Sofia Vergara’s Secret Weapon to a Great Body – The Lagree Fitness Method

October 9, 2014

Sofia Vergara is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful women of Hollywood.

At 40, the dazzling actress has a legendary body, one that inspires her co-stars to post photographs of her butt on their Twitter accounts.

But Vergara has never really been into working out, at least until she hit the big four-oh.

“Everyone knows that I’ve never been into working out. I was always very happy with what I have,” Vergara told Shape magazine. “Then I hit 40 and I started seeing a softness everywhere on my body.”

So What Did She Do

Luckily for Vergara, there are plenty of cutting edge fitness techniques popping up all over NY and LA, the two cities she is most often in.

One of the fastest growing trends is the Pilates-inspired Lagree fitness method, or more specifically, the Megaformer machine that was developed for Lagree.

Imaging a sled, only with adjustable arms, a slide-track in the middle, and bungee cords all combined into one of the most amazing body-shaping machines ever invented.

Utilizing this machine, the Lagree method, founded by Sebastien Lagree, is an amped up Pilates session that doubles as a cardio workout.

The workout is designed to use slow movement to exhaust the muscles as fast as possible. Pushing past the fatigue is the key to this workout, so for those of you who like to be sore the next day after a workout, this is your new best friend.

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