Study Finds Walnuts Can Slow Colon Cancer Growth

May 14, 2015


Up until now, we’ve known that all kinds of nuts are really healthy dietary foods, due to their high concentration in protein.

However, a recent study has found that nuts, especially walnuts, might have a slowing effect on tumor growth.

The study was conducted at Harvard Medical School and was led by Dr. Christos Mantzoros. After testing the effects of walnuts on micro-ribonucleic acids (miRNAs) in mice, the team saw that certain compounds in walnuts actually cause genetic changes in cancer cells.

Dr. Mantzoros said: “While future studies are needed, we’re optimistic of the role of miRNAs as biomarkers of disease and prognosis, and may demonstrate a potential therapeutic target for colorectal cancer treatment.”

And there you have it – not only are walnuts a protein-packed superfood that make for a perfect snack, but can also help those unlucky enough to have colon cancer.

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