How To Properly Serve Cold Beer

September 21, 2015


There was a time when ordering beer was as simple as deciding between tap or bottle, light or dark, but now that we live in a beer renaissance knowing your beer practically comes down to advanced chemistry and other life sciences.

Luckily, there are still some basic rules to ordering and serving beer which don’t require fancy degrees.

One such rule is how to properly serve cold beer. Unlike other drinks, beer hates frozen glasses and mugs as the ice crystals kill off the taste and carbonation of beer.

Beer in a frozen mug will end up being a tasteless liquid that is cold for just the first few seconds.

In general, super cold beer lacks most of the flavours that make it great but if you have guests who insist on a really cold drink leave the can or bottle in a bucket of ice and water for five minutes. Also, chill a glass or mug with ice and water for another five minutes. Dump the ice and water from the glass, pour the chilled beer in and serve immediately. Those two tips together will give you a nice cold beer without losing the aroma.

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