After Baby Workout – Lose That Pregnancy Pouch

July 2, 2013


You waited 9 months to hold your little bundle of joy and now that she has arrived, you are ready to lose that baby weight. Many women suffer from the post pregnancy pouch. This extra skin and fat forms on the lower belly and can be hard to lose and tone.

Before you begin any workout, ask your doctor if it is safe. If you had a hard delivery or a c-section, you may need to wait several months after you have your baby to begin exercising and working out again.

Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercises get your heart pumping which makes your metabolism work better and faster. If you have excess baby weight that you want to lose, work on it with some cardio exercises. Running, jumping jacks, and swimming are all examples of cardio exercises that new moms can do.

Once you have lost the weight thanks to these exercises, you can concentrate on toning your body to make any lose skin tighter and to make you appear more slimmer.

Strength Training

If you feel that you have extra skin around your stomach and need to tone it, work on strength training exercises.

You can find exercises and workouts that concentrate on one area of the body, such as the lower stomach or that strengthen and tone your entire body at once.

You can create your own workout by combining setups, pushups and weight lifting or find strength training videos or workout plans online.

If you are a member of a local gym, you may be able to find classes and instructors that will help you choose the best strength training exercises for your body type.


Aerobics are great workouts for new mothers because they are low impact so they will not make you feel sore or cause problems with your already healing and exhausted body.

You can find numerous types of aerobic exercises, including some that use dance, pilates, yoga and other simple movements to burn fat and tone the muscles in the body.

Being a mother is a joy, but trying to lose the weight you gained during your pregnancy can be a hard task. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results quickly.

Just remember it took 9 months for your body to get in the shape it is in, it could take several months before it bounces back to the way it was before you got pregnant.

Set reasonable weight loss goals and be sure to tone your body as well as lose weight. Never over do it and if you feel any pain while exercising, stop and talk to your doctor.

Try these workout ideas today and before you know it, your body will look great and your attitude will improve as well. Go be that hot mama you always wanted to be.

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  1. MamaFour

    April 23, 2014 at 12:43 pm

    Nice informative and upbeat. After reading this article I feel that I can tackle this without feeling overwhelmed.

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