Studies Link Exercise and Fitness to Higher GPA

July 14, 2014


Being in shape brings a whole host of benefits into your life. You look good, you feel good, your confidence is also usually through the roof, and chances are that whatever is going on inside your body is beneficial.

But what if being in shape could also help with your education?

A study done by the New Michigan State University showed that freshman and sophomores who participated in fitness clubs and sports on campus had a higher GPA than those who didn’t.

The research shows that by creating an atmosphere that links a student to the institution not only helped boost grades, but also helped to keep kids in school longer, with students who participated in such activities showing a 3.5% increase in 2 year retention rates.

By comparing the GPAs of students who were physically active in school-sponsored activities to those who weren’t, James Pivarnik, a professor of kinesiology and epidemiology at MSU, saw that over the course of 4 years the physically active students were achieving higher GPAs.

“We found that these students’ cumulative GPAs were 0.13 points higher,” Pivarnik said. “Although this number may not appear to be significant, in the end, that amount could mean the difference to those students on the cusp of getting into graduate school or even advancing to the next academic year.”

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