

A serving of strawberries a day is necessary for keeping your metabolism fueled and operating at peak efficiency.

Keeping your metabolism operating fast is the best way to see your beach bod begin to emerge. Eating small meals more often during the day is great at jumpstarting a sleeping digestive system.

Also important is what you keep out of your body. Soda’s and other high-sugar drinks are a great way to wreck any summer body effort.

Get Moving

Though there are many different ways to go about exercising your weight off, running is still the best. In addition to toning out your legs and behind, cardio exercises burn the most calories. Keeping your body moving for a few hours a week should get the job done.

Know what areas you want to work on. For guys and girls, having a toned tush is a big yes on the beach. There are multiple exercises available that target every muscle group on your body. Figure out which exercises you like, and make routine that you can stick with until you’re ready to show off for summer.

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