Amazing Things You Should Know About Zucchinis Part 2

November 20, 2015


Zucchinis have been a fan-favorite veggie for many years, and it’s not only because of their cute name!

This amazing vegetable is as versatile as veggies get, while also being an amazing source of minerals and vitamins you need.

You can eat them raw, cooked, steamed, baked – any possible way you like, and they still won’t lose any of their amazing nutrients.

As zucchinis have been ruling top of the veggie charts for year, you probably thought that you knew everything about them. Surprise, you were wrong!

They Come In Different Colors

Although most people imagine a green vegetable when they think of a zucchini, they actually come in different colors. This is important to know so you don’t confuse them with a different type of squash. The easiest way to tell a zucchini apart from some other vegetable is by looking at its shape. Zucchinis (of any color) look like a cylinder from end to end, while squashes and other similar vegetables have a tapered neck (either crooked or straight). Zucchinis come in all shades of green, yellow, golden, orange, and they’re mostly all speckled.

They Originate From Italy

It is thought that Italians have bred the modern zucchini as we know it from a squash they picked up in colonial America. In fact, zucchinis are often referred to as “Italian squash,” as “zucca” is the Italian word for squash. The summer squash, zucchini’s “grandparent,” dates back to Central and South America 5500 B.C. where it was a very important part in the regional diet. Also, if you find yourself in Europe by any chance, zucchinis may appear on the menu as “courgettes.”

They Can Grow Huge

The world’s largest (recorded) zucchini was 69 ½ inches long, while it weighed 65 lbs! This humongous veggie was grown in the UK, and it blew everyone’s mind. However, if you think that this zucchini was also the most flavorful one, you’re probably wrong. The most flavorful zucchinis are small- to medium-sized.

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