How To Avoid Buying Fake Olive Oil

October 31, 2016

Olive Oil

It’s been quite a while since journalist Tom Mueller shook the internet with his story about how over 70% of the extra-virgin olive you can find in stores across the globe is actually fake, and yet the majority of us still don’t know how to recognize the real deal.

Tom Mueller found out that almost all the extra-virgin olive oil we buy is being cut with cheaper oils.

The news was huge and people all over the world have trying to figure out how to spot a fake olive oil and how to find a genuine olive oil that is 100% extra-virgin.

The Tests That Didn’t Work

Since Tom’s news came out, there have been numerous “working” tests that would supposedly tell you if your olive oil is fake or not:

  • the fridge test
  • the taste test
  • the oil lamp test…

However, all of these turned out to be flawed.

The fridge test says that extra-virgin olive should become thick and cloudy or even freeze in the fridge since it is comprised of mostly monounsaturated fats which solidify when cold. That didn’t work.

The taste test is even crazier. According to some people, you can actually taste the difference between the real one and the fake one… but no one has taste buds that skilled.

The oil lamp test said that your extra-virgin olive oil should keep your oil lamp burning because it should be flammable enough. However, it turns out that many other oils are this flammable as well.

So, How To Really Tell If Olive Oil Is Extra-Virgin?

The trick is to buy your olive oil locally.

Skip the middle man and get your olive oil directly from the source – the farmer himself.

According to Food Renegade: “…almost all olive oil adulteration happens with the middle men — the people who buy olive oil in bulk from individual farmers and collect it in bulk to sell to corporate buyers. The corporate buyers are usually buying olive oil they think is 100% real, and they’re then mixing, sorting, and branding it to sell it in grocery stores.”

So, make sure you cut out the corporation and cut out the middle man and buy it directly from the local farmer – only then can you be completely sure your olive oil is indeed extra-virgin and your future dishes extra-delicious.

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