Is White Rice Really Unhealthy?

February 3, 2016


Rumor has it that white rice is unhealthy as it’s certainly been demonized by some nutritionists over the last few years, but it is really so?

Taking a look at the dishes that come with white rice, we can’t help but notice all the greasy, salty, and sugary sauces that go on top, making white rice “look bad” when it reality it’s the sauces and dressings that make it unhealthy.

Not that brown rice isn’t good for you, but giving up on white rice altogether can mean giving up on a high quality source of good carbs.

Brown rice is richer in fiber compared to white rice, containing 3g per cup as opposed to 5g per cup, which is the case with the latter. This can translate into better digestion and less weight problems. It should be noted, though, that brown rice contains substances in its shell that serve to protect it against pests, which are not particularly healthy, while white rice is free of such substances.

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Overall, both types of rice bring more benefits than adverse effects to the table, and going with white rice isn’t going to make a huge difference health-wise.

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