Living Healthy Instead of Dieting

September 15, 2014

Dieting is hard, tasteless, and unless you’re a movie star or just plain lucky, it almost never works. This has led many to simply give up on trying and be content to wait in the drive-through. But what if keeping your body healthy didn’t involve some complex point counter, or adding up the exact amount of calories vs. carbs you consumed that day?

Simple Tips

First and foremost, use herbs and spices, as opposed to seasoning. Back before the days when we had doctors, the only medicine was the natural kind.

Today, they feature primarily more in food, but they still play an equally important role. Not only do they carry natural oxidants and proteins our bodies need, but they just seem to enrich the flavor of whatever you’re cooking.

Instead of snacks, try eating fruit. When we were kids, eating fruit was the first natural thought.

But the high sugar concentration in snack foods is pretty good at making you forget that. Fruit contains the natural sugars that your body truly craves, and after the first few times you make a conscious choice for fruit over some other snack, it becomes second nature.

Eat Smaller, More

Back when McDonald’s first started, the burger patties were the size of a thin hockey puck. Then, as time wore on, they got bigger, and bigger, and even multiplied on a single bun. Our appetites grew and grew, until time and our stomachs made us accustomed to 3 square meals a day.


While that form of daily eating definitely won’t kill you, it isn’t doing you any favors.

The more efficient way to eat is smaller meals, more often. Instead of the double cheese burger, eat one patty.

Throw in some surprise “mini-meals” for yourself, like a salad in between lunch and dinner, or unsalted nuts and fruit plate for brunch. It’s not a drastic life change, it’s an efficient one.

Finally, be aware of what you’re eating, and how often. The average person can’t be expected to suddenly go gluten-free for the rest of their life.

It’s ok to eat fried chicken, its ok to eat pizza, its ok to occasionally pig out on a tub of ice cream. But the key word there was occasionally. Eating junk food everyday leaves your body as just that: junk. So throw healthy into the mix. It’s not like that’s going to be bad for you.

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