Mushrooms: Meat Or Vegetable?

March 24, 2014


Specifically, mushrooms are a fungus and certainly not a meat. However, because of their ‘meaty’ flesh, edible mushrooms make an excellent meat substitute. Moreover, mushrooms can be quite healthy and have even been deemed super foods.

Incorporating mushrooms into your diet is easy as they can be tossed on salads, added to sauces and stews, and, again, used as a meat substitute with delicious results.

Replacing meat in your diet with mushrooms

One of the best types of mushrooms to replace your burger is the Portobello mushroom. The caps are typically brown in color and can be as large as a typical burger.

Dense and meaty, these mushroom caps can be grilled or sautéed and then placed on a bun and dressed however you like. Similarly, some cooks remove meat or meatballs from their pasta sauce and substitute with mushrooms for a healthy meal.

Not only are Portobello mushrooms low-calorie, they also contain excellent stores of riboflavin, vitamin B6 and even Pantothenic acid.

Since many health-conscious individuals are looking to cut back on red meat for a variety of health reasons, mushrooms are among the healthiest alternatives to try as meat replacements.

Adding mushrooms to your diet

Portobello mushrooms aren’t the only mushrooms you can include in your diet as meat substitute or to serve along with meat if you choose.

Shitake, chanterelle and button mushrooms are popularly used in many types of cuisine. Additionally, they bring a slew of added nutrients with them without packing a caloric punch. If you haven’t tried cooking with mushrooms before, you might want to consider including some mushroom-rich meals every week.

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