Olive Oil As A Weapon Against Cancer

March 6, 2015


As we all know, different foods can provide us with different benefits. From heart health and diabetes to sleep enhancement and energy boosts, there is a plethora of advantages you can gain from foods.

One of these helpful foods is olive oil. Until now, it has been proven that extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is capable of preventing stroke, lowering the risk of depression, breast cancer, and high cholesterol, and protecting us from Alzheimer’s disease.

But according to a recent study, olive oil just showed that it has one more ace up its sleeve – destroying cancer cells.

Silent, But Deadly

The study published in Molecular & Cellular Oncology doesn’t only suggest that olive oil is able to cause cell death in cancer cells, but also explains how this is even possible.

It all comes down to microscopic events, as the research team explained. Oleocantha, which is found in EVOO, directly reacts with the lysosomes of the cancer cell.

This is where the cell stores its waste, and once EVOO enters our system, it ruptures the lysosomes and causes cell death in 30-60 minutes. This whole process is possible due to the simple fact that lysosomal membranes of cancer cells have a much weaker protective wall than healthy cells.

What Does It Mean?

There is one other thing that the research team discovered during their tests. EVOO, which is deadly for cancerous cells, actually won’t react with our healthy cells, mostly because the un-cancerous cells have a strong membrane which oleocantha can’t penetrate.

These findings will most likely have a large impact on many things, from revolutionizing cancer treatment to increasing the benefits of olive oil rich diets, such as the Mediterranean Diet and the Parisian Diet.

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