24 Foods You Should Avoid at All Costs


By removing the following meals and snacks from your kitchen cupboards, you will maximize your chances of staying fit and healthy for as long as possible:

#1 Coleslaw

Looks can be deceiving when it comes to coleslaw. While it is often served right next to a healthy, green salad, coleslaw itself is anything but good for your body.

Although it provides you with carrot and cabbage, it contains a disproportionate amount of calories per serving, and it is full of fatty mayonnaise.

The average portion of coleslaw will provide you with at least 260 calories, and more than 20g of fat. Some popular brands of coleslaw are even worse.

For example, KFC’s coleslaw contains close to 26g of saturated fat, making it worse than a portion of fries.

If you like coleslaw, why not try making it yourself? Using fat free yogurt or a reduced fat mayonnaise, you can easily create a healthier version that tastes great with your salad.

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Make sure that you add cabbage, but try spicing up the flavor with lemon juice or vinegar.

Better yet, try to get used to eating a side salad without pairing it with another side dish. With a light dressing and a creative mix of herbs, salad portions can be extremely tasty, and you may soon find that you don’t even miss the fatty coleslaw that you once enjoyed.

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  • you’renotanutritionist

    fat isn’t bad, and many of the nutrients in ruffage aren’t bioavailable when you eat them without fat

    • Paul B

      Believeme, the vast majority of us have no fat shortage in our diets. No one says that you should not eat any fats–just that we really overdo it a lot.

    • Randy

      But fat people must be eating lots of fat right?
      I recently started a high-fat diet, which basically eliminates all sugars and complex carbs (pasta etc). Aside from feeling satiated longer, I’ve lost a lot of weight.

      • LiveFreeOrDiet

        I did the same thing starting 10 years ago, though it was by the Atkins Essentials book. (Gary Taubes’ two books shined a lot of light on the science for me when they came out.) I lost more than a third of my body weight and kept it off ever since. I’m amazed at the number of people who think I’m missing important nutrients by not eating white flour and sugar.

    • leathersammie

      The issue with fat is that soceity-at-large is terrified of becoming fat. The popular opinion is that if you eat ANYTHING that contains fat, you will blow up and be a fat person forever. It’s an erroneous opinion and pretty stupid too but it doesn’t stop the uneducated idiots from believing it. The human body actually NEEDS fats and there are many good and healthy fats available. People don’t have to consume gallons of hydrogenated oils and fats because those are horrible fats with no nutritional value but avocados are available as a good fat and they are so good for you!

    • Reality Check

      Saturated fat as found in meat and dairy is bad and causes cancer and heat disease. People who are obese are at higher risk of all kinds of diseases. The body does need some fat, but not saturated fat. Study about healthy fats as found in plant sources, olive oil, etc. Polyunsaturated, monounsaturated, etc.

    • miserableoldfart

      Sugar is the main culprit, IMHO. The dangers of saturated fat have been grossly overstated. I also believe that the cancer causing agents in things like red meats are environmental toxins that are building up in our systems and have nothing much to do with the fat itself, except that it is a good medium for those toxins to accumulate..

  • Margie

    Animal fats, in dairy or meat, are far healthier than the modern concoctions in prepared foods!

    • http://stevenmitchell.blogspot.com/ Steven P. Mitchell

      Agreed. It is the molecular reorganization of what we consume from the processing of foods that seems to be at the greatest odds with what our physiologies expect and accompanying lifestyles can support.

  • mookow

    “The ideal sandwich is made with wholemeal bread, healthy salad vegetables, a little margarine, and a light dressing.
    Lean meat is an excellent addition”

    Sorry but the ideal sandwich is made with preferably natural brown rice bread, veggies, globs of butter or natural olive oil mayonnaise, what the **** is dressing, and a fat slab of the most lightly cooked, preferably raw, whole fat meat, or chicken containing the fat, but not lean chicken. Ensure there is enough natural unrefined sea salt on everything to give you sufficient sodium and trace minerals.

    • fatty

      Nonsense. Slip the bread. Bread was made to put meat on it. Instead eat the meat and skip the bread. Meats, veggies and fruits, nuts are what you need. Bread is bad

  • Brandon Pollard

    I am surprised this article tells you to use margarine and vegetable oil. Better alternatives to those are butter and olive oil. As margarine is made of chemical and vegetable oil is an extracted chemically… butter is made from milk and olive oil is made by squeezing olives. Mind you the process today of making the butter probably isn’t all that healthy to begin with.

    • Anna

      I didn’t know there is more than one way to make butter. All I know is you ‘agitate’ good cream, heavy cream, until the fat congeals leaving the milk (buttermilk) which is so good, I think, What is the other way? I really would like o know. I’m 80+ years and I am STILL learning. God bless you!

      • Brandon Pollard

        With how butter was made I was meaning the shelf life of it in stores with the preservatives. By doing some research on the topic they just reduce the amount of water that is in the butter to make the shelf life longer. So commercial butter is 15% fattier than if you made it yourself from fresh milk.

        • fatty

          What do you need butter for? You don’t need to put it on veggies and biscuits aren’t good for you anyway. So I don’t know why people even need butter. I can make things like brownies and I cut down the oil required in half and have no problems. I cut butter in ingredients When you crack open a cookbook be ready to add butter, flour and sugar. Cook books are not worth adman. You are better off eating a bowl of fruit instead of a pie, but try to tell that to grandma with the pies all th etime.

    • hi-density

      Isn’t it legal to mix and still call it butter, even though it is not.

    • Randie

      And butter has more fat than margerine and there are healthier margerines that have 0 cholesterol.

      • Deborah Hale

        Nope. Both are fats and fat has 9 calories per gram.

      • alykatma

        I would prefer a more natural fat and not one made in a chemical lab

  • Kathy

    Please consider that our ancestors lived completely different lives to ours, with a lot of hard physical work all day long, houses had no insulation and so on. In short, they needed a lot more calories than we do, and fat provides that! Don’t get me wrong I am not against fat (indeed, not against anything). But e.g. fruit and honey are also natural products so your argument could also be used for sugar.

    I think the most sensible thing to do is to simply reduce calorie intake no matter where they come from – this can be achieved by eating less processed = natural food so you KNOW what you put into your body, and you will automatically find that (pure) sugar as well as (pure) fat are too calorie dense to eat much of it – and to MOVE, human bodies are designed to move in the most amazing ways so I think it is most natural to do just that. Not only twice a week for 1 hour in the gym but all the time, walk, run, jump, bend, kneel, lift, twist, stretch – you get my point.

    Blessings to you all.

    • Kathy shouldn’t be teaching

      It is probably true that our ancestors required a lot more calories than we do, however that does not mean that fat should be excluded. It is probably better to eat the same foods, in the same proportions, but smaller amounts of these.

      I believe that the reference to the sugar industry, is a reference to the refined sugar industry. If you had more than a basic understanding of the food industry you would recognise this, rather than making an uninformed comment on fruit & honey.

      • None

        Didn’t you read her comment, she said she ISN’T against fat, so where did you get fat should be excluded? Also ‘Kathy shouldn’t be teaching’ is a rude thing to say

        • Teri2

          Rude is right. If Kathy shouldn’t teach, ‘Anonymous’ sure shouldn’t preach.



        • Betseymcqueen15

          Yeah! Why would you people discuss something as important was what we put in our bodies?!

      • FesterFoot43

        You’re being very rude and unsubstantiating. Fact is, the only thing we really need to do is get off our butts and be active. After we do that, then we can be concerned about the amount of fat or sugar we’re ingesting. And, YES! Our ancestors DID work harder than we do, especially those who were hunter/gatherers who worked all day long just to find the food they needed to live. The reason we need to be worried about our diet, today, is because we aren’t active enough and that’s pretty much it.

        • The Brigadier

          Our ancestors had typical lifespans of only 40 years and most died because of disease and incomplete nutrition.

        • shawncorrigan

          not true,the more you work the bigger your cravings especially if you are carb addicted. if you truly want to get to the truth about this, read the 1860;s letters on corpulence by banting very short(28 pgs), he was told what you said, he religiously exercised rowing boats and gained weight. he tried everything people and doctors told him, with no luck,finally he found the correct diet, almost opposite what doctors tell us today with awesome results, dropped 50 lbs and felt great. this is real. i have dropped 30 lbs myself and am thrilled.
          good luck

      • Kizmiaz

        Oh let us guess. Sugar is really a health food. And you work for the sugar industry…

        • Mike Williams

          Not only is it a health food, it tastes so good too. Try a 44oz Big Gulp at the gas station, 18 tablespoons of sugar, and actual Carmel Coloring with Fizz. With all that caffein you can party all night, and day – till you have a sugar crash and sleep for 18 hours.

    • The Spirit Bear

      Hard physical work all day long. That’s what I do for a living. That’s what everyone should do for a living. I have absolutely zero respect for people who are too lazy to do anything for themselves. I mean the office yuppies who are too lazy to empty their own trash cans, all the stuffed suits who don’t even know how to change a tire, the cops who ride around in an air-conditioned Crown Vicky that my taxes paid for against my will, the bankers, the politicians, and the welfare bums who sell dope and keep popping out kids to get more free stuff.
      Don’t work, don’t eat. Sounds fair to me.

      • Trixie

        Sad to see people have no respect for us that do your payroll, file your paperwork, pay your bills, etc. Who else is going to do it? I also answer the phone all day long and get to experience grouchy ass people who think they are better than I am. I’ve been in Administration since High School and I’m now 45. This is my career and I do a damn good job, plus I have physical disabilities that don’t allow me to chop down trees, pave driveways or do whatever YOU do for hard physical labor. I work a respectable job and yes, I take my own damn trash out and clean my own office on top of working 10 plus hours a day. I’m single and live week to week and pay my taxes and don’t live off the government either. Don’t look down your nose at us Admins. Without us, who’s going to cut your paycheck? Touche! Have a beautiful day now.

        • Fastnuf

          Trixie, Spirit stated, ” I mean the office yuppies who are too lazy to empty their own trash cans” and you stated “and yes, I take my own damn trash out” so his comments were not meant to be about you. I find it interesting you took offense to his statement. If you do take out your own trash, it seems you should agree with him, unless you don’t and you actually identify with the type of person he was describing. Hmmmmmmmm!

      • Dana Wallace

        Have you ever done office work? That can be mentally exhausting. It’s not as easy as it looks

      • rodger

        You can either work with your brain or your body. Smart people choose to use their heads. Your right we should fire the guy that empties the trash. He can get welfare too.

      • goodygood

        your ignorance is Bliss

      • Johnny G

        I’m an office yuppie. I have someone who takes out my trash. Yet I can change my own tire. And during the day I create ideas that create jobs and provide income for many people to support their families and live their dreams. Each worker, no matter what they do, is important to the economic cycle.

        • Sam

          I have no idea how to change a tire. So what. Who the hell wants to do that anyway.

      • emjayay

        The fact is that most jobs today just do not take much physical work, whether people are willing to empty their own wastebasket or not. It’s a bit absurd to look down on someone entering data on a computer all day instead of doing manual labor.

      • piyush jain

        Its not always about physical work . Mental work plays a good role too.

      • ReallyGerald

        You’re one of those people who despises everyone and anyone who earns more than you, aren’t you?


        Save your teeny tantrum, pumpkin.

    • fatty

      This is true. Keep your house at 65 degrees and wear more clothes. Your body heats up. If you have the house at 80 degrees you burn less. The TV, computer and microwave oven has destroyed you. Turn off the tv and play ping pong or even darts at night. Play badminton at home. But sitting five hours in front of the tv is no good

      • Callie

        Wow, I guess I’m doing one thing right. (65 degrees at home. :P)

      • Roy

        Electronic device addiction can kill you!

      • Mike Williams

        I WORK HARD:
        All day inspecting solar panels. I stop at Dairy Queen and get a Hunger Buster and shake, and enjoy watching TV all night. Why are they trying to get me up and sweat . It is June and 98 degrees outside during the day, still 93 at 8PM.
        Cool living room, 80 channels to pick from, computer if I want company, and I should go out and risk a coronary.
        No thank you.

    • Robert Johnson

      The habit of uncontrolled calorie intake is an heritage of the species. Control may be attainable by attention to a girth-belt, worn to perhaps keep the pants from falling. At an early age, become accustomed to the belt adjustment. Never adjust the belt! It is telling you that you eat too many calories when you feel the belt pressure. It is also telling you to back away from the hog trough and to ignore the symptoms of hunger for a while, that when the belt pressure goes away, that eating a reasonable diet can be resumed. Never eat food without that unadjusted. belt!

      • Me

        Well this took an ugly turn quickly…

    • STAYTON322

      Also their food wasn’t saturated with growth hormones, pesticides,and who knows what chemicals are involved.PROFIT MARGINES MUST BE MET .I’m older but,I don’t remember people having peanut allergies,ADHD disorders.I’m sure they were known,but grade schoolers weren’t on daily medication as a majority.Products stay fresh longer,grow much larger all in the name ofPRRRRRROFIT.

    • peace65

      Our ancestors also did not eat as often as we do and did not have Dunkin Donuts, KFC, etc at every block, they weren’t confined to their computer or television. They were busy body, after work they did housework care for the children and children played outdoor. They cooked their meals and only adhered to the three simple meals a day. Their lifestyles were totally different then our’s, we do more office work even in those in the service industry, we do not exert ourselves enough for the amount of food we indulged in everyday. We need to get a grip with the reality, be more active with ourselves and our children. We need to be concerned more about our health than being skinny; there is a difference, you know.

      • The Brigadier

        And most of them died between the ages of 35 and 40, old and wasted long before their time.

        • Norm Levin

          I had to scroll a looong way down to find a truly insightful comment. Despite our penchant for eating “food we should avoid” we as a species are living longer and longer. Now that’s food for thought!

        • Miss Y

          That’s not really true. The average life expectancy was statistically low due to high infant mortality but people who survived infancy lived into their 70s and beyond.

        • mkl198

          When I was 60, I went to Afganistan for a year with the DoD.
          The Afgans worked hard just like our ancesters. Food was hard for them to get. I would eat flat bread with them, that was about all I could safely eat except kabobs. They still use donkeys and horses. Cut wheat by hand, hay by hand. I had 2 you young men that would get in a ditch at 0600 work until chi,
          which was a little break for tea get back in the ditch and dig
          until noon. They would eat and get back into the ditch and so on. HARD work. I was sitting with my gang while eating or chi, and one of older ones asked how old I was, I said 60. He asked why he was older than I was when he was only 40. I could only say he lived a much harder life than I did.

          • Alex Scheirer

            Right on. OGA.

    • emjayay

      Yes, but remember that the fruit and vegetables hunter-gatherers were eating had far less sugar and more fiber than farmed ones, and honey was rare and hard to get.

    • jakers loverly

      Plus they’re dead.

    • shawncorrigan

      kathy this is of course a very important topic to debate ,millions are in the throes of obesity and related sickness.
      i think it is smart of you to look at history even though we are on different sides of this debate,
      yes things have changed since our ancestors speared mammoths,we now have food available easily were it was sporadic years ago, back then man stored fat and burned it when food was scarce it worked well, today we constantly eat every few hrs, this ruins the fat burning channels or pathways.our body forgets how to burn fat but becomes adept at making and storing fat. yes healthy people can burn sugar , our glycogen storage capability proves it,however we must have a healthy rotation. some use of fat thru low glucose periods does that.
      many of us today are insulin resistant, it needs a drastic cure to reopen those fat burning pathways, once reopened it does not need to happen again if we keep the proper cycles.
      we do know large amounts of insulin cause a rash of disease. the topic is not well charted yet. good luck

  • Kren

    Don’t eat coleslaw? Good coleslaw does not have to be overloaded with mayo…besides, they call it REAL mayonnaise for a reason. The sugar in it is worse for you than the mayo.

  • JBBlackett

    Margie wrote : “Fat has been demonized by the … trans-fat industries”.
    A recent reply has been published by Global Trans-Fat Industries. It states ‘Sorry for any perceived insults. Our aim was not to cause any offence whatsoever to any fat eater. We apologize profusely and ask for forgiveness”.
    Instead Let us all unite and together verbally , viciously and meaninglessly attack the chewing gum industries

  • Busty Laroo

    Even easier for home-made chilli and pasta sauce, add some no-salt-added crushed and diced canned tomatoes :) Just be sure there’s nothing extra in em!

  • Mr_Sweet

    No mention of GMO ingredients at all. Now, that’s poison!

  • jon

    I think it’s worth noting that “Lite Soy Sauce” (with the green cap) is the kind used traditionally, but the “full flavored” (red cap) soy sauce has had so much salt added to it that you can’t even taste the soy. Yay for Americanized foods

    • BrooklynChef

      The salt isn’t added. It’s a naturally occurring byproduct of the fermentation process.

  • glucosejunkie

    wrong, sugar is a nutrient, our bodies turn everything we eat into glucose aka cell fuel, it’s the fucking fat that slows down your blood, making sugar get a bad rap.

  • Ryan Morgan

    you know that there is vinegar based coleslaw… right?

    • RobPilates

      Thank for this- yes indeed. I make my cole slaw with shredded cabbage, carrot and sometimes jicama or apple and do a quick pickle with heated to almost boiling vinegar with s&p and a splash of olive oil.

      • Snead Hearn

        and shake some pepper on it..

  • Gromit

    Refined grains do not “lack nutritional value”. They are just as good a source of carbohydrate as the unrefined version. What they lack is the fibrous husk around the seed, which is good for bowel health.

  • Hey, one way to lose calories

    Celery is good for burning calories so just have some of that if you want a snack, it might not taste nice but it is good for you.

    • Randie

      Most foods that are good for us don’t taste good!

  • rose adams sigut

    o I use vegan butter.

    • Fish Sweat

      What is “vegan butter”?
      Sounds like an oxymoron like “jumbo shrimp”

      • deb_gib

        “Military intelligence”.

  • Derek

    I say eat what you want, don`t let anyone tell you, what you can eat what you can`t eat It`s your life, what do they know anyway, It`s them who are putting the rubbish in our food anyway. what`s wrong with fish & chips, Jesus ate fish and spuds are good for you anyway, If you like it EAT IT!

    • Salster

      Actually spuds aren’t good for people with A blood types, also for those with certain types of arthritis as it can severely exacerbate the problem/pain (ask me how I know that):)

    • deb_gib

      Potatoes are very high in carbs (which convert to sugar in the human body), too high for a lot of people. Fish by and large are healthy eating. The preparation of the fish determines if the fish is _actually _ healthy to eat. Add breading , salt, fat, etc to any fish and the healthy benefits are diminished by the unhealthy additions.
      Some of you people have no clue why things are healthy or unhealthy. Good luck.

      • David Noah

        Farm raised fish is good for you? News to me.

  • martinhoran

    Are you saying that there is no such thing as poorly educated Chinese? All of these countless millions of folk are all well-educated are they? And anyone who thinks different is a racist! Hm. Could it not be that you are just politically brainwashed?
    I went for a job in a college once and happened to ask the two interviewers if they had any foreign students. They looked at each other knowingly and I knew instantly that I was not going to get the job.
    One said, “Surely you mean overseas students”!
    By their idiotic paradigm we ought not to have a Foreign Office but an Overseas Office.
    I wish now I had asked them what is the noun for “overseas people?”
    Would that be “overseasers” or “foreigners”?
    If logic was taught in our schools there would be a lot less of this PC nonsense around and a lot less of the PC thought police stepping on reasonable people’s toes.

    • deb_gib

      The term is: International students. You need more education in humanity, marty

    • anti pc

      Glad to know I am not the only one who thinks this way.

  • allyson

    i find it funny that a “healthy” sandwich is suggested above to contain “a little margarine” as ALL margarine contains hydrogenated oils and/or any other number of saturated fats…

  • rjobiz

    Lard and baloney sandwich. Yummmmmm……

    • Carol Lucier

      Reminds me of my dad, during the Depression, his favorite after school snack was two slices of while bread spread with lard or bacon grease and piled up with thinly sliced onions, with a sprinkle of salt & pepper. Onion sammies.

  • Becky Hamblin

    Margarine is completely banned in the uk due to transfatty acids. VERY bad for you. Butter is better – natural, just use in moderation.

    • Salster

      Yes, they’ve just renamed them Utterly Butterly, Clover, I can’t believe it’s not butter etc etc!! Pretty much the same thing as marge – stuffed with the wonderful chemically extracted vegetable oils etc

    • Randie

      Not if you have high chlesterol it isn’!

  • Anne Beverley Brewitt

    What about pumpkin seed bread, is that bad for you too.

  • Stan Stein

    Margarine is made of hydrogenated fat…the worst kind after trans fats. However, monofats, like olive oil, which the good brands are just squeezed, not chemically extracted. Further, the fat on no pesticide grass fed animals is actually good for you, because that’s what were are evolved to eat…as in cavemen…they DID evolve into scientists, doctors, etc. Even further, our brain is made up of about 70% fat….a fat fre diet destroys our brains, by causing lesions and disrupted tissue….a perfect example, is the people before, say, 1900….many societies virtually ate rabbits and squirrls, which HAVE NO FAT as their only protein source….most all of them suffered from mental illnesses thru mild brain damage…..stories like this one today in the news, are almost toally worthless, because they are not researched and written by scientists….read the Paleo Diet….and try it to see how your lbs will drop off, you will feel better, and you will look better, especially your skin and hair…..your belly fat will more easily go away without grains…we don’t have all the enzymes to fully digest them….be sure to eat grass fed animal products….and please, don’t listen the the commercial media regarding your health.

  • John

    Demonized? Rightly so. Do you know how many antibiotics, hormones, etc., are administered to cows and how much GMO corn is fed to them? We are what we eat! This practice is causing antibiotic resistance in humans. If it’s not organic, you’re just ingesting poison. Eat proper fats such as are in walnuts, avocados, etc., and be healthy.

    • Eyeball_Kid

      That’s damn near true all around. Most agribusiness products sell because of marketing, not because of nutritional/health value per calorie per pound.

    • The Brigadier

      Monsanto’s GMO grains eaten to excess are causing a huge wave of metastatic cancers also. Three independent labs – Two American and One French verified this in rats. The French government saw this terrifying report and unanimously voted to ban GMO grains completely last year. Monsanto knows this and continues to sell this horrific GMO seed and as the word is getting out about it, Monsanto is engaging in a massive disinformation campaign trying to demonize the messengers as backward or paranoiac. I am neither and I can read the lab reports that shows they pulled a fast one over the FDA.

  • Salster

    Just make your own without the trans fats – simple!

    • Randie

      How? I have tried to make my own pie crusts with a good oil instead of lard shortening,and it always turns out terrible like Matza.

    • Randie

      How? I have made homemade pie crust using water with a healthy oil instead of fattening high cholesterol shortening,and it always turns out terrible like matzah!

      • Deborah Hale

        Actually, vegetable shortening has no cholesterol in it. It is, however, partially-hydrogenated, which is just as bad as trans fats. Oil, lard, shortening, and butter all have 9 calories per gram, so they’re equally “fattening” – but if you want your pie crust to be worth eating use butter or shortening. And make it in a food processor. I cube my butter and freeze it, then add it to the flour a bit at the time until it looks like wet sand, then I let the blade spin while I dribble in water just until it forms into a ball. Wrap it in plastic wrap, chill for at least half an hour, then roll it out and use it however your recipe requires it.

        You’re welcome.

  • BewilderedByOurFoodCulture

    Why doesn’t anyone talk about all the toxic chemicals that end up in highly processed foods? Pesticides are used as preservatives in baked goods. Numerous man made and highly toxic chemicals are used as “flavor enhancers”. Ammonia is called carmel color so people wont freak out about consuming it. Why aren’t any of those things on the list of 7 foods you should avoid at all costs?

  • Backbutton

    Soy is a substitute for salt; soy sauce is not bad per se. The “poorly educated Chinese” probably eat healthier than yous seemingly “educated” high falutin peeps as they do not eat as much processed and junk food, or at restaurants, but cheaper natural food, self-cooked.
    There is much to be learned. Look at Americans–go sit in a shopping mall, or other public place and observe–the statistics are supported–obese. That’s because of the typical American diet, and all the processed foods and junk foods–a self-perpetuating system of excess–very educated..

    • http://www.smokerstees.com/ SmokingReb

      Actually I would consider the mall an excellent place to realize that following guidelines put out by NHI and the various disease specific non-profits like American Cancer Society. They pushed transfat as a substitute for animal fat, low fat milk products as healthier than whole milk, eat this not that, stay away from this, eat tons of this, whoops maybe cut back on this……………………..
      Obesity would very likely be cut in half if we all ate like our grandparents did as long as the health professionals place agendas in front of proven, research verified facts. The history of the HRT fiasco is proof of the pudding. Just research it.

  • UmmNope

    Some of these recommendations seem a little out of date. Recommending Margarine is clearly no longer a popular option. Trans fats are worse than saturated fats.

    • Randie

      Fleischman’s unsalted stick margerine has 70% less saturated fat and 100% less cholesterol per serving than butter!

      • Deborah Hale

        If it stays at least partially solid at room temperature it’s hydrogenated and therefore AT LEAST as bad for you as saturated fat.

  • UmmNope

    “At all cost” also seems a bit hyperbolic. Things you should avoid ingesting at all cost… lead and other heavy metals. Chlorine bleach and other corrosive chemicals.

  • Fish Sweat

    Transfats makes everything taste good. Doughnuts, fries, pastries, cakes, all tasted better before the nanny state ninnies took toke away. Love a goodly marbled piece of rib-eye steak with a side of transfat cooked fries. Yum!

    • Randie

      You too must have a fast metabolism if you eat like this a lot and aren’t over weight or obese,and or no high cholesterol .

      • Deborah Hale

        Randie, I’m sure you’re a barrel of laughs at parties.

    • Snead Hearn

      Fast food fries don’t taste as good as they once did.

  • Sidney C

    I’m a VAGaterian. What I eat has no calories, no trans-fats, no carbs and it is all natural. The best thing is no matter how much I eat there are always leftovers.

  • Carrie

    thats funny….I lost my job and was very low on cash, I started eating coleslaw and other cheap means of food. I lost twenty pounds in a month. I mainely ate store bought coleslaw already bagged, with a store brand coleslaw dressing. And would treat myself to a Wendys Jr.Cheeseburger every other day off the dollar menu.
    So any food is bad for you if you eat too much.
    And you can lose weight eating any type of food, just not alot of it.

    • Randie

      Yes, if your metabolism is fast,when I was in my childhood,teens and 20’s I ate like 2 horses,tons of fattening sweet stuff,and did no excercise and I was thin anyway,and that all changed and when I was 34 I was overweight and had to go on a diet for the first time in my life.My former family doctor and endocrinologist both said,and so did non medical people that my metabolism slowed dow.And the family doctor said most people’s metabolism slows down as they age and she said she had countless patients who were always thin when they were younger and their metabolism slowed down and now they were overweight.

  • Ginny Murrell

    love coleslaw, but only eat it maybe twice a year. Fourth of July and another time in Summer. Big deal. How about eating in moderation? We might not be so fatttttttt.

  • LiveFreeOrDiet

    Much to the contrary, I lost a third of my body weight without going hungry by increasing my fat intake and reducing carbohydrates. That was ten years ago, and not only have I kept it off, I lost more when my endocrinologist told me to increase my animal fat intake. He especially encourages fattier cuts of beef, eggs, butter and coconut oil.

    • Picca

      Ooooo … see my previous omment, if it goes through … I did much the same, and the best thing about it was that it was easy then, and its easy to maintain, though I have broadened my diet a little. Still losing, though, slowly.

    • Randie

      Everybody’s metabolism is different,and many people gain weight eating like you and my cardiologist says because my cholesterol is somewhat high I shouldn’t ever eat butter and much eggs etc.

      • Nick

        Eggs actually lowers cholesterol. Pubmed is flooded with recent studies pointing out that fact. And FYI, eggs contain the exact HDL-to-LDL ratio that should be present in human nutritional habits for a healthy hormonal balance. And Butter is actually much richer in omega-9 than in saturated fats.

        I’m curious what your cardiologist suggested you cook with? Blood-clothing Omega-6 laden margarine, I imagine…

      • fatty

        cholesterol becomes high when you drink mil and eat cheese. I would never avoid farm fresh eggs. But I would avoid dairy stuff.

        • Me717

          that’s just not true. I eat cheese like it is going out of style. Organic cheese and milk have not raised my cholesterol. Recently, my blood pressure has dropped back down to what it was 30 years ago. 110/72. High butter and cheese intake with a moderate intake of milk has not caused me any problems. I also cook with peanut oil, or coconut oil and sea salt.

      • Miss Y

        You should find a new cardiologist who has read up on nutrition in the past few years. Do a little research and you’ll find that your cardiologist is 180 degrees wrong.

      • ArtfulEric

        Your cardiologist needs to go back to school. Eggs and butter are fine for you. Don’t eat refined sugar or refined grains and your cholesterol (which is only an indicator, not a warning anyway) will drop.

    • fatty

      Yeah fat! Man nothing like a big slab of bacon in the morning. Lunchtime a couple slabs of fat on white bread and then supper a sixteen out of fat. Yeah that fat is great. zero nutrition and lots of calories. Don’t understand the fat diet. If you were to eat a load of FAT you will be sitting on the toilet. Fat is needed where it is very cold. But not where it is hot. Bacon should be outlawed.

      • LiveFreeOrDiet

        This morning I had 3 strips of bacon, 2 buttered hard boiled eggs, tomato and cucumber, and a cup of coffee with real cream. I don’t usually bother with these calculations, but I make that out to be something like 400 calories, 5g carbs, 31g fat and 22g of protein. I know I got Vitamin A, Vitamin B-1, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin C, Choline, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Thiamine, Niacin, Riboflavin, Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Potassium, Selenium, Zinc and Magnesium.

        Now please tell me, what essential nutrients did I miss by not eating white flour or white sugar with breakfast?

    • MingtheMerciless

      That’s the premise behind the Adkins and Lindora diet programs. Good carbs come from vegetables, fruit, (the fresher, the better) and whole grains. Processed foods add empty calories.

      • guest

        Actually, for weight loss, even whole grain, fruit, and the starchier vegetables are a problem.

        Once your weight is down, you can gradually reintroduce these things to your diet if you really want to. But I find that no matter how far I run, how much iron I pump, how “natural” my diet is, even the natural carbs like fruits and grains make weight loss totally impossible. Many others report similar experiences.

        The issue is not “processed versus natural”, nor is it “complex versus simple”, nor is it “good carbs versus bad carbs” — the issue is ALL carbs cause insulin release and therefore fat storage.

        Remember that for primitive man, sweet fruits, honey, and starches were rare or seasonal treats, not part of the daily diet. An apple a day, ALL YEAR, is just as unnatural as refined sugar.

        • Allison

          Talk to me when you’re in your 40s or 50s and let me know how your cholesterol readings are. 😛 You may lose weight like this, SOMEHOW (not that it makes any sense), but you’re still poisoning yourself.

          • Charles Wesley

            I’m in my mid 50s. I eat meat. I don’t eat a lot of veggies…actually, I don’t eat a lot of good meat, either Mostly hot dogs. I eat fries. I drink a lot of soda. How’s my health? Cholesterol: close to “normal”. Blood sugar? Normal. A1c? Normal. Do I smoke, use illegal drugs? No. But I am exposed, constantly, to second hand smoke.

            COPD, yes. hearing loss, yes. Teeth? Well… not great, but they’ve been going for more than 35 years.

            Exercise? About 10 miles a day, biking.

            Conclusion? It’s not WHAT you eat. It’s HOW MUCH.

          • name

            uh, I think the biking 10 miles a day might have something to do with your health too.

          • alykatma

            Are you taking any drugs for Cholesterol and pre-Diabetes?

      • Allison

        Atkins doesn’t allow enough vegetables. I tried it a few years ago and my immune system was completely shot. I was sick constantly and my digestive system was not working at all.

        Now I’m vegan. I eat all the fruit and veggies I want. My digestive system and my blood pressure are now perfect. I’ve lost just a little bit of weight but my chronic pain is gone. My immune system is the best it’s ever been: I can be around a bunch of people with stomach flu for over a week and not even get the slightest bit sick. I did it for my health but the animal welfare aspect is an excellent perk, and it became one of my main motivations for staying on it. Not trying to shove it down anyone’s throat, but it really does work.

        • mmazzi

          Just be careful to learn and understand about phytates. You must sprout your grains and nuts. Otherwise, in a few years, you’ll find that you are mineral deficient, have dental problems and other issues. The phytic acid in grains and nuts, unsoaked/unsprouted, can block mineral absorption. The one main issue I have with a vegan diet which is very unnatural is that it is impossible to get an absorbable form of vit.b12 without supplementation. Stay away from nutritional yeast… it’s toxic. It’s extremely processed and has msg-like properties making it a neurotoxin. It aggravates brain cells. Also, beta carotene is not the same as vitamin A.

          Last but definitely not least… make sure you understand the dangers of GMOs. Many vegans blindly eat and drink gmo-laden food all day/every day. Since 95% of soy, corn, and canola are GMO in this country… if it’s not CERTIFIED organic… it’s most certainly GMO. There are some rare exceptions where companies go to great lengths to have non-GMO conventional soy or corn processed at separate grain elevators, etc. This is rare… the exception to the rule. Unless it’s certified organic or, at the very least, labeled “non-GMO project verified”…. it’s almost certainly GMO. Do a search for “corn derivatives list” and memorize it to check labels. Almost all processed foods and drinks have some form of corn or soy… it’s NOT normal!!! So… remember when you reach for that bread or tortilla… it probably contains multiple forms of GMOs. Just as you can assume anything deep-fried is fried in GMO oil since almost all fryer oil is canola, soy, corn, “vegetable” (one of the above). Even some high end kitchens use olive oil “blends” in the kitchen which are mixed with canola or soy. So… even if you ask them to saute in olive oil… it might still be part GMO. Don’t take the waiter’s word for it… make sure they check with the chef or buyer… they will know. It amazes me how many people drink conventional soy milk (GMO in a box) and think they’re being healthy.

          I’m glad you feel good on a vegan diet… I just hope you educate other vegans about how to do it the right way. Vegetarians of the 70’s understood about soaking and sprouting. When I tried to buy vegetarian cookbooks for my niece when she was getting married… I poured through dozens of them at Barnes and Noble and found only ONE briefly mentioned phytic acid. Unfortunately, some people think vegetarianism is simply giving up meat and eating more veggies. Healthy vegetarianism requires thought, education and planning. I think we all strive to do what is best for ourselves and there is a lot to learn for vegans and ancestral eaters alike! The main thing that paleo, mediterranean, and healthy vegetarian diets have in common is lots of veggies, no processed foods, and NO INDUSTRIAL (and usually GMO) SEED OILS! So let’s all focus on what we have in common :)

        • blc

          Atkins allows loads of vegetables. It just restricts carbohydrates. It is not a diet of bacon and fat, as many people who haven’t looked into believe.

          • studchef

            Count net carbs, you have to back out the amount of dietary fiber from the amount of carbs to get your total. I am not that familiar with Atkins, but I do not count carbs from green leafy vegetables at all. Once a week will have a carb reefed night with sweet potato, white rice, donuts, ice cream or whatever!! Have to take leptin into consideration if you are eating for fat loss. Eating for maintenance/lifestyle is a whole different ballgame

      • Miss Y

        True, except for the “whole Grains” myth. Our bodies don’t need any grains.

    • mmazzi

      I word of caution. I, too, believe that coconut oil, eggs, butter and beef from organic pastured cows and chickens are all healthy fats. I’ve been primarily paleo for almost two years. HOWEVER, not everyone’s body can handle a LOT of fat. I read Debra Minger’s book “Death by Food Pyramid”. After reading her excellent articles on her site “raw food SOS” in response to the Forks Over Knives film, I expected her to be a meat cheerleader. I was a little surprised when there were areas of the book where she seemed to have reservations. I think that all of the research she did to write the book (published by a paleo publisher) opened her eyes and tempered her advice. One of the main pieces of advice that helped me was to get blood tests to check your ApoE genetype. It’s made up of a combination of two alleles (E2,E3,E4). So everyone is either e2/e2, e2/e3, e2/e4, e3/e3, e3/e4, or e4/e4. Those people with one or two e4 alleles process fat differently than people without e4. My husband has done great with our diet changes. Unfortunately, I have some CVD risk markers. For me, I have to cut back on the fat. I will still eat Paleo, but not with an “unlimited fat” attitude. All good diets should focus on veggie consumption, good fats, and eliminating industrial seed oils. After that… we must tweak our diets according to our own body types.

      • LiveFreeOrDiet

        Cardiovascular disease (CVD) tracks much better with sugar consumption, not fats.
        See for instance British Journal of Nutrition 2014 Mar 25:1-12, “Comparison of the long-term effects of high-fat v. low-fat diet consumption on cardiometabolic risk factors in subjects with abnormal glucose metabolism: a systematic review and meta-analysis.” The study found those on high fat regimens had a significant decrease in triglyceride levels, a significant decrease in diastolic blood pressure, a significant decrease in fasting glucose levels levels, and a significant increase in HDL levels.

    • shredder

      i am a professional physique competitor – so far livefreeordiet is on the right track. i have been dieting in and out of competition for 8 years now – i have mastered how to manipulate my muscle mass and body fat levels – i completely agree with this comment. this is the true way to reduce body fat – to almost eliminate carbohydrates or keep them to breakfast only – and replace all other meals with vegetables and high levels of fat. my fat sources are almonds, salmon etc – because it allows the subject to maintain a calorie level without increasing the volume of food being eaten – kind of like tricking your body into believing it is full, when it isnt. :)

      • LiveFreeOrDiet

        “kind of like tricking your body into believing it is full, when it isnt”
        I take it from the opposite point of view. The problem in obesity is something has tricked your body into ‘thinking’ it’s short on food when it isn’t.

  • Colleen Mitchell

    Why single out frosting as being so very bad? Candy, soda, pop tarts, why no mention them? Frosting contains sugar and there are so many more foods that are PURE sugar that are far worse!

  • jennyct

    If you eat coleslaw and/or refined sugar, it should be acceptable if you stay within daily recommended parameters (20-30% fat/ carb limitations, etc). Life is not all that simplistic.

  • Randie

    Butter has more fat and has a good amount of cholesterol.

  • Randie

    That is why there are so many obese people in the world,they aren’t smart to keep eating a lot of these fatty high calorie foods because they aren’t going to live very long if they do,but on the other hand they are smart enough to know that these foods do taste the best.If you lower the fat and calories you lower the great taste and texture too.

    My father has said that when you go to restaurants they don’t have low-fat low calorie foods because they nobody likes them,and he told me that my stepmother used to make the same low fat low calorie foods for their dinner guests as she and my father make or eat out, and none of their guests liked the food so he told her to stop making it that way for their dinner company.

  • Randie

    I cook with olive oil and or cooking spray.What is wrong with cooking with olive oil?

  • Randie

    You must have a fast metabolism and or no high cholesterol problems now,but this could all change.

  • boboadobo

    genetics are 99.9% of your long term outlook…not eating coleslaw is silly. unless like me you think it tastes yucky.

  • Louchious209209209

    Healthy fats are ok, like that found in avacados. You can pretty much eat whatever you want, just burn it off with tough work outs. Drink plenty of water and an ensure a day. Take daily vitamins.

  • http://www.therightperspective.org/Audio/nimshows/ BigBoa

    So much for the mighty Boa’s plan to eat cole slaw with every meal, eh?

  • Nick


  • scooteral

    It might just seem longer.

  • andee007

    Yet diabetics use so much artificial sweetener. They arae already at a high risk for kidney damage and hypertension.

  • Amanda

    There are a boatload of tomato sauces without sugar in them. If you read labels, you’re golden.

  • SolDeus

    “Indeed, the average sandwich will contain over 400 calories, and many
    people think that a lunch should contain closer to 200 or 300 calories.”

    A person should be consuming at least 2k calories daily for maintenance with some variance due to height and gender. If you are assuming 3 meals, that is over 600 per meal. Unless you are already assuming an additional high calorie snack / desert (and why would you if this is about losing weight), then there is no logic in reducing a lunch portion to 200 calories.

  • SolDeus

    “Although artificial sweeteners contain no calories, many of them (such
    as aspartame) seem to impair your body’s ability to detect whether your
    stomach is full, triggering overeating and stronger cravings that can thwart your attempts to lose weight.”

    Yet another “don’t do this because you will not be smart enough to manage properly”. We have another person who is trying to lose weight, drinking or eating something with an artificial sweetener and then decides to just gorge on food because he/she doesn’t feel full enough. First, drink water over most of these things anyway, but if you depend cravings for portion size and you are already obese from being unable to manage calorie intake, then there is likely more involved than just some artificial sweetener induced cravings.

  • Scoreggia Culone

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I studied nutrition and while there is a link between salt and people ALREADY WITH HYPERTENSION making their condition worse, there is no link between salt intake causing hypertension.

  • Snead Hearn

    It’s easy to read the ingredients on a tomato sauce can. Some brands contain no sugars. But there’s the plastic can lining to worry about…

    • Deborah Hale

      Or, if you’re so picky about your tomato sauce, it’s easy enough to grow your own organic tomatoes and make your own sauce from them.

  • Gary

    Try Alvarado Street Bakery (Petaluma/Rhonert Park) available at Nob Hill, Safeway, Savemart, etc. Great bread w/sprouted wheat or no salt options.

  • hbogart44 .

    I think we can all agree prepared foods period are not healthy to consume. Minimizing fat intake, passing up sugar in any form, limits starch intake, limit alcohol. Fresh veggies, fruits, chicken and fish and your chance at survival is better than driving.

    • Roy

      Alcohol is a systemic poison!

  • jp!

    um…the average 2 slices of bread are 200 calories. i you think you’re getting a 200-300 calories in the avg. sandwich, you should probably guess again.

    • TheMeckMan

      Was my first thought. Even low calorie bread would clock you in at 140 calories, and then it’s mostly ‘air’ as the bread is lower calorie mostly because it weighs less. Who the hell writes these BS lists???

  • fatty

    COle slaw is ok if you make it use about one tablespoon to a quart and sprinkle on a teaspoon of sugar. Just enough miracle whip to wet it some. Cole slaw all loaded with mayonnaise is just stupid

    • Garbonzo

      Add sliced green onions, grated radish, and fresh cilantro leaves and dress with light sesame seed oil and rice wine vinegar dressing. Mound slaw on plate and top with 4 oz. of your favorite sushi grade fish sliced thin. If sushi is not your thing toss in 4 oz. of boiled boneless skinless chicken breast chilled and thinly julienned red pepper.

      • orobyn

        Vinaigrette is better than any creamy dressing. The real French dressing is vinaigrette.

  • fatty

    I used to eat nothing but deer, crabs, fish and muskrats. I used to eat good. Then I started eating all store bought stuff and started to get fat. Then I went to Europe for a month and because they eat good food. I was eating a lot less and didn’t snack between meals. People the problem is how much crap they add to food. HOw many hormones and chemicals. Our country puts crap in food that other countries outlaw.

  • fatty

    My son ate the fat off of a couple leg quarters one night. By 10 pm he was shitting all over the place. YOu get enough fat in food. You want fat? Eat a whole pound of uncooked bacon and see what that does for you. You’ll be passing gas and you’ll be on the toilet When you go to the bathroom and it stinks like real bad, then you are not eating right.

  • fatty

    I don’t know what people need butter for, Maybe to dip your lobster meat in. But you don’t put it on veggies and you shouldn’t be making biscuits because they are bad for you

  • Rick Bruner

    Saturated fat has gotten a bad rap as well. Polyunsaturated fat suppresses the immune system. Corn, soy and canola oils are all highly processed and should be avoided as they are unstable and turn rancid easily. Olive, coconut and palm oils are healthier. White flour, vegetable oils and refined sweetners are the three pillars of the processed food industry. Their goal isn’t your health, its their profits.

  • MingtheMerciless

    There is NOTHING wrong with frosting–if you make your own buttercream frosting at home. Adding your own flavors and using natural colorings is far better than what one buys from the brand names on the shelves. The same is true for cakes; make your own at home from scratch. It’s the CHEMICALS that are in commercially prepared cake mixes and frostings that are the real culprits here. Read any label.
    Spend some weekend time cooking meals in bulk and freezing the leftovers in reusable ceramic or glass containers (that plastic stuff releases carcinogens when used in microwaves). Thrifty homemakers have been doing that for years. Better food; no additives.

    • angelicvh

      Sugar is poison.

      • Deborah Hale

        You’re not going to take away my homemade buttercream frosting. I don’t eat it by the bucket and don’t know anyone who does. If you eliminate everything that tastes good and you won’t live longer, it’ll just FEEL that way!

  • tiffany

    Coconut fat rocks.

  • Paul B

    Within limits. We need unsaturated fats, but not barrels of it like most people eat.

  • correctnotright

    “There were increases in some hormones and lipids which could be harmful
    if persistent over time. However, the studies were not designed to
    measure long-term health effects. Therefore we do not know if low salt
    diets improve or worsen health outcomes.”
    Cochrane reviews.

    Low salt diets lower BP by 1% and increase some “bad” hormones in normotensive people. There is no definitive evidence that low salt diets decrease cardiovascular risk. Most physicians were taught that salt is “bad” and it does interfere with some diuretic drugs – but there is no evidence that it prevents CV events in healthy people.

    On the other hand, most processed food is also high in salt. Stop eating the processed food and salt does not really matter….so soy sauce is OK. Just be aware that soy sauce also has wheat in it – so use tamari if you are avoiding wheat.

  • Grace Renna Wimbish

    Stop it! Of course if you make a steady diet of any of these foods, you are in trouble. but that could be said about just about anything. I think I will eat a cupcake every once in awhile and enjoy life. Why are people so neurotic and unhappy? Because they believe in all or nothing. Too bad for them.

  • Deborah Hale

    Thank you! I’m of the opinion that if you only eat healthy stuff and never splurge on the occasional cookie or cupcake, you’re not going to live any longer – it’s just going to FEEL that way. Life is for living!

  • Deborah Hale

    Live a little, eat a cookie. I like my salmon and steamed broccoli, sure, but every now and then I like a cookie, too. Or a cupcake.

  • gabi532

    Moderation, folks!

  • Lily

    My great grandmother died choking on coleslaw… I kid you not. Such a strange way to die.

  • Allison

    Exercise just exhausts me and makes me need to eat more. I love to walk a lot and get outside, I don’t mind doing a little physical labor around the house, but I never understood runners or people who go to the gym. The endorphins are supposed to make you feel good, but it’s never worked for me. Plus I don’t like all the judgy looks the gym rats give new people.

    • LiveFreeOrDiet

      I’ve never liked gyms either, mostly because they’re boring and expensive. The only exercise equipment I have are an elliptical and a bicycle. I use the elliptical in the winter. I made a shelf to hold my laptop so I can watch DVDs or listen to music while I’m on it. I like the bicycle during the summer because I make my own breeze and the land around here is very flat.

  • TheMeckMan

    Even low calorie bread will clock you in at 140 calories and that’s mostly because it’s a very lightweight sliced loaf. Where most hardy breads that are actually good for and loaded with fiber weigh around 1.5-2 ounces, lighter bread like Nature’s Own clocks in at about an ounce per slice. So having half the calories makes sense until you realize that on a gram by gram comparison they are the same and the hardier bread has better carbs in it.

    A Kraft single will throw in another 60 calories (110 if you go with an ounce of real cheddar). Some ham will add about 100-150 more calories. So you’re looking at about 300 calories minimum (i.e. uber bland sandwich). Even low 3 ounces of low calorie turkey breast will clock you in at 120 calories) I find that most of my sandwiches WITHOUT mayo clock in at 450-600 calories. I make a Greek Yogurt based sandwich spread that is very good and very little fat.

    Also, a 300 calorie lunch on a USDA rec 2000 calorie diet (albeit more/less depending on your body type and needs) is insane. If each of your meals is 300 calories you’re way under your required amount and will go into starvation. If the advice is based on 5 meals a day it’s not clear, and even then too low unless you’re inactive and have minimal muscle mass. While it’s better to graze and have 5+ smaller meals during the day, 300 calories is ridiculous considering the vast majority of people reading this advice consume only 3 meals a day plus maybe one snack. A 600-700 calorie lunch is far more ideal.

    On a 2000 +/- 100 calorie diet I’d recommend:

    250-300 calorie breakfast
    650-700 calorie lunch
    2 x 125-150 calorie snacks spread apart
    750-800 calorie dinner

    This is based on a 2000 median calorie diet and you can adjust it to your caloric needs (i.e. if you exercise a lot have more snacks). For example I ride my bike for about 60 minutes a day and burn roughly 800 calories at a 16-18 mph pace. I take that 800 calories and disperse it across all my meals. That is 800/5 or roughly 160 additional calories per meal or I have an extra snack during the day and disperse the remainder.

    Avoid consuming more than 1200+ calories in a single meal. It will happen, but avoid making it a common practice. Eating all/most your calories in one meal will result in weight gain as your body will store what it doesn’t need for later which is why grazing is better.

    Also homemade frosting isn’t as bad for you. Moderation is the key.

  • Michael Osterfeld

    When the first thing you tell me I shouldn’t eat is coleslaw…..On to the next article.

  • JPG

    This really worth a try.

  • iactuallyREAD

    “Indeed, the average sandwich will contain over 400 calories, and many people think that a lunch should contain closer to 200 or 300 calories.”

    Actually, most dieticians and nutritionists say that you should not eat less than 1500 calories a day, especially if you are active during your day job or over 5’4″ in height. If you do eat less that 1500 for more than a few days, your body will go into starvation mode. Now let’s do the math: if you eat 1500 calories over the course of one day, that’s approximately 500 calories for breakfast, 500 for lunch, and 500 for dinner. Eating a 400 calorie sandwich leaves enough calories for a 100 calorie snack in the afternoon so there’s really nothing wrong with that picture.

  • Paul Bobrowski

    Q: Are we really just that ignorant to believe that there are food we should never eat (and likewise, foods that we should always eat)?
    A: Apparently so as I see these articles on a daily basis.

    For the sake of argument, let’s pretend we were intelligent and responsible beings. We would surmise and rightfully so, that we could eat whatever we wanted and remain healthy as long as it was in moderation. The ancient Greeks knew this when they inscribed “Nothing in Excess” at the Delphic oracle.

    The simple truth is that there is no need for diet – just a smidgen of self-control. If you take in more calories than you need, you will gain weight. If you take in less, you will lose weight. The gods forbid that we acted in this manner as the economy would assuredly collapse. There would be no need for diets (like Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Atkins, etc) and the products they hawk; weight-loss pharmaceuticals; gastric-bypass surgeries; tummy tucks; low-calorie, faux and health foods; gyms and personal trainers; celebrity doctors; super-size clothes; and, the endless list of products, programs, jobs and people that make their monies because we are excessive. High fructose corn syrup isn’t the demon: the demon is ourselves.

    • Lance Beaton

      High fructose corn syrup can cause early onset diabetes in certain people.
      It’s totally unnecessary.

  • ID675K

    If you want to avoid heart attacks, eat chicken, pork, fish,etc instead of beef. Beef gets digested to produce a chemical called TMSO which clogs up arteries.

  • Benz

    Just enjoy your meals; every one will eventually perish from this earth. Strategy used by most is stay healthy until you procreate desired amount of times; then afterwards let the party start in moderation; Stay in the game my friends.

  • http://www.amazon.com/Blue-Emergency-Medical-Paramedic-ebook/dp/B00DC2Z648/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1373923565&sr=8-2&keywords=blue+star+reno skepticR

    I am going to be dead a lot longer than I’m going to be alive. Yes there are ways to increase your lifespan but compared to eternity it is less than insignificant. It is nonexistent. So why waste your life being miserable? Do you really think lying on your deathbed it will make any difference how many calories you saved? LIVE! Be HAPPY! Eat the cupcake if you want to!

  • mplo

    Avocado oil is also quite good for you, as well. I use it in cooking a great deal.

  • frank anderson

    We need fats in our diet, otherwise we cannot utilize fat soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, D, E, K, and in all probability many others which have yet to be identified. Also fats serve to protect our organs, line the walls of our digestive tract, fats compose much of our nervous system, and fats provide long tern energy. Nutritional fats are best obtained from plants however, like from olives, walnuts, edible nuts in general, wheat germ, flaxseeds, safflowers, and others high in mono saturates. It’s currently estimated that we should derive about 30 percent of our caloric intake from fats, which is not very hard to do since fats are much denser in calories, per volumn than are carbohydrates, simple or complex forms.

  • Lance Beaton

    Who eats coleslaw and salad together? Also, coleslaw is just cabbage & sometimes contains slivers of carrots. It certainly does NOT contain 260 calories and more than 20g of fat unless you choose to dump two and a half tablespoons of mayonnaise on it.

  • Nunna Yobiznets

    Braggs Aminos, identical taste without the sodium.

  • alykatma

    First I cut out sodas, then processed food particularly those that are loaded with up to 50 ingredients, which I never ate much to begin. I try to eat lots of fresh greens and fruits, cut down on amount of meat, use real butter, and whole milk(sparingly) No artificial sweeteners and I include high fructose corn syrup as artificial. I drink green tea everyday sweetened with stevia. Lost over 10 pounds, most of it belly fat, since I wasn’t overweight to begin with.

  • Randy

    Sites like this annoy me to no end. We’re fully aware that foods high
    in salt or sugars are extremely unhealthy. To claim that certain foods
    are unhealthy though is a misconception. In fact, it seems to me that the larger problem is the labelling and food nutritional laws of your country (I know a lot about these as I worked for ANZFA and TGA).
    People need to know that these companies aren’t about to tell you all the nasty things in it, and use “creative advertising” to sell their products. Anyone remember “Health Water” from a couple of years ago? It was essentially water with added flavour and sugars, which had more calories than most soft-drinks.
    Candies claiming to be 99.9% fat free (not a false statement since they contained no fat, but were 60% sugar), things labelled as “light” or “lite” which often don’t have a lower caloric value but instead have reduced salt and other nasty things. I’ve even seen ‘Sugar-free diet milk’ advertised…
    I’m not saying that people don’t need to be better educated, but as others on this site have suggested, a far better solution would be severely decrease the level of intake. Having visited the USA recently, I was utterly appauled at the portion sizes, even in respectable venues (I’m 6’3″ and 100kg, and I think I managed to finish my meal once in two weeks).

  • bunndogg

    Why not just read the labels? Bring my reading glasses with me in the store and read the label. Ingredients pretty much say it all. Be careful of natural flavorings because sugar is considered natural but now they have carbs and sugars listed as a number/chart too. Good Luck, have fun, READ the LABELs and use common sense.

  • Joann Goodwin

    There are good fats and bad fats, you just have to eat the good ones. One good one is olive oil.

  • Rose

    I was diagnosed with Sjogrens Syndrome, an autoimmune disease which is incurable. I am now on a gluten free diet, no breads, muffins, cakes, and my body wash and lotions are gluten free. Gluten is in everything and is poisoning our bodies. Look out! There are no cures for autoimmune diseases. I get flare ups. I drink only water or tea, no sodas or alcohol. My inflammation is better, however, with this autoimmune disease you are tired everyday after 6 or 7 hours a day. Change your diet, change your life, live long and healthy everyone. :)

  • birder

    Sort of depends on how the coleslaw is made. I make mine using vinegar the N. Carolina way. This is a very misleading article

  • An fellow American, also Asian

    It has less to do with the foods themselves and more with how people use and consume them. Soy sauce… really? Only in America. Japan is the one of the top healthiest countries in the world. It’s sad how concerned America has been about health yet how Americans are so obese (perhaps due to obesity) except… it’s just getting worse.

    Oops alas I can’t write English properly.

  • Fnordian72

    Except the latest research shows that saturated fats aren’t “bad” like they’ve been made out to be. That doesn’t mean “go on a binge and eat them all day long” but it DOES mean that they are unfairly demonized.

  • Bubbawubba Gump

    Soy sauce is the condiment of choice in japan used every day, yet their blood pressure problems are much lower than ours. Face facts, sodium is the devil for today, tomorrow they will say it is only bad if you have certain conditions. If they can’t make up their minds what is or isn’t bad for us, how the hell are we supposed to know?

  • The Brigadier

    Soy should be avoided not because of the salt content, but because soy fits the same receptors in the thyroid and all the other cells in your body as does the very critical element iodine. If those receptors are filled by soy your body passes iodine in your pee and every autoimmune disease, including diabetes, autism, Alzheimer’s, lupus, arthritis and others are directly attributable to moderate to low levels of iodine. Low levels of iodine is the leading cause of mental retardation in the world. If you must eat soy at least get your daily iodine dose at least a half hour before you eat any product with soy and that includes many margarines now made with soybean oil.

    This article also continues to demonize sodium, even after the third and most massive and definitive study of salt was reported in 2011. Michelle Obama ignored that study that shows that there is no, and I repeat, absolutely no difference in mortality figures between heavy salt users and those that try and avoid completely with salt substitutes. I hope this author reads and tries to understand this. Salt has been exonerated. Eat it to your taste buds content folks because it is NOT going to kill you.

  • The Brigadier

    Exactly Lisa. Limit your carbs to about 80 units for men and 65-70 for women and exercise. Walking will do it and if you walk a couple of miles a day and limit your carbs, you will take off 16 pounds the first month.

  • The Brigadier

    American adults get about 30 percent of our daily food intake as fat by weight. if you can limit your carbs to complex carbs and avoid breads, potatoes, bananas and other simple carbs, your body will utilize the excess fats required for our brains and cellular mitosis. The membranes of our brain is 85% fat and it forms the outer membrane of almost every other cell in our body. If you don’t limit your carbs, you’d better limit your fat intake to no more 20% of your daily intake. One or the other. Children require 30% of fat for proper growth regardless of carb intake. They too should be eating complex carbs, lots of protein, and avoiding simple starches..

  • bean pole

    “The ideal sandwich is made with wholemeal bread, healthy salad vegetables, a little margarine, and a light dressing.” The fact they suggest margarine and a light dressing as “the ideal sandwich” is absurd. Margarine is awful for you and light dressing is more caloric than people think and usually is loaded with sugars and sodium. Wow, I would not take this article seriously for the fact they suggest margarine.

  • Edy

    Yes watch your diet BUT do everything in moderation. Do not deprive yourself of life’s simple pleasures. Relax and eat a cookie, cup cake but not every day. I don’t want to live a life with no joys. Freaking avoiding everything thats bad for you is ludicrous. Enjoy your life it could end tomorrow.

  • jnk782

    Stop reading “stop eating” articles.

  • southmpls

    cole slaw need not contain mayo at all; vinegar based cole slaw is healthy and low calories. as for fats, good fats like avocado and almonds do no harm at all. they are essential fats and contain essential trace nutrients not available widely.

  • Anna

    Go watch illuminati 2014 exposed to see big brother is trying to cut down on population by poisoning our food & when u watch this is shows one day we may be in gas chambers like the holocaust. Jesus is coming back soon so repent now cz america is turning atheist & turning backs on god & look at how history repeats itself; sodom & ghamora!

  • Jessica L. B.

    What’s the point of growing up if I can’t eat frosting out of the can?

  • Chrystle

    yeah lets just eat nothing but water. im sure that would make you loose weight too. oh wait water might be too fattening too. you just shouldn’t eat anything (sarcasm)

  • Reality Check

    Meat and dairy. WORST! Causes cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, early death! Look it up! Search Meat causes cancer and heart disease. Search studies show meat causes early death.

  • Reality Check

    There is good fat and bad. Get educated on this! Saturated fat found in meat is bad and causes cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, early death. Healthy fats polyunsaturated, monounsaturated, etc from plant sources and olive oil to cook with is good for you.

  • Llew Keller

    Some of the items on the list are silly. Cole slaw is healthy without the dressing, and there’s no reason people can’t make their own low-fat dressing without mayonnaise. There are delicious yogurt alternatives to mayo. I love the cole slaw at my favorite Mexican restaurant, and they dress it only with vinegar.
    As to pre-preckaged and processed foods, – any time you eat something like this, or eat at a restaurant for that matter, you don’t really know how much fat, salt, and sugar are in their products. I believe that eating out so often is what is making Americans so obese, not so much what they cook at home.

  • nathanLeroy

    I like my fat with extra gluten.

  • Health

    One food that is not listed in this list and far worse than any of these to your health is meat ( fish, eggs and poultry included).. Root cause of most modern diseases.

  • BeeKaaay

    There is only one way to lose weight.


    You either must cut back on food (starve yourself), eat bad tasting food, or do painful exercise. No other choice.

    Anyone who says you can lose weight without suffering is lying to you.

  • Sick of the posters

    I yi yi!
    Why do I even look? It’s like a car

  • Carol Lucier

    Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, this ‘article’ is proof of why. When it has any blatant inaccuracies or actually gives bad advice, you find the whole article suspect. The author didn’t bother checking their facts. “The average portion of coleslaw will provide you with at least 260 calories, and more than 20g of fat. Some popular brands of coleslaw are even worse.For example, KFC’s coleslaw contains close to 26g of saturated fat, making it worse than a portion of fries.”

    Every source I checked online (CalorieCount, MyFitnessPal, SparkPeople, LiveStrong, KFC’s own website, etc) lists KFC’s kcal and fat per serving as follows: Calories 170. Calories from Fat 90. Total Fat 10g. Saturated Fat 1.5g. KFC uses buttermilk in their recipe, which significantly reduces the amount of fat, since less mayo is needed. I actually use a copycat recipe, and I use reduced fat mayo and low-fat buttermilk, which halves the amount of fat per serving.

    And making your own sandwich using a little margarine and a light dressing in place of the heavy mayo? How is THAT better. Margarine is full of trans-fats, WHY would you EVER recommend margarine! Instead, use a reduced or low-fat mayo or dressing. Or use a tub spread that is trans fat free, you can find ones that are reduced in fat and ones made using olive oil.

  • miserableoldfart

    I sincerely doubt that the saturated fat in coleslaw, consumed as it is with lots of fiber/roughage is as bad as the previously superheated fat oozing out of fries. Ingested fat has been shown to be less of a problem than once thought, anyway, as most of it is passed thru the body. The huge amount of fructose that people consume is responsible for more blood fats than anything else, at least in most people.

  • Karen Hannegan

    Cole slaw dressed with oil/vinegar/honey and caraway seeds is delicious. and healthy

  • julie

    this is not true as I eat all of the foods that are listed when ever I want and I am not fat or unhealthy I exercise a lot and that is the key to being healthy

  • sonnybill

    The author believes that calories should be lowered from all sources? Even for underweight people? How about athletes who need excess calories for energy? Broad statements such as this can be misleading, even harmful.

  • Greg Griffin

    I just read an article that talked about good fats.I then saw a thumbnail which led me here where they are bashing fats. I’m glad I already know this stuff because this is a great way to confuse those not in the know. Coleslaw can be healthy if you use the right mayonnaise. I make my own at home using eggs from the backyard chickens that feed on the grass, bugs and some soy-free grain and avocado oil. At farmer’s markets people sell mayonnaise just like mine. You can also buy decent stuff in the store.

  • Cougar Hunter

    Stevia powder is a zero calorie sweetener but it comes from the stevia plant and is safe, unlike those artificial sweeteners. Why isn’t it used in foods? The artificial sweetener industry got to the FDA and had them make it illegal to use stevia in products. Because who would use something that gives you cancer when you can use something that does the exact same thing, but won’t kill you? In other words, the FDA thinks its job is to protect profits, not people. But you can buy it in its pure form.

  • jakers loverly

    what you mean is, avoid “KFC Cole Slaw.” No prob.

  • Brandy McNamee

    I have been known on occasion to dive knuckle deep into a tub of frosting.
    #noregrets 😉

  • Karen Rivers

    you should not say ALL coleslaw is bad for you. as with everything one or two ingredients that are over used that make the dish unhealthy.

  • Norene

    Balance, people, Balance!!!

  • Michael Carrato

    Margarine? Seriously, MARGARINE??? It is loaded with trans fats, one of the worst things a person can consume, and you are recommending it? How can any of your recommendations be taken seriously when you recommend a trans fat?

  • Blue Echo Witch

    If you eat natural fresh and frozen foods and stay away from foods that come in a package or go through a processing plant before they hit the shelf your body will be stronger and you won’t need allopathic medicine or dentists. My daughter is walking proof of that. She was born with ADD and the specialist taught me how to raise her on real food not chemically laced garbage food. She ate a strict diet of fresh and frozen foods only. No chemicals, dyes, preservative, or colors. Her first dentist appointment was at the age of 16. The dentist was shocked that she had strong perfect teeth and no cavities. She rarely went to the doctor. School shots, scrapes were the only reason

  • Scott H

    “Fatty mayonnaise?” That isn’t a problem, calories and carbohydrates are what make people gain weight!

  • Mr.Clan

    I am sitting here LMAO at this discussion:
    Obesity rates still haven’t caught up to the ever increasing human lifespan IE Fat people live longer (unless they are stranded on a desert island with their skinny friends) and Unless you are in the top 10% of wage earners You DO NOT pay ( U. S federal income)taxes. The top 1% pays 85% of federal taxes. You’ll

    flap them gums some more I haven’t laughed this much all week……

  • dufus

    Most of the stuff here I don’t eat, BUT I will NOT give up coleslaw, ketchup, or hotdogs. I believe once in awhile it’s fine. These foods are bad if you eat too much and that is true even for healthy foods.

  • jnik

    So I get more years as an old man if I avoid eating things I like? I’d rather have fewer years enjoying the life I have!

  • Phaedrus

    I don’t see this blanket condemnation of sweeteners. It appears that sugar is bad, ok. I keep reading that tests show that aspartame is harmless. Most of the evidence against artificial sweeteners appears to be shaky. I use stevia and stevia-sweetened sodas (when I drink soda). I have seen no evidence that stevia causes any problems at all. Technically it’s actually not an “artificial” sweetener.

  • Phaedrus

    Another blanket condemnation. There are margarine products that have no trans fats.

  • http://www.destinationiran.com Rahman Mehraby

    Most of them are human manipulated foodstuff.

  • EdWhoKnowsBest.

    Why doesn’t the author also exclude water. (I bet he would frown also upon some bottled water, seriously.) There is really nothing left to eat – nor drink. It is a good thing that I had come back to Islam where there are long periods of time when consuming anything is incongruent to true worship.

  • 26cx

    Looks like the only thing left to eat is corrugated cardboard.

  • RD

    Yes it is true that mayo and excessive cheese is not “healthy”. However, most people need more than 200-300 calories for lunch. Otherwise, you will be starving for dinner. I get what this article is trying to say, but there are definitely flaws. For accurate nutrition information, it is best to ask a dietitian who has been trained to do so.

  • Jody Land

    …and sure to choose non-GMO kernels.
    Popcorn does not cross pollinate so,it would not be GMO.

  • Helen Jackman

    Omg I should be dead and I am in good health at age 81. Had our own Guernsey cow until I left home(18 yrs old)wonderful cream, butter, whole milk. I still get my milk in bottles and boy does it have real cream I have to stir. I put real butter(margarine gag)on almost everything. I eat egg salad and potato salad with plenty of that poison mayonnaise. My kids are in their late fifties and one is 60 they should all be dead but are in super health.

  • shawncorrigan

    this is full of wrong info, first soy is bad ,but not for the reasons these liars say. salt is good ,but processed salt is bad. thats obvious. sea salt ,himalayan or other naturals are very good. the whole salt thing is a fraud. there is absolutely NO proof that salt hurts one damn thing except processing it.
    ,next soy is bad,the soy and grain industry has spent millions trying fool us into believing soybean oils and other soy products are health foods ,its semi-poison, soy must be grown to rotate with corn.both corn and soy are pumped into everything!!
    the natural fats are good , which are saturated(another fraud),except olive which is a mono so dont heat it much.use it for salad. industrial seed oils are killers,corn ,soy rape(canola)and cottonseed oils especially when pressed with hydrogen. dont eat them. the biggest lie…carbs and sugar. this is the biggest issue of the century,the food pyramid is teaching people to be addicted to sugar killing hundreds of millions slowly.(the big news …FAT PEOPLE CANT HELP IT) and of course many people are afraid of fat.many are shy of protein and especially animal(another fraud)but proteins can be overdone fat cannot. if its good fat. it has no insulin response. their is much more to the sugar story but i dont have time. good luck and good health !

  • Lila

    What should we eat then ? No milk , No bread ?

  • Holly Allison

    I think the only way to stay safe and definitely thin is to give up eating and drinking completely because they who decide what you should worry about cannot make up their minds what’s “good” or “bad”. Whatever is en vogue this year will be touted as a death sentence next year. For example, killer: eggs, butter, margarine, grains, multi-grains, wine, beer, sugar, artificial sweeteners to name a few contradictions. In the 60’s it was believed that cigarettes were a dietary staple, diet pills were safe as milk, booze did not cause disease as alcoholism was about will power, there was no such thing as air or water pollution, drinking gallons of whole milk was critical to good health and you must brush your teeth sideways and and press hard against your gums for the best benefit. And drink your fluoride. Currently , some believe that there is no such thing as global warming, animal, child or elder abuse . Honestly, no matter what or how you consume – first it was advised that we eat 3 squares, then they changed it to 6 smalls, now they believe that 3 squares are safer than 6 smalls– everything you consume is antibiotic laden, gmo created, chem trail poisoned and processed with chemicals in factories. Our air is deadly polluted, our water is oil slickened and mercury poisoned, the sky is falling and we’re dying from skin cancers. So, I say, eat what you want, drink what you want and enjoy yourself because no matter how you live and eat you’re a goner – it could be today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, next decade, or perhaps next century, but I promise you this – it’s gonna happen. Death doesn’t frighten me- regrets about not living in the moment frightens me much more. So, I’m off to open up that tuna sandwich bought at CVS, the one made on multi-grain bread w/ a slice of cheese on top, grab that small tub of Stop&Shop coleslaw, pour a tall Coke Zero, pop that pink frosted frozen cupcake into the nuker for 5 seconds and hope for the best. I don’t eat like that every day, I’m being hyperbolic. my point is this: Worrying about illness and early death ain’t gonna extend our lives one bloody second. The terrorists will get us before your cupcake will.

  • JesseJames

    Popcorn and Hotdogs…I guess I will just have to die..lol

  • Shootist

    Too many nannies in the nuthouse.

  • Mary

    so basically everything…

  • Frances Barker

    I happen to use honey to sweeten so many things and it tastes so much better than sugar does that in itself is a reason not to use sugar and To Use Honey !! It is better for you at least the Raw Honey In The Raw Isn’t Bad For Anyone I Use It Daily And I am On a Great Pound Loss Because I Have Stopped Using Sugar In Things To Sweeten Them !!!!

  • zombiespacedog

    Coleslaw is low in carbs!!! I’ve lost nearly 50 lbs just cutting carbs and not really worrying about calories and fat too much. Coleslaw has been a great side dish.