Cray-Cray Dieting: Outrageous Celeb Tricks For Losing Weight Part 1

November 10, 2015


Celebrities do have it hard when it comes to their looks – they always have to look perfect, and if only a hint of humanity peeks from their statuesque physical creation, they get shamed by the media. When you have to deal with all of that on a daily basis, their crazy diets start to make sense. However, don’t try this at home kids, as most of them aren’t healthy at all, and those pounds will only come back to bite you on your skinny butt.

The Baby Food Diet

Sounds… delicious? This crazy weight-loss plan was created by Tracy Anderson, a personal celebrity trainer, and it serves as a “cleanse.”

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Some people tried it out, but it didn’t actually become a thing until famed Hollywood A-lister Jennifer Aniston tried it out and went completely bananas. Aniston lost seven pounds in one week, due to the slight “boost” her body got from the diet.

The Master Cleanse

When the Queen B is a fan of something, you can be sure that the world will catch on pretty soon.

Beyonce Knowles Carter, the world’s greatest living performer, needed a quick weight loss a couple of years ago when she was filming Dream Girls.

The singer needed to lose 20 pounds in two weeks for her role of Deena, because she wanted to give it her all for the role, and she achieved it by sucking on lemons.

The Apple Cider Vinegar

Actress Megan Fox revealed more than a few times that she’s too lazy to workout. Instead, she drinks shots of apple cider vinegar. This quick-fix “diet” cleans out the Hollywood’s A-lister system and it gets rid of water weight caused by the menstrual cycle. How intriguing.

The Drunk Diet

We have more than a couple of problems with this one, since it’s completely gaga, in every single way. Lady Gaga, international pop superstar, was happy to admit that she’s on the drunk diet. She lives her life creatively, which involves drinking whiskey and other alcoholic beverages, but she makes sure that she also works out everyday even when she’s hung over (which is most of the time, we guess).

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