Drop the Gym with the Weight – Natural Exercise

November 14, 2014


Many people today have been conditioned to think that to lose weight, you need to diet, and to get in shape you need to join a gym. Unfortunately, this is often as far as many people get when they think about losing weight, because the idea of joining a gym is a little intimidating.

However, there are other ways to go about getting in shape. Instead of the gym, how about a fun game of flag football with your friends? Instead of a jog around the neighborhood, why not go play laser-tag? Both of these alternatives burn weight away without you ever having to step into a gym.

Back in the Day…

When we were all children, playing was a natural expression of fun and enjoyment. Almost all of us enjoyed an activity of one kind or another, from football to soccer to hopscotch.

Everything you did was fun, and not a second thought was given to how many calories you burned that day.

Looking back on your childhood, you may not realize that those games were pretty tiring. Kids play and play until they are exhausted without a second thought, all because the activity isn’t perceived as work, but fun.

The Science Backs it Up

The average sport consumes about 100 calories every thirty minutes. That average changes depending on the individual, but more or less everyone burns a proportional rate of calories. By going out and playing a sport, an individual can affect the same weight loss as if they were going to a gym.

Surfing for 30 minutes burns 102 calories approximately. Tennis burns off approximately 230 calories in that same time. These two sports are both widely enjoyed by a variety of people. They are fun, effective ways to losing weight.

Instead of going to a gym and making yourself hate your body, gather up some friends and head to a recreation area. Have a cookout, and play some football. You will have a blast, and feel good knowing you’re doing something about your weight.

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