Pushing Yourself too far is Bad for Your Heart

October 8, 2014


Completing a workout has been proven to leave some people with a “high”. That is to say, that at the end of a workout, all of the endorphins flooding your brain create a feeling of natural euphoria that is hard to beat.

However, there is a sinister side to this post-workout bliss. Two studies that were published in Heart journal claim that too many high-intensity workouts can lead to increased risks of dying from a heart attack or developing irregular heart rhythms later on in life.

Here’s the Proof

The first study took place in Germany. Scientists recorded the frequency and intensity of physical exercise in over 1,000 individuals who all had coronary artery heart disease over the course of 10 years. The exercise broke the group down into 4 categories of physical activeness, from those who rarely exercised to those who were in the gym 2 to 4 times per week.

While the study showed that the most physically inactive were twice as likely to have a heart attack or stroke as those who were physically active, the results also showed that those who did the most strenuous daily exercise were more than twice as likely to die of a heart attack or stroke.

The second study was performed in Sweden and measured more than 40,000 men between the ages of 45 and 79.

The study canvased the group for their physical activities of their youth and what they may have done over the last year.

For an average of 12 years the study observed the men, keeping track of their physical activities and heart health to determine how many would develop an irregular heart rhythm.

Results showed that men who exercised intensely for more than 5 hours a week were 19% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat by 60 years of age, compared with those who exercised less than 1 hour a week.

Cool Your Jets

This lends credence to the idea that you actually can work out too much. Even though it may be tempting to push yourself over your limits each and every day, too much intensity can basically short out your heart. Understand that life is a balance, and that too much of anything in this world can be bad for you.

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