National Nutrition Month Special: Try This Simple Hack To Eat Less

March 20, 2017

eat less

It’s March and that means only one thing – happy National Nutrition Month! This time around we have a simple yet quite effective hack that will bring you closer to eating less this spring, thus making it possible for you to fit into those favorite jeans.

Sometimes, healthy eating and a balance diet don’t need to be science fiction or rocket science. According to, your love handles might be due to your poor choice of eating utensils!

I know what you are thinking – Could it really be this banal? And the answer is YES.

Health Is Only Spoonsful

Back in 2013 a thorough study showed that kids ate 13% less food at the family-style meals when they used a smaller serving spoon rather than the big one.

But that’s not all – “In an even more striking result, kids helped themselves to 40 percent less food when the family-style dish that they used to serve up their portions was half as big,” say folks over at, and continue:

“It just goes to show that little changes, like using smaller serving utensils or reducing the size of serving dishes placed on the table, may go a long way toward helping kids choose healthier portion sizes.”

Use The Forks!

These studies are not nearly as new as one might think. Namely, since the 1970s, experts around the world have been researching about how even the smallest tweaks in utensil use can have a positive effect on our eating habits.

According to some of the earliest studies, placing the fork down on the table after each bite can significantly reduce the amount of food consumed and keep you from overeating, while mere opting for a fork instead of a spoon can also make you eat less as spoon users tend to eat more quickly and consume larger portions than fork users.

Impressive, indeed! This should really be a fork in the road for your healthy eating.

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