Cray-Cray Dieting: Outrageous Celeb Tricks For Losing Weight Part 2

November 11, 2015


Celebrities do have it hard when it comes to their looks – they always have to look perfect, and if only a hint of humanity peeks from their statuesque physical creation, they get shamed by the media. When you have to deal with all of that on a daily basis, their crazy diets start to make sense. However, don’t try this at home kids, as most of them aren’t healthy at all, and those pounds will only come back to bite you on your skinny butt.

The Oatmeal Paste Diet

When Anne Hathaway wanted to lose 25 pounds for her role of Fantine in Les Miserables, she decided to basically starve herself.

This girl is not a fan of the gym, so she called a doctor and under his supervision underwent a pretty hard core diet regime.

We’re not even sure whether you can actually call it a diet regime, since there were only two squares of oatmeal paste involved per day.

The Elizabeth Hurley Diet

When you go on numerous crazy diets throughout your career, you can easily say that you’ve been following the Elizabeth Hurley diet. This famous British actress has always been a huge fan of weird diets, and there were only a few occasions in her lifetime of popularity that she hadn’t limit herself to eating very little very rarely.

After giving birth in 2002, the actress retreated to Elton John’s house and ate nothing but oatcakes. A few years later, she revealed her thoughts on breakfast – according to Hurley, adults shouldn’t eat breakfast at all. She also said that she drinks at least six cups of watercress soup a day when she wants to shed a few pounds, which she even serves at dinner parties.

The Smoothie Diet

Jessica Simpson has always been viewed as a ditzy, bubbly persona. You might have thought that her favorite eating regime is the “chicken by the sea” diet (sorry Jess, we couldn’t resist), but it’s actually something that goes very well with her fun character (health issues are a totally different subject).

After giving birth to her daughter, Jessica went on a smoothie-based crash diet. She consumed three smoothies a day with two healthy snacks for five days; then she went onto having two smoothies a day with two healthy snacks and one meal, for five days. Finally, she reduced the smoothie intake to one per day with two healthy snacks and two meals, for five days.

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