7 Drinks You Should Never Drink Again


When you are thinking about how to modify your diet in an attempt to lose weight or boost your overall health, it is easy to overlook the contribution that can be made by drinks.

However, there are some drinks that are so shockingly bad for you that it is in your best interests to avoid them at all costs.

More often than not, the problem is excessive amounts of added sugar that cause dangerous spikes in blood pressure and contribute to weight gain, but some drinks are also surprisingly fatty.

Here are 7 drinks that you should never drink again.

#1 Iced tea

Iced tea is an extremely attractive option on a hot day, and it may look like a healthier alternative to sugary sodas. In addition, iced green teas are commonly selected by dieters who have heard that drinking green tea can aid weight loss. However, the cons of drinking iced tea will dramatically outweigh the pros, so iced tea is not the smart choice that it may be appear to be.

The most popular brands of iced tea contain at least 250 calories per serving, and you will be disappointed to learn that many of them contain even more sugar than you would expect to find in most sodas.

Most iced teas will provide you with around 60g of sugar, so drinking just a few servings of iced tea each week can pose a serious obstacle to fitness and weight loss.

Instead of buying iced tea, try making your own. If you do add any sugar, make sure it is a small amount of unrefined (i.e. brown) sugar, and slowly reduce the amount until you are used to drinking it with no sugar at all. Alternatively, experiment with making water tastier and more refreshing by adding a squeeze of lemon or lime juice.

Also popular

  • Antony Clements

    Mixed drinks… yes alcohol has a high calorie count, but more importantly it dehydrates your body in an extreme way. For every glass of alcohol you should be drinking a glass of nutrient enriched water to compensate against the dehydrating effects of alcohol. Alcohol also degrades into a compound called acetaldehyde, which is derived from the first stage metabolism of ethanol. Acetaldehyde is a highly carcinogenic compound.

    • spookiewon

      And yet, wine and beer also have positive health benefits, in moderation.

      • Antony Clements

        You can get the same health benefits from drinking non-alcoholic plant based beverages, with the added bonus that it doesn’t dehydrate you or have the carcinogenic compounds that come with drinking an alcoholic beverage.
        Wine for example, is apart from the ethanol content, chemically the identical to grape juice. It’s the ethanol in the beverage not the beverage itself, remove the ethanol and you’re home free.

        • YesSeriously

          You might get the same health benefits from the non-alcoholic plant based beverages but the alcoholic ones have other desirable effects. Personally I don’t drink alcohol expecting that it is going to improve my health!

          • Antony Clements

            Desirable effects like not knowing what you got up to the night before?

          • Ruth Coffman Breedlove

            it’s been proven, a small glass of red wine helps stave off the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. I don’t drink it every night, but 2-3Xs/wk I will have a small 4-5 oz glass of red wine. it’s not going to kill me, nor cause me to be a drunk.

  • Paul W

    If you order the unsweetened iced tea in restaurants, and make sure it’s the fresh-brewed kind and not the on-tap, you’re fine.

    • Leche Con Kelly

      what’s on-tap iced tea?

  • JohgnZHills

    We sweeten with Splenda

    • MimiB

      Try using stevia… it’s made from a plant, not chemicals.

      • we r skrood

        See above

  • Carol Morgan

    The author needs to proofread prior to pubishing:

    “look out for” means to be wary of

    “look for” is the term he or she should have used.

    I’d add to be wary of “diet” anything, including hot chocolate.

    • jellytots

      You should take your own advice , ” pubishing ” is not a word .

  • PierrePinkFlamingo

    Good advice to avoid sugar…silly to avoid fat. Eat eggs, meat, fish and some green vegetables every day and be young again. Just got back from Disney World and it was depressing to see how many fat children are running around with their fat parents. Take a look at pictures with groups of people in them from before 1900 and you will be hard pressed to find one fat person…take a picture of a group of people at Disney and you will be hard pressed to find one skinny person.

    • Paul W

      Part of the issue is that back in the day, the way to socialize was to go out for a game of pickup baseball or something else active. In my day, it wasn’t uncommon for me to go bowling or to play ultimate frisbee. Nowadays, though, kids are tethered to facebook.

      • meyati

        Often they come home to an empty house, and need to stay in for safety reasons-like not being kidnapped or molested, bit by a dog or run over-not being bullied-or being exposed to drugs and alcohol-things like that- Most kids are pretty good- help clean house-watch the younger kids. I had 16 year old male students that cooked for their moms, and were true “man of the house’. But they get fat. I was cooking when I was 10.

        • Antony Clements

          Also of note that a child is in more danger from people they know than from strangers, so the kidnapping and being molested point you make is almost entirely moot. Drugs and alcohol though, are a result of being bored because no one provides anything for growing teenagers to do other than sit at home drinking alcohol or take ilicit drugs.

    • Antony Clements

      Bad advice to avoid sugar, if you remove sugar from your diet you are damaging your body. Period. Do some research on Adenosine triphosphate or ATP for short, it is the molecule that provides energy to your cells, and is derived from sugar. Some sugars are easier to break down into ATP than others, but the end result of all natural sugars is the breakdown into ATP. That is why when you have a glucose heavy food stuff you get an energy boost. It’s not a bad thing, it’s when you eat sugars and then don’t burn it off it gets converted into lipids, or as the common man would say, fat. Though not all fats are bad either. Some fats are required by the body to function correctly, though to much is bad for you. It comes back to having a balanced diet that is tailored around your activity level.

      • barnfly

        Processed sugar is the culprit. You can avoid that and get sugar from fruits and veggies. A roasted sweet potato carmelizes nicely in the oven because of its sugar content(so do onions) mmm. . .

        • Antony Clements

          You take raw sugar cane and turn it into sugar granules. that’s processed, and it’s still used by the body in either form with no ill effects. Same with roasting a sweet potato, it’s still a process that changes the sugar content from one form of sugar to another, so your statement of processed sugar is a bit misleading. Natural sugar, in any form, gets broken down into ATP, some forms of sugar take longer to break down than others, but it’s still broken down eventually. A sprinter wants lots of short chain saccharides for a rapid energy burst, such as glucose. A marathon runner wants lots of long chain saccharides to provide energy over a long period of time. One form of long chain saccharide is a carbohydrate. If you are a lazy bum that sits around doing nothing, you don’t want a diet that has a lot of long chain saccharides otherwise it gets converted to lipids and you end up morbidly obese. Again it comes down to having a diet tailored to your activity level.

    • Bleddyn

      Blah, let them go on and do what they want. It makes it easier to get through life when you all you have in your way is sweat hogs and high school grads.

      • HughdePayens

        Point taken…heh.

  • ray_worth

    Give yourself time to get accustomed to plain ice tea and you will never go back to sweet tea.

    • Ruth Coffman Breedlove

      not true. I have a friend that has tried & tried & tried for YEARS to give up sweetened tea, & she just can NOT drink it. Now, me, on the other hand, LOVES unsweetened tea now, can’t drink it if it’s sweetened, makes me gag.

    • Bleddyn

      The thing I love about Tea is it is so flexible in its constitution, I can make it weak or strong, sweet or just lightly sweet and it is still good. I have never bothered to cut down on the sweetness because I use Splenda…but now I am reading that Splenda does have some calories after all, just lower than the amount legally required to call it “No Calorie” So I guess I should start working my way down to plain ol Tea.

      • kevinh1

        Read up on Splenda, you’l throw what you have away and never buy any product containing it again.

        • Bleddyn

          I lowered my A1C from an 8.9 to a current level of 6.2 and it keeps getting lower, I expect this year to start reducing the amount of medicine I take and maybe even control my blood sugar without the need for medication at all. So while I am sure there are some negatives associated with Splenda, at this point the good outweigh the bad for me. Perhaps when I get my A1C to a normal level, without meds then I can start lowering the amount of splenda I put into my tea. So I will not read up on Splenda because at this point I really have to place the affects that diabetes has on my body vs some of the side affects of Splenda…I suspect that maintaining my blood sugar will win decision making process. And just FYI the first hit I received on a google search was a Snopes article countering much of the fallacies associated with Splenda. But thank you for making me aware that Splenda is not the save all I had hoped it would be but rather a means to control my blood sugar levels.

        • Antony Clements

          Sucralose is the culprit in splenda, it is a chemically altered sucrose, which is a type of sugar.

  • jk2001

    Brown sugar is refined sugar with molasses added.

  • ooooo

    Cheeseburger milkshakes are a good way to lose weight

  • seriously

    Are people really buying that someone somewhere said a milkshake was healthy? And instead of saying “iced tea” is the bad choice, maybe say “Sweet tea.” You know, if you’re interested in truth at all.

    • YesSeriously

      Where I’m from most people refer to “Sweat Tea” as “Iced Tea”. Anyway, nothing in this article comes as a surprise. People need to stop depending on marketers’ labels of “diet” and “healthy” and instead learn how to understand the nutrition labels instead.

      • Lady Cyn Aptic

        Totally agree with ignoring labels of “healthy” and etc… personally when I want iced tea I brew some tea, put it in the fridge in a pitcher, and sweeten it with a few drops of organic liquid stevia and a squeeze of lemon. Stevia is the only natural (it’s a plant) calorie free sweetener.

      • plain Jane

        I usually just have water at a restaurant. Make my tea to suit myself at home

        • Bleddyn

          That is probably because what they try to pass as Iced Tea can be some pretty horrid stuff to drink. Once you start making your own tea at home it is hard to drink tea from other sources. I have learned that boiling the tea bags makes the batch last much longer in the fridge. Sun Tea just seems to go bad faster.

    • Bleddyn

      Bingo, you nailed it. Straight to the point. Vote up from me.

    • garyhope

      I find it hilarious that people drink a “milkshake” with meals since a milkshake is nothing but ice cream and milk. I guess the “Steak ‘n Shake” restaurant chain wouldn’t do so well if they were called “Ice Cream ‘n Meat”. Would you like some fries with your ice cream and meat?

    • Michele Beckett

      Once in a while you can have a treat but to drink sugar all day long was something many grow up with. Now we have facts, parents are still letting the crap in their homes.
      Make your own teas, shakes, etc….
      Tea,,,,learn to drink them straight and enjoy the actual tea leaf… Faddist talk about good coffee what do they put in coffee flavor, sugar etc…they know coffee? Same with Tea…enjoy tea as tea, perhaps a slice of fresh fruit but nothing more. Logic

      • Bleddyn

        I am slowly reducing the amount of Splenda I put into my tea, trying to get down to the point where I can actually enjoy the tea without any sweetners. Not there yet but at least we got rid of the Soda in the house. We now treat ourselves occasionally to a soda when we go out but at home we tow the healthy line. Or at least stay aware of what we are putting into our bodies.

    • Mrhycannon

      Milk, eggs are good for you..
      If you have a tooth pulled a milkshake with a straw is great to stop the bleeding..

      • bilzfanbob

        Never use a straw after an extraction ….the sucking action will dislodge the clotting going on at the extraction site and cause dry socket….

        • Bleddyn

          Yep, unfortunately you are right. The logic might be sound enough but the risk to getting a dry socket are too great to risk. And if you have ever had a dry socket you know how much they hurt for a very long time.

      • barnfly

        -except the dentist should have told you that sucking on a straw after having a tooth pulled can give you a dry socket. And you thought the bad tooth was painful!

        • Mrhycannon

          “A” milkshake.. The icy drink helps blood coagulate.. If there’s not a lot of bleeding the cold, thick drink still helps pain and makes a kid feel better.. I have used this method for myself and many others with good results.. It was suggested by a dentist.. Bleeding is much more of a problem than dry sockets.. I have heard that dry sockets are quite painful but have no first-hand experience with it..

        • Mrhycannon

          It Could but it is a very rare occurrence.. I don’t know anyone who has had a dry socket.. I do know several people who have had milkshakes after tooth extraction..

  • jack black

    no mention of soda though

  • Ruth Coffman Breedlove

    I have smoothies all the time for breakfast. My liquid base is 1/2 c. unsweetened green tea, then 3/4 cup of fruit (I usually do a mixed berry medly), 1/2 of a banana, 1/2 T. ground flax seed, 3/4 c. REAL Greek yogurt, & about 8 drops of raspberry/chocolate flavored stevia (all natural sweetener I get @ Whole Foods, 0 cals, 0 sugars). Total cals, 250 cals! So it could be used for a mid-afternoon snack, too.

  • LightishRedArmor

    I find it funny that my alcoholic friends will grill me about drinking to much energy drinks and how they’re bad for my health

  • fourscoreandseven

    You are referring to “raw” sugar which is a light brown color, (sort of a golden beige) and is lovely in hot tea. It is not refined.

    I learned to use raw sugar for hot tea when I was in England; the packets came with our tea; now I buy it here; in the bulk aisle.

  • fourscoreandseven

    My farmer relatives lived to be very old, and they ate real food, in moderate portions. Meat, milk, potatoes, bread, vegetables, ice cream, cake, pies, cookies, bacon, sausage, eggs, and pancakes. Summer added watermelon and root beer floats.
    They wouldn’t have touched that weird stuff from the health food stores (looks and smells too much like what they fed the cows). A milk shake is milk and ice cream. Common sense is the answer; not “stevia” or “sylvia” or “samantha.”

    They worked hard and they ate “sensible servings,” their lives did not revolve around recipes, or fast food, and then ways to diet. Dieting was unheard of; since anyone who “dieted” had specific health problems. Now, people “pretend” they are allergic to gluten; dumbest thing in the world.

    We had small bowls of pudding or ice cream for dessert; kids today would want three. We only ate at meal times, except for a snack after school, and we always had to eat breakfast. Food was not a reward or a punishment; it was nourishment and mother and grandmother and our aunts made it as good as they could; they wanted us to eat, for our health’s sake. It was not an obsession.

    • Anna

      Everything you say makes sense except the part about people pretending to be allergic to gluten. Many people have drastically improved their health by cutting out gluten. A lot of people genetically can’t digest gluten very well. Good for you and your family if you could. This is not a fad so much as a great health discovery. Plus wheat today isn’t what it used to be, nor is milk. What’s making people sick today is all the hybrid foods such as wheat, which contains a ton more gluten than the bread you grew up with. And if you had raw milk straight form the cow, of course you could enjoy milk and ice cream. Eat pure and natural, which means no pasteurized homogenized milk, no hybridized wheat, and no animals injected with hormones and antibiotics. That’s what you probably had growing up – all fresh and natural foods (except for the root beer). Most people today don’t eat like that, and have to research and get educated to figure out how to make their diets more natural. But with all the processed food being pushed at us, full of MSG and other additives that are proven to make people obese and addicted, it’s no wonder people are sick and fat.

    • garyhope

      Are we related? LOL. Sounds like my family and upbringing. Probably half the stuff we ate was cooked in bacon grease too.

      Everybody I knew growing up was skinny (except for one friend and I don’t know what his problem was, both his parents and brother were skinny.)

    • barnfly

      Didn’t you ever get sent to bed without supper when you were bad?There can be a carrot and stick component. How about Pink Floyd-“you can’t have any pudding until you eat your meat”? Jes’ sayin”

  • fourscoreandseven

    There is an old joke in two parts:

    First question: What does a thin person eat when they want a piece of cake?

    Answer: A piece of cake.

    Second question: What does a fat person eat when they want a piece of cake?

    Answer: A pound of raw carrots and a piece of cake.

    • toadstool

      Right, my 27 yr old niece is what they now call a “large” person. In other words she’s FAT. She buys bags of chips & Doritos, Hostess things, candy, etc. every day and to wash it all down a Coke Zero cal. because she’s “trying to lose weight” It’s pathetic, plus she smokes, gets no exercise and watches tv all day. Oh by the way, she’s a full-time college student.
      When I remind her how unhealthy her lifestyle is she sighs and says “I know, I’m trying.” She’s not.

    • toadstool

      I think these days the answer to the second question would more likely be “A cake.”

  • Paul W

    Wow, they neglected to mention that conventional brewed Iced tea (whether from a restaurant or the store) doesn’t have any calories. Only if you buy it bottled, canned, or flavored does it have any.

    • Antony Clements

      Every food stuff has calories.

  • Flora

    it’s also bad for your health to obsess about everything you can or can not eat/drink. I’d rather live ten years shorter but had a lot of fun and lived careless than die at 120 without ever letting go.

    • we r skrood

      You are obviously in your 20`s or 30`s. A truly healthy lifestyle is ‘ a lot of fun ‘ , in itself . Frankly the greatest benefit to living an informed lifestyle is comparing oneself to those who don`t ‘ obsess ‘ over what they consume .

  • davidawg

    Not all energy drinks are bad. Why do these authors group things together. I drink XS Energy every day. 0 calories and 0 carbs.

    • Antony Clements

      0 added calories and 0 added carbs, they’re still there, plus the other ingredients. Energy drinks tend to have more caffeine than 10 cups of straight black coffee, and that is extremely bad.

  • Stella Jester

    Its called moderation! jeezy creezy seriously…

  • miserableoldfart

    DMHO caused oxygen deprivation has killed many people throughout history, including everything on the entire planet not on the ark. Your warnings are well worth remembering.

    • Zeit

      The worst part about DHMO is that its highly addictive. You’ll die in little over 3 days without any. The worst part is that its so prevalent, you can’t avoid it in the first place! Its been added to everything we eat and drink D:

  • Living Life

    lots of people. salt enhances the flavor of chocolate (like it does with most things). Almost all chocolate you get in restaurants has a touch of salt added.

  • Hope Childress Neudert

    It really takes VERY little Stevia to sweeten anything. Over using it will make things taste SUPER bitter. A couple drops a day should be fine for most people.

  • Otis Guelpe

    Eat whatever you want. You’re going to die anyway.

    • Emma Brown

      It’s the “living in misery” that most people who are watching what they eat are afraid of…not necessarily “dying”

  • AdmiralAkbar

    The stuff about flavoured water is bull, I’ve not seen any that haven’t been less than 10 calories per 2L bottle, and <1% sugar.

  • al

    yes we learn to emulate eating from parents, we trust parents.

  • elsieb66

    Fat is not your enemy. Sugar and processed foods are. And as for iced tea?! Drink WATER!

    • we r skrood

      Even better , go for the alkaline water , which will help balance out the highly acidic lifestyle choices , which we make .

      • Dude345

        The alkaline water scam is a joke.

      • karlschneider

        Or you could just stir in a little Drano…

    • WesleyJKeller

      Or unsweetened Iced Tea… Skip the sugar all around

  • don’tgiveashit

    This is bad for you,that is bad for you.I think I’ll eat what the hell I like.

  • gizmo118

    Eating will kill you.

    • maternatura

      Life will kill you.

  • fred

    seem bit pointless . just dont eat larage amount of one type of food. fullstops.

  • we r skrood

    I took stevia for tears and at one point found that I was dizzy upon rising in the morning with a headache . No doctor was able to uncover a problem ; one morning it hit me ; I stopped the stevia and a day later it all subsided. I gave up sugar 25 years ago and now it`s the same for stevia . One other substitution that I feel may cut down on inflammation . Ginger instead of pepper.

  • James Ramsey

    Not exactly earth shattering news……

  • maternatura

    When making hot chocolate in an 8 oz. mug I use two packages of sugar-free hot chocolate mix + one generous heaping teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa + one pinch of cayenne + one pinch of kosher salt. Then thoroughly mix dry ingredients. Add half of hot water and mix completely so that all ingredients are completely wet. Add rest of water to top of mug and stir. Yummy hot cocoa with a little kick!

  • aztecace

    If you use fat free milk for your shakes, expect to be drinking more, since you won’t fill up as fast so you will end up consuming more calories in the end than if you used whole milk, the fat in whole milk will fill you up faster, plus the cholesterol in it passes more easily from the body than most other fats.

  • Carrie Kapow Shelton

    but the stevia in stores is NOT raw stevia, no matter what the bag says. i grow stevia and put powdered stevia leaf in my tea and it is GREEN.

    • Michael Piston

      Stevia tastes ever sweeter than sugar. I put it one time in some coffee and was absolutely disgusted. Never again

  • Linda30

    My aunt got several large bottles of alcohol form friends of hers at her 100th birthday party, and confided that she had a drink every evening before dinner. At 100, she was still doing crossword puzzles, and was quite sharp. She passed away a couple pf months prior to her 102nd birthday.

  • dan

    So many experts, yet so many fat people.

  • Kevin

    Perfect. Use unrefined sugar in your tea. You will lose upwards of 1lb of fat per serving through the amount stirring you will have to do in attempting to dissolve the sugar in a cold liquid.

  • RedHead0186

    There’s a difference between a gluten allergy and a gluten intolerance/sensitivity. Not many (many being a relative term here) people have a gluten allergy, but gluten intolerance/sensitivity is much more common

  • Liz

    I always think it is funny that in America you have to ask for things to be unsweetened or unsalted, when in fact it should be the other way around. It sounds like they have to make an effort to extract the sweet from the drink. Tea has no sugar in it until you put it in there. So, it should be just “tea”, instead of having to specifically ask to not put sugar or sweetener in it. If you do want something in it, it becomes sweetened tea. Same with butter and saltened butter, instead of unsaltened butter.

    • karlschneider

      Remember the old joke about tea?…an Englishman was talking about our American ways, he said “You Americans are daft, you boil water to make tea then you put ice in it…you put sugar in it to make it sweet and lemon to make it sour…and if someone belches he says “pardon me” but if he farts everyone laughs!”

    • WhatUSaid?

      I think it is funny that in America we outlive you all and you’d give anything in the world to be here. Ha!

      • jellytots

        Except we don’t outlive “you all “

        • WhatUSaid?

          Except…that ‘we do’ indeed have the longest life span on the planet. Jellytots…

          • Antony Clements

            You’re terribly misinformed if you think the US has the longest average lifespan of any country. That honour in fact goes to China.

          • Antony Clements

            Actually you are mistaken, the US does not have the longest average lifespan of any nation, it is in fact one of the lowest. China has the distinction of having the highest average lifespan of it’s population. Nice lack of research there.

  • malkia

    Why would one put sugar in tea, coffee or yogurt is beyond me!

  • acgacg

    Brown sugar is not unrefined. It is refined sugar with molasses added.

  • Pam

    I just wanted to add regarding old photos of thin people in the 1900’s, is because they were starving the majority of the time! There were no supermarkets and you grew your meals. If the weather and/or infestations affected your crop, you
    had little to no food to eat. Also, families were big back then with 4 to 15 children. When they lived off the land, they starved and you were elderly by the time you were
    in your 30’s or 40’s, and most people did not live beyond their 40’s. So comparing
    people from the 1900’s and prior to todays standards are like comparing apples to
    oranges. Even when I grew up in the 1950’s, we were so poor I ate about every
    3 days, Myself and my 3 sisters were very thin in pictures too. We weren’t thin
    because we ate “right”. We were thin because we never had food.

    • Antony Clements

      Except that as time goes on, if you exclude longevity enhancement techniques such as medications etc, the average life expectancy has gone down because the population is larger, it’s far easier for people to get sick in the modern world than it was 100 or more years ago.

  • Chris

    I stopped at Cracker Barrel once and the waitress asked “Would you like regular iced tea or unsweet?” My mom asked “Isn’t unsweet regular? Do you have to remove sugar from tea to make unsweet?”

  • pbrower2a

    You must be a d@mnyankee. In the South, iced tea tastes much like a soda.

    • Bixby

      Which also turns them & their children/grandchildren into fat, obese ugly Americans…who also can’t abide anything resembling facts…except those 20% of you that know.

      • Bleddyn

        You know I hate blind insults but I suspect you might be right, even if you don’t actually know you are. Both of my kids have lost a dramatic amount of weight ever since I removed Soda Pop from the Fridge. Of course locking them in a closet and not feeding them might have also helped with the weight loss. (Hopefully you have a sense of humor)…wink wink.

    • jamezb

      Not in the South I live in… it is a mistake to lump everyone in a geographic area spanning thousands of miles together in an assumption.

    • Sue Walker Van Dee

      I’m a damm proud yankee thank you very much

      • reenietta

        Well, you cain’t help it, Hon. . . (just kidding)

    • Bleddyn

      Wow, I have been alive for 53 years and I can’t say that I have ever tasted tea that resembled soda pop in flavor. Unless by chance you happen to come across carbonated iced tea….if there is such a thing.

  • karlschneider

    None of the good ones either. 😉

  • Emma Brown

    An “over-consumption” of ANYTHING can kill you…

  • jamezb

    #1 should read “Pre-made or Bottled SWEET tea”..
    Unsweetened.iced tea, which is normally referred to simply as “iced tea”
    does not automatically contain, “at least 250 calories”,

  • jamezb

    I live in the South, and have always drank tea unsweetened. When iced tea is served at local restaurants, sugar is generally provided on the side for those who wish to add it. This prevents the restaurants from having to make two separate batches.

    • Leche Con Kelly

      Actually most restaurants serve sweet and unsweet. The reason they don’t give sugar on the side is solid sugar doesn’t dissolve into cold liquids. The sugar has to be added prior to the ice being added.

      • Bleddyn

        True about sugar not dissolving very well in cold liquid, but most of the time even cold I usually get enough sweetness to take the edge off. Plus I get the sugar rush when I put my straw down to the bottom. Zoom Zoom. Well I used to put sugar now it is splenda but same effect. So your user name translated is Milk and Kelly?

    • Terminator

      You may live in the South but you are either a yankee or you are young and live in tourist area.

      • Demetria

        Yeah,lived on the south and that tea was misery amongst so much of the south. SO glad the day I left.

  • Lynn G

    Diet iced tea is tea with an artificial sweetener added to it.

  • Bleddyn

    Home Brewed Lipton Iced Tea with Splenda added for sweetness and I always keep a supply of lemon wedges handy in the Fridge. I brought my AIC down from 7.8 to 6.3 simply by replacing my Sodas with Splenda Iced Tea with Lemon. I have also dropped a few pounds as well. But of course Splenda can’t do all the work. I still have to watch my other eating habits as well….still working on that.

    P.S. For those folks that are a stickler for accuracy, I called it Iced Tea because I actually add Ice when I pour it into a class and I sweeten it with Splenda so I guess I am drinking Sweetened Iced Tea.

  • Bleddyn

    I must be missing something because it was my understanding that it does not become Iced Tea until you add Ice and it does not become sweet tea until you sweeten it. Otherwise it is just Tea. I don’t see why folks had to turn this into a locality war. My kid laughed at me the other day and said I was really showing my age when I said “Soda Pop” I am sure that depending on where you live and how many fathers you have (Our 4 fathers…LOL) it can be called Soda, Soda Pop, Coke or soft drink….phhhht get over it folks.

    • Charlie Sommers

      All my military friends who hailed from “Bawstin” always called it “tonic.”

      • Bleddyn

        I do remember stuff called tonic water which I think is simply bitter carbonated water….I guess if you add sugar and other flavoring it does effectively become soda….Man the years do go by.

        • Stephen Maro

          FYI, Tonic water often (and originally) contains quinine!

          • garyhope

            And is meant to be mixed with either gin or vodka. It’s much healthier and good for you that way.

    • Stephen Maro

      lol, you forgot, it can also just be called “pop” like in Ohio.

  • Bleddyn

    I suspect that if everyone in the world thought like you, we would be a better, healthier society. I will simply say that those were the days. But I also admit that self discipline aside, I do like what society has to offer but without the healthy discipline we are in trouble.

  • Bleddyn

    I will answer that for you. We drink tea because we can’t drink Soda and while many of us have tried just drinking water, plain water (at least for me) has a stripping effect on the mouth leaving it dryer than before you drank the water in the first place. Now I am not talking about the occasional bottle of water, I am talking about total switch to just water. I found that adding something to water even if it is just a small amount leaves just enough of a residue in your mouth to keep the saliva in a residual state.

    There is no way that statement is going to fly on here. (my statement..I mean)

    • Antony Clements

      if your saliva is in a residue state you’re likely dehydrated.

  • DLM

    Some people, like myself, have Celiacs disease, a genetic autoimmune disorder that causes our immune system to attack our other organs in response to a specific gluten protein. It’s not an allergy or a sensitivity. It’s a very severe disorder that cannot be faked and is diagnosed through blood testing and biopsies. It is also extremely rare.

    I’ve met plenty of people who have claimed to have a “gluten-intolerance” or allergy and then watched them toss a cracker in their mouths. The only thing good about the bandwagon gluten-intolerant is that their complaining means I now actually have some better food options. Even still, it’s irritating.

  • Kely

    Iced tea is fine for you. Sweet tea is the problem, and everyone should know that considering the fact that the main ingredient is sugar

  • ihatesushi

    I changed my drinks to water, milk, plain juices, less coffee with NO sugar just a little milk and tea with NO sugar and it really helped! Sometimes we have lemonade with just a LITTLE sugar and I can make a hot chocolate from scratch with less or no sugar. Feels better. Now if I can just stay away from chocolate and butter! For exercise, I LOVE taebo, pilates and just getting outside!

  • ihatesushi

    It’s absolutely true that sweet coffee and tea are acquired tastes. In fact coffee and tea are acquired tastes, as is beer. when I had a beer, it was disgusting, so was wine. I didn’t become an alcoholic until I discovered drinks that tasted good. so to get off them I had to go back to normal juice and milk. Lost 40 lbs just getting away from alcohol otherwise I would be an elephant now. Still have weight trouble, but now it’s more like 15 lbs overweight and it’s due to not exercising enough and liking chocolate and fat foods too much! Still working on that. I was also sick for a week with some weird cold virus that didn’t make me feel good eating my normal regular diet. I wanted lots of hot salty chips and spicey foods. Also being sick kept me from exercising. Didn’t want to do push ups or sit ups or normal housework or shoveling snow when I was sick and that caused quick 4 lbs and I also couldn’t sleep, which is always BAD for losing weight. My whole family got this cold and one of them somehow got food poisoning, so I was totally stressed out and couldn’t sleep and had to keep a constant eye on my youngest plus the really sick person. In fact, I wasn’t sick until this happened. Now that things are a little better, need to get back on track. I am annoyed my youngest doesn’t want to go outside because the snow NEEDS shoveling I suppose he’s sick now too.

  • ihatesushi

    What I meant to ask in my post was: when you are sick and want salt and hot spicey foot what are low carb, low fat alternatives but still satisfy salt and hot spicey craving you get when you have a bad cold?? Don’t mention alcohol though. I still have a damaged liver and physiology and have to stay away from all beer and wine and such. That means I don’t even take things like Nyquil and my doctor really wants me to stay away from most drugs, even non alcohol containing Nyquil, but for some reason when I am sick–I want hot and spicy and salty! and when I am tired I want caffeine and even chocolate! Alternatives! I tried even having a straight pepper but that made me sick. Hot jalepeno chips and chips and salsa made me feel better, as does hot sour soup but I am trying to avoid junking up on foods while I am sick because I have had this for more than a week. It is a viral cold, so I don’t think antibiotics is the answer. I just don’t want to stupidly give myself more lbs from eating salty spicey fattening foods or chips again or quit exercising while sick so I am looking for what to do next time and to avoid more lbs while still being sick?

    • Jon Dixon


      try kimchi or radish kimchi

  • Kepha Hor

    What if you asked for unsweetened ice tea?

  • Cliven

    Scurvy is apparently oft misdiagnosed as a gluten allergy.

    A gluten allergy is flavor of the month for fashionable diseases.

    • Monsanto Causescancer

      Look at the foods that gluten is often found in & taking those foods out of anyone’s diet will help them be healthier. Maybe you can be healthy eating bread, pasta, soy sauce, etc. but those foods are better left out of our diets or used rarely.

      • ralph

        Actually, gluten is found in many very healthy foods, like whole wheat and barley. Avoiding gluten just because you think it is healthy is a bad thing. If you are truely gluten intolerant, then you have to avoid it. The rest of us should not.avoid glutenous foods.

  • Fritzi

    Müsli unhealthy? Because it is too “Americanized”. Make the original Birchermüsli yourself and you know what goes into it!

  • Brandy Bisson

    number 6 is nothing. Check out the Heartattack Grill’s butterfat shake. that puppy has 1600-3000 calories alone from the ice cream, not to mention the sugar and whatever else is in it

  • Mrhycannon

    The problem with iced tea being too sweet is with who makes it.. I never buy tea ready-made.. Always make green tea and drink it with little or no sugar.. Weaker tea is more refreshing than stronger tea.. Stronger, more roust tea is better hot..

  • Mrhycannon

    I suspect people will choose diet tea over unsweetened because they don’t stop to think about it.. Some may even think diet has fewer calories than unsweetened..

    • Bleddyn

      And they would be wrong. Even sweeteners like Splenda actually has calories…just below the limit needed to call it “no calorie”

  • Mrhycannon

    Fat poor people are mostly the result of poor eating habits.. Most people don’t know how to really cook any more..

    • garyhope

      I think much of fatness and overweight is an emotional disorder. I think people overeat and eat the wrong foods because they are depressed, anxious, bored, stressed out, lonely and afraid etc. Food is a drug. I think processed food is cleverly designed to make you crave certain foods and to keep eating or unable to stop eating.

      Food is a business in this country and not just for food or nourishment. It’s a huge money making business. It’s amazing how much food and restaurants or fast food outlets there are in this country. Food is EVERYWHERE in this country. Every 50 feet. Probably the majority of “food” in most supermarkets is some type of processed food. Produce, fruits and vegetables are probably still among the lower cost foods in most supermarkets (but still too expensive in my opinion).

      • Mrhycannon

        Also, fattening foods are often cheaper..

        • South_Texas_MF

          no they aren’t moron. Potatoes, beans, brocolli, tomatoes, carrots, cellery, lettuce, onions, rice, ect are all super cheap. Anyone who says eating healthy is expensive is clueless.

      • Mrhycannon

        Absolutely right.. Notice the fast-food joints sell cheaper and higher calorie meals than others..

  • Minna

    Yup. Last road trip was through Canadian Rockies. Drank hot tea at breakfast-no problem. Ordered iced tea for dinner and the waitress brings fountain Iced Tea [awful stuff] I didn’t want to get into the whole bag +hot water+ice thing.
    Loved the maple tea-brought home boxes and boxes of bags.Had it the first time at the Plain of 6 Glaciers tea house.
    What’s with the Clamato juice everywhere? Minna

  • Raxs

    I’m very aware that Energy drinks a very, very unhealthy. But as an adolescent, myself, I really enjoy them and always feel tantalised by they flavour. People say that the calories and sugar ruin your body. But what are the sugar free/lo carb ones to compare? I hear they are even worse. What is the truth about it all?

  • Roger Dowd

    I am so happy cannolis and cheesecake aren’t on the list!

  • Theresa Bates

    Who doesn’t know that if you brew the tea yourself and drink it with maybe a sprig of mint or a spritz of lemon or lime — sans sweetener or maybe with a no calorie sweetener, it does not have 160 calories, or even 16 calories? I brew my tea, be it hot or cold, and if it’s iced, I add lemon or, If I have some, a nice cool sprig of mint. Period. No sweetener. No calories.

  • Theresa Bates

    I dunno, I’m a Southerner and I drink my iced tea “unsweet.” I drink my hot tea that way, too, even though it’s supposed to be a sin to drink hot tea in the South. Ummm, can anyone say “stereotype?”

  • Theresa Bates

    Bottled or canned diet iced tea has artificial sweetener in it. If it has no sweetener at all, it’s labeled “unsweetened” tea.

  • Monsanto Causescancer

    Modern science hasn’t ruined it, political corruption has allowed our food, water, & air supplies to be polluted. There are such things as “modern scientist” who actually care about the health of our planet & haven’t been bought & paid for by billion dollar chemical companies. The problem is their voices are crushed by the greed of others more powerful.

  • Monsanto Causescancer

    Real food is expensive is this country. Processed garbage (many of which contains gluten) food is cheap, sits on shelves forever, & makes companies billions of dollars. That is the main reason that our country is the fattest on earth & our health costs are through the roof. Many blame a certain political party & the joke is on all of you, because both parties are corrupt & they laugh at us bickering between ourselves. Take campaign contributions & parties out of the equation & then political reform can begin, until then we are ALL the but of political jokes.

  • RK

    DHMO, otherwise known as dihydrogen monoxide, is water. H2O. Get it now?

  • Randy DeVinney

    Man that makes me really want a hot chocolate with marshmallows

  • Autumn Glock

    The only thing any animal on the planet needs to drink is water, why should humans be any different? If it isn’t water it probably isn’t what you would be naturally drinking

  • Bruce Darling

    How about using stevia to sweeten tea?

  • Joseph Chiaravalloti

    I inadvertantly made a brown cow out of fat free ice cream once. Never again. Nasty doesn’t even begin to describe it.

  • James

    Want to save Money? Do not buy store tea. Make your own and use honey (while the tea is warm) to sweeten the tea. I know, honey is bad for you. Yes, honey has calories, in fact 82% sugar and half of that is fructose. However, honey has trace amounts of minerals and vitamins and antioxidants. Honey as a food is far superior to artificial sweetners or white sugars that is nothing but calories. Try tea without sweetners.

  • James

    Like chocolate! Buy a box of Hershey’s Cocoa, box of dry non-fat milk, use a touch of salt (an amount that would make a pinch look like a table spoonfull), sweeten with honey, use a little vanilla. Cocoa has no calories just good antioxidants, non-fat dry milk has 80 calories with some good stuff, vanilla has no bad stuff or calories and water has “?” that depends on you. Honey has 60 calories per tablespoon. If you like it frothy, use a stick blender.

  • soscout1

    your misleading everyone about ice tea – if you mean sweet tea or sweetened tea — that is a whole different ballgame from just ice tea !!!!!!

  • soscout1

    i grew up down here in the south and I have never liked sweet tea ( guess my family are freaks LOL )

    • Bleddyn

      I have to admit I am thinking about stair stepping myself off the use of sweetener in tea. Even the so called “no calorie” sweeteners actually have calories because of the bulking agents they use. I hate that all you have to do to legally call something no calorie is to make sure the calorie amount is less than 5 calories. per whatever unit of measure they use. Anyway your family are not freaks, they are probably healthy which of course in our distorted society makes them freaks…go figure.

  • Fogle

    So allow me to sum this up, anything that comes premade canned, bottled, fountain drinks, or from an expensive coffee shop or mcdonalds, is bad for you. Because no body couldnt figure that out. Make your own iced tea at home its cheaper and you can sweeten to taste. Same with smoothies do it at home. Actually make all of these at home you will save money and make it to taste and cut out the preservatives.

  • Seijinvet

    b.s Author is sugar and calorie phobic. Change your thoughts, habits, rather than trying to micromanage if you should enjoy some iced tea. Work on the principles, the foundations, the rest will fall in place.

  • Karen Meyer

    Telling someone to “never” do this, that, or the other is a sure-fire way to make them want to do it more. Moderation is the key in everything.

  • Chad

    Or you can enjoy ice tea, just don’t have desert with dinner. Cut back on some things so you can enjoy other things.

  • mb

    So what you are saying then is avoid drinks with lots of sugar and high fat content because they are not healthy. Thanks for the amazing insight! Perhaps if people learned to read the labels instead of just looking at the shiny pictures they could figure this out for themselves, despite the indoctrinations against thinking for one’s self that still seem to be so popular in this day and age.

  • kevinh1

    Instant tea is not tea anymore than instant coffee is coffee, this isn’t Europe.

    • garyhope

      “any more”

    • Bleddyn

      I find instant tea to be the most horrible version of tea I have ever drank. Taste nothing like tea. I have been drinking tea exclusively for about a year now and I have my tea shipped from the U.K. to here in California because I figured the Brits were pretty much experts on tea. But at the end of the day, I do love my Lipton Tea…it has a very specific black tea flavor that I love. I just love to try the teas of the world. You can keep the green tea…has a horrible after smell and taste.

  • kevinh1

    Gluten is gluten, regardless of when the grain was grown, chemically identical. There is zero reputable evidence that GMO foods have ever harmed anyone, stop patronizing the Mother Earth News website. Less than 1/10 of 1% of the US population has Celliac Disease, and gluten allergies have been grossly overstated.

    • Phil

      Gluten is NOT gluten. The gluten in teff, a grain commonly used in Ethiopian cuisine does not contain the a-gliadin-fraction that causes a reaction in those with celiac disease.

    • garyhope

      Thank you.

    • Monsanto Causescancer

      Obviously you have not paid any attention to the health of this country over the past 50 years if you actually believe that, or you work for one of the thousands of companies that have trashed our food supply all in the name of the ” almighty dollar”

  • kevinh1

    All grains are “hybridized”, it’s called selective breeding. The corn our Paleolithic ancestors first cultivated looks nothing like the sleek grain we eat today.

    • Barbara Bowman

      That’s right. But the result of the selective breeding has resulted in empty carbs and starches. The ancient grains that are eaten in other parts of the world and are making a comeback here have nutritional value and do not make people sick. we have been taught that unnatural food is natural and if your body doesn’t like it you have a disease. All these food “allergies” are the body crying for balanced, varied and authentic nourishment.

  • kevinh1

    You’re referring to turbinado sugar, which is basically a lighter form of brown sugar. Sugar in the Raw is the most common brand name, and it’s no healthier than white sugar.

  • Mark S

    I have been drinking iced tea my entire life. When I was about 12, we got invited to dinner by a friend of my Mom’s. There was a pitcher of tea on the table. Itook a sip, and had to quietly ask my Mom what the brown stuff was. It was sweetened tea. Couldn’t even finish that one glass. I drink iced tea practically every day. Never put sugar in it. It ruins the flavor, and it’s thirst quenching ability.

    • barnfly

      Exactly! I thought I was the only one who thought sweetened tea did not quench thirst as well. Now add some fresh lemon, and THAT’s refreshing!

  • Randy

    “Here’s some food with sugar in it” should be the title. I know a lot of the ‘West’ is having issues with weight, but I don’t accept that it’s because people are complete idiots. You mean all these sweet drinks I enjoy have sugar in them? And that sugar makes you fat? Wow, Alcohol is a good source of energy and adding sugar makes it even worse? Who’d have thunk it.

  • Randy

    What sort of Milkshake has 131g of fat in it? I’m going to go out on a limb and point out that in this country, we’re lucky enough to have at least SOME food standards. “Full cream” milk is less than 4% fat these days, so to get 130g of it you’d have to be drinking over 3 litres of Milk (that’s about 3/4 of a Gallon).

  • William Brown

    Let’s change this title to “Ready-made or Processed Drinks You should Avoid.” I hate these lists because they harp on one or two things. fat and sugars. I drink iced tea daily, Unsweetened, with lemon. And what about the anti-oxidants found in chocolate? Let’s get realistic for a change.

  • Benjamin Eugene NElson

    “In late 2012, it was estimated that 40 illnesses and 5 fatalities were caused by drinking Monster Energy, while 13 illnesses and 2 serious disabilities were associated with Rockstar.”

    By who? Where are your sources?

    And 15 illnesses out of how many enegry drinks consumed?

    Yah, they’re not healthy. I don’t claim they are, but you’re trying to scare people here.

  • Bleddyn

    This Author must think we are all idiots. The problem is sugar…plain and simple. Water or brewed tea has no sugar. I can think of a lot of food or drink products that have no sugar….until you put the sugar into it. Of course most commercially produced Ice Tea has sugar in it. But don’t blame the damn tea.

  • 1776_DejaVu

    The article is talking about premade tea sold in stores. Arizona tea etc…

  • 1776_DejaVu

    unsweetened tea made at home is delicious.

  • Perilous

    Never enjoy anything ever! That way you’ll be slender. You’ll also be unendurably miserable, but as long as you’re of acceptable weight nothing else matters!

  • Rosemary

    I live in Ca. Just think kool aide takes half cup of sugar per little packet didn’t take long for me to substitute kool aide with tea no sugar added my child always knows in my fridge will always be tea and lemons very refreshing, I hate always asking in resturants if there tea has sugar. This craze of sweet tea is out of control people are addicted to sugar substitute or not

  • Um, why is soda not on this list?

  • Rachel Lewis

    I was floored when I saw iced tea was the first one. Then I realized it meant sweet tea. So I’m safe. Good to know.

  • Gary

    Barbara, can anyone say/write any superlative now days for emphasis without someone having to come out and critic its use? No one in the world knows what the dumbest thing in the world is.

    • Barbara Bowman

      Yea, thanks for making my point.

  • CPL in SoCal

    I could have reduce both the “10 Foods” and the “7 Drinks” articles to one sentence. “Don’t eat or drink processed foods that contain high amounts of sugar, moderate your intake of all foods especially sushi; and get off yurass and exercise a bit.” But I guess that that does not provide for very exciting reading and attract advertisers.

  • Brandon

    #1 iced tea?! Read the label!!! You’re labeling all iced tea as bad. I just pulled a Pure Leaf iced tea out of my fridge – 0 calories and 0g of sugar. The headline should read “#1 Sweetened Iced Tea”. As mentioned in the article, making your own is the best option but there are many iced teas out there that are good choices and that sub headline needs to be changed.

  • garyhope

    I live in Texas and you can get “iced tea” all year long here. They usually ask if you want it sweetened or unsweetened. I always get unsweetened and add my sweetener or sugar to taste. I always add fresh lemon/lime slices or juice too.

    In the summer I make pitchers of tea (unsweetened) and keep them in the refrigerator. I add lemon or lime to the glass and sweetener as wanted. I think iced tea is a healthy alternative to wine or beer for meals. I never drink the tea from bottles sold in stores.

  • jellytots

    If only we could all grow up on farms then we would have no problems

  • jellytots

    But alcohol makes putting up with people like you a little more bearable

    • Antony Clements

      Doesn’t change the fact that drinking alcohols (beer, whiskey, bourbon etc.) contain ethanol and that the first stage metabolite of ethanol, acetaldehyde, is a carcinogenic compound.

  • Antony Clements

    Except that tea has caffeine and people die from issues that relate to caffeine consumption. Granted tea only has a miniscule amount of caffeine when compared to a coffee, but it’s still there.

  • Antony Clements

    every food stuff has calories, sweetened or not. Calories are a unit of energy, every food stuff gives you energy on some level, it’s the added crap and overconsumption of food stuffs that causes the issues. The only exception to this rule is pure water, though I don’t know of any dietician that would call water a food stuff. I’m sure there is one somewhere though.

  • Chanda S Healton

    Sweet tea is so gross! I love tea and NEVER add sugar to it!

  • Stephen Maro

    You don’t seem concerned that many of the low sugar options, you seem to be stearing your readers towards, contain unhealthy sugar substitutes. How about people just eat natural foods?

  • redheadedlady

    No flavored water? Here’s what I drink…it’s flavored water. The brand’s called “CLEAR”, at Walmart…..0 sugars, 0 caffeine, 0 sodium, 0 calories…and lots of flavors. Oh…and, smoothies? I make my own, with frozen fruit.

  • Bleddyn

    Agreed, diet usually means it has artificial sweeteners added. But unsweetened tea would be diet by most definitions….strange.

  • Mrhycannon

    Brown sugar changes the delicate taste of green tea.. The less sugar you use, the more refreshing the drink.. Green tea is not bitter and needs little or no sugar..

  • Geraldine Papasotiriou

    ohh bull sorry i have stop drinking diet coke and coke zero i am drinking nestea sugar free green tea and i have lost 11 and a half kilo in 3 weeks it is a better drink than others

  • chikotee

    Commendable job! These things people must know before making themselves addicted to a drink. Really worth appreciating.

  • Nstott

    Is it OK if the ice tea is 50 calories, 13g of sugar ,and 100 •/• vit.c

  • Trevor Alan Jenkins

    Thankfully I don’t drink Marg’s that much or Pina Coladas , prefer them without the alcohol.

  • Great Article.such a amazing information you share specialy iced tea i never know about its benifits.

  • Bob

    Absurd per. brown sugar- it absolutely contains the same calories as white table sugar. Another sham.