Reach Your Goal: 25 Tips For Staying Motivated To Lose Weight

March 10, 2014


Stepping on the weighing scales can be downright depressing at times. It’s the time when you want to forget about healthy eating and exercise especially when the numbers are pointing in the wrong direction. In times like these, it helps to have a few motivators to drive away the blues and keep going. The right motivators will give you renewed energy and enthusiasm to stick with your weight loss program. Here are 25 ways to stay motivated and reach your weight loss goal.

1. Enlist a personal cheerleader

Tell your friends and family about your weight loss goals – only the supportive and positive ones. Appoint a personal cheerleader to share your setbacks and victories with. Having someone in your corner to pick you when you’re down and cheer you on when you’re moving forward will help you maintain a positive attitude.

2. Reassess your program

An unrealistic program is a lot worse than unrealistic goals. You’re guaranteed to fail if you’re stuck with a diet and exercise routine that doesn’t fit your lifestyle. For instance, if your work schedule doesn’t allow for an hour’s workout early in the morning, you should look at other options.


3. Set realistic goals

Again, your routine and lifestyle should support your goals. Go back and reexamine your goals; they’re most likely too high.

Set smaller goals and celebrate when you reach them. Then you can go ahead and set new goals. It’s easy to lose motivation when you set goals that take forever to reach.

4. Add diversity

A pinch of diversity might be all you need to keep on track. Try incorporating different healthy foods into your diet. 

Ramp up the intensity of your exercise program one day and take it down another. Try yoga or Zumba on those days when you don’t feel like getting on a treadmill.

5. Think about the results

What does losing weight mean to you? Do you want to regain your confidence? Whether you want to enjoy shopping again or live a healthier life, keep the end result in mind, and you won’t accept failure.

6. Set an exercise goal

Few people think to set an exercise goal. You have a weight loss goal, right? So, why not have an exercise goal? Goals, even when they seem unrealistic, are there to motivate and inspire. Set daily exercise goals and push your body to meet them. For instance, you can set a goal to increase the length of your routine from 30 minutes to one hour by the end of the month.


7. Celebrate your success

Reached a weight loss milestone? Celebrate your success. If you must eat food to celebrate, stick to small portions.

Or celebrate in another way if you’re likely to get carried away. Go out to celebrate with friends or spend a few hours at the spa – you deserve it.

8. Read an inspiring book

Get an inspiring book and delve into it whenever you feel the blues taking over. It could be a book with a thrilling storyline or one about diet and weight loss – even one that highlights a few success stories.

Choose a book that will lift your spirits and give you the motivation to press on.

9. Go to the movies

If time allows, go out and see a funny movie. It will help you to laugh away the blues and get you through your dark period. By the end of the movie, you’ll have forgotten that you ever wanted to kick your diet and exercise routine to the curve.

10. Get a buddy

Join forces with someone who has similar weight loss goals. That person will keep you accountable and expect you to do the same. If you cannot find the right person from your list of friends, you could join a local support group or find one online.

11. Share your workouts

Another way to keep yourself accountable and stay on top of your workouts is to join a group. Ask a few neighbors, friends or coworkers to join you at the gym or for evening walks around the block. There’s nothing like working out with others to keep the inspiration alive.


12. Find inspiration online

The Internet is a wonderful resource. Get online to find forums and lifestyle blogs designed to keep you motivated while you work on your weight loss goal.

You’ll also find forums where you can get answers to questions and support when you need it.

13. Make daily commitments

Your one-year weight loss goal comes down to the choices you make daily.  Approach weight loss one day at a time and make a daily commitment to stick to your goal.

Focus on the meals you’ll eat and the exercise routine you’ll follow today. Don’t get so stuck on tomorrow that you forget what you’re supposed to do today.

14. Make healthy choices

Eating healthy is not as boring or tasteless as it used to be. That’s terrific news because now you can eat fun foods that will give you the motivation to stay on your diet.

You might have to create a few recipes on your own, so go ahead and create fun but healthy recipes.

15. Be accountable

There are always consequences when you break rules, so it’s time to implement some consequences for those times when you break the rules. For instance, extend your workouts when you stray from your diet. Setting consequences is another way to stay accountable to the weight loss goals.

16. Set a routine and stick to it

Routine is essential if you’re normally disorganized or get so busy that you forget to eat or exercise. Set a time for your workouts and adjust your schedule to suit. It’s also a smart idea to determine your eating times to stay on track.


17. Be flexible

Sometimes it’s advantageous to take a break or change your routine. It doesn’t mean you should skip your exercise or get off your diet.

Instead, try doing something different. For example, you can skip your solo morning aerobics for a late evening dance workout with friends.

18. Buy new workout gear

Your grungy old workout clothes and shoes don’t earn any points when you’re in a sour mood. Change your gear and you’ll change your mood. 

Purchase fun workout gear and you’ll feel a lot better about your workouts. It might sound superficial, but it really works.

19. Schedule time for exercise

You schedule your meetings, children’s appointments and your appointments with your doctor; start doing the same for your exercise appointments. If you schedule it and put it in writing, there’s less chance you’ll miss it. Whether you work out twice a week or daily, make sure you add your exercise appointments in your planner.

20. Track your progress with online tools

There are many online tools you can use to track your progress, and best of all, they’re free. Find a tool that suits you and use it to create your diet plan, start an online journal, count your daily caloric intake, track your progress and stay motivated.

21. Learn relaxation techniques

Stress will sabotage your weight loss and decrease your motivation. If you’re guilty of emotional eating, you’ll break your diet every time you feel a bout of stress coming on. Therefore, you should learn a few relaxation techniques to ease the tension during stressful times.

22. Paint a picture

Not an actual picture. Visualize what you’ll look like once you’ve reached your weight loss goal. You could purchase a sexy dress or a bikini and display it prominently in your closet. Make it your goal to fit into the dress and you’ll be inspired to stick with your diet and exercise program.

23. Don’t be afraid of challenges

Shake off your fears, create a challenge and make it your goal to reach it. The challenge should tie into your weight loss goal. For instance, drinking lots of water will support your weight loss, so challenge yourself to drink 10 glasses of water daily.

24. Create a photo diary

There’s nothing like seeing how far you’ve come to keep you motivated. Take a snapshot of yourself when you’re just getting started – or where you are now- and take pictures of your progress along the way. It’s motivating when you see the positive changes in your body.

25. Track your weight loss monthly

Back to the first point; weighing yourself daily can be demotivating especially when the results are not coming as fast as you’d like. Put away the scale and stick to monthly weigh-ins. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you’ve accomplished.

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  1. Paul Bobrowski

    April 13, 2014 at 5:26 pm

    Tip 26: Stop eating so much.
    Eat whatever you want but rarely (because food tastes good) take in more calories than your body needs. If you need 2000 calories a day but eat 2500, you will gain approximately four pound every month, fifty pounds a year. It’s not high fructose corn syrup or trans fats. It’s not yummy McDonalds and Super-sizing: a high school teacher ate McDonalds everyday for three months and lost 30 pounds. The culprit is ourselves. Food is a drug to which many are addicted.

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