5 Foods You Should Never Eat Again

476246441 5 Foods You Should Never Eat Again


When you are trying to improve your health and lose weight, there are certain foods that you should avoid.

Many of these foods are obviously unhealthy because they contain ingredients that are known to cause weight gain.

However, some other foods which are not so obviously linked to weight gain can nevertheless turn out to be just as bad for you.

These foods are deeply problematic, because most people do not know to avoid them and therefore end up consuming them much more often than they should. Here are 5 foods that you should never eat again:

1. White Bread

White bread is a staple in most pantries, but the truth is that it doesn’t have any nutritional value. White bread contains a lot of sugar and it doesn’t have the ability to keep you satisfied, so within a few hours you are likely to find yourself feeling hungry and reaching for snacks.

As a result of these factors, it is unsurprising that research on those who eat white bread shows a correlation between eating larger quantities of white bread and being more likely to gain unwanted weight over a period of 12 years. As it turns out, even breads that claim to be wheat could contain more sugar than grain and should often be avoided.


Ideally, you should replace your white bread with whole grain or whole wheat bread whenever possible, as whole wheat bread is positively good for your health.

For example, it is a source of gamma-oryzanol, which lowers cholesterol levels if consumed on a regular basis, and some studies even suggest that women who eat the largest amount of whole grains are around 40% less likely to develop breast cancer (when compared to women who eat the smallest amount of whole grains).

In addition, don’t forget that you can also substitute white bread on your sandwiches with lettuce leaves or whole grain tortillas.

  • sfcat

    Actually brown rice isn’t the best for you. Wild rice, with the hulls still on the rice grain, especially in heirloom varieties like black rice, is what’s really healthy. It’s the processing of the rice that takes the vitamins and nutrients out of it, and most varieties of white or brown rice available to you at the store have been heavily processed

    • Stephanie Suffolk

      The problem with any rice is the small amounts of arsenic you will also be consuming and this can build up in the body. Brown rice, white rice and even baby rice products all contain this.

      • Malex Swinborg

        Rice contains trace amounts of arsenic depending on growing conditions (if you’re concerned, look for organically grown rice which is free from chemical sprays – I.e. chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers), you may be referring to the contaminated rice products that the FDA found in America

        • morph2020

          Trace amounts of elements like arsenic can be good for you. Look up the term “hormesis” and learn. Everything is toxic at some level, even water.

      • julianzzz

        Only American rice, grown in the old cotton fields have this problem.

    • Sparks13

      Wild rice isn’t rice, it’s grass seed.

      • julianzzz

        No it isn’t, grass doesn’t grow in paddy fields. White rice is processed brown rice.

        • Sparks13

          Who said anything about white rice? Read it again slowly. WILD rice. Look it up.

          • fatty

            rice is a starch and not so great. They say no starches. Of course I got to eat baked potatoes

      • Debra Arck Caunt


    • Mjhmjh

      The problem is that pure wild rice is way, way more expensive than ordinary brown rice.

    • Debra Arck Caunt

      and actually, “wild rice” isn’t a rice at all — it’s a grass.

  • independent15

    Yes, I have difficulty with some of this stuff too. Fried isn’t always bad – good oils are someting you should include in your diet to push out the bad. And rather than rice too much you can vary with other grains like quinoa. Agree about whote bread and so-called salad dressings though. And what was the fifth one?

    • Greg Jankowski

      I fry at moderate heat with olive oil, and bring active, the healthy calories are great. Deepfrying, especially when oil is heated for so long – restaurant fryers- generate high levels of free radicals. Sir fry with olive oil? HEALTHY.

      Way too many ‘nutritionists’ these days enthusiastically advise vague under-researched info that most people knew 5 years ago or longer.

      • sleat

        You might even try frying with coconut oil. If you have to fry, it’d be the one that decomposes into nasties the very least.

        Oh, and it tastes really nice!

  • mike

    Thanks Captain Obvious. I always fall for these articles thinking I’ll learn something new. Fried foods are bad, lots of sugar is bad, eating 36 twinkies for lunch not good.

    • Ross

      i love articles with generalities and unspecific statements like this

      • aaliyah.magee1@gmail.com

        me too they give you random but cool info that u didnt even know bout

    • Wallace Kusumo

      Seriously people, when will people start realizing that well-being is not as simple as eating this is bad and eating this is good. No one knows s***, since most of the food available today is fairly new, look up the history.

      If you want to feel good and healthy but are as lazy as I am to learn all the truths and mechanics: Go out exercise, and eat whatever your body crave as long as it is reasonably expensive. There are reasons why it’s cheap/expensive, but in the end, you get what you paid for.

      • fatty

        I went to Europe and ate good food. I felt better and slept better. We got shit in our food. It is full of crap and it’s why you can eat so much of it. Try eating fast food for a month. Your body is used to that crap, but if you never eat that stuff you can’t stand to eat it.

  • Rachel

    1. Scientific studies have proven that even our bodies can’t really tell the difference between HFC and sugar, and 2. while I agree about white bread and white rice being junk that has no nutrients whatsoever (even ice cream and french fries have calcium and some other vitamins), there’s no reason to completely remove these foods from your life. Ever hear of a little thing called moderation?

    • Malex Swinborg

      1. That’s interesting that HFCS has recently been recognised as the Australian Dietetics Association as one of the leading causes of lifestyle diseases, specifically type two diabetes. HFCS and cane sugar are digested quite differently in the body as they are two different chemical structures, HFCS is a high concentration of fructose, whereas cane sugar is composed mainly of sucrose (glucose and fructose).
      2. Sources of refined grains, such as white bread, and refined (white) rice still does retain nutrients, mainly the macronutrients carbohydrate and protein. I believe what you are referring to is the micronutrient content (vitamins and minerals) which are lost in the refinement process.
      3. French fries are not a significant source of calcium. They are however a great source of the mineral selenium.
      4. Moderation is not the key to happiness. In order to lead a fulfilling and beneficial lifestyle, you must always make the best choices daily to retain optimum health and generally be elite. You have the power.

      Yours in health,


      • Rachel

        I meant that ice cream contained calcium and french fries have some nutrients as well.

        • jACK-AROO

          French Fries also contain Butane derivatives:
          TBHQ is that it is a form of butane, yes the same chemical used for gasoline blending or sometimes propane. Not only are we consuming butane in the French Fries, but the TBHQ can cause, “delirium, ringing in ears, nausea, collapse, and vomiting. There have also been claims that TBHQ causes hyperactivity in children, rhinitis, dermatitis as well as asthma.”

          http://www.mcdonalds.com/us/en /food/product_nutrition.snackssides.120.768.Kids-Fries.html

          • Jon moonbeamsyndicate

            DO you mean GENERIC ‘french fries’, “French Fries” the reconstituted potato snack? Or “FDA- APPROVED” french fries? LOLZ. That’s a GENERALISATION. What if I’ve made them MYSELF? Aint no Butane-derived compounds in MY french fries! (An’ I grew them puhtaytas MAHself, maaaaan. Or maaaaaam…) Ain’t NOBODY got time fo’ THAT! My Momma din’t raise no fool- I DID IT MYSELF- TOOK RESPONSIBILIBILITY!!! Which is a GREAT way to eat healthy, folks! ;)

        • Eat Right

          Instead of french fries cut up potatoes (thin), skins on, coat with a tablespoon of olive oil, sprinkle sea salt and some pepper then broil for 45-60 minutes. It’s much better than french fries and not nearly as bad for your health.

          • fatty

            Try grapeseed oil. It’s expensive, but is a tad better than olive oil.

          • morph2020

            Could somebody explain why sea salt is said to be better than the kind you dig out of the ground?

      • morph2020

        Moderation is so good for you that you should even be moderate in the use of moderation.

    • Jon moonbeamsyndicate

      …or HTC and LG LOLZ. ACTUALLY MINE can, but then I keep specially RETUNING them to account for phase drift/ particle wave signal aberrations/ the weather in Toronto, and Des Lyneham. <3 and white rice ISNT junk. YOUR Kong Fu is obviously at LEAST 'rusty', if not ~ACTUALLY~ "lousy" :( I'm a SAD Kong-Fu Panda, who won't pander to a misunderstanderer. LOLZ. And you can call me Zhongni (仲尼 Zhòngní). kickin' it LIVE on mbs channel #ZER0… PEACE! <3

    • Alice Kincaid Smith

      You are, of course, aware that HFCS, gram for gram, contains faster release carbohydrates than white sugar? And that foods with HFCS typically contain more carbohydrate than those with sugar, as HFCS is cheaper, more condensed and used in larger amounts for those reasons? And that the lye used to process many HFCS (some makers use the more expensive option, removing this risk) contains trace amounts of mercury, which, when the HFCS is condensed, is also condensed, meaning that, if you choose the wrong foods, an average day of eating could result in consuming enough mercury byproducts to put you at risk for early onset Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, general neural damage, renal failure…etc (all of which are on the rise since HFCS was introduced, despite most of us living in the advanced world with the best medicine at our fingertips, btw)?
      But I’m sure you like your mercury overdoses in moderation too. :p
      And that’s ignoring the long-term impacts of overeating carbohydrates (and fast release ones at that!), such as insulin resistance, pancreatic damage, liver damage, kidney damage, lethargy, high estrogen, low testosterone, autoimmune triggers…etc. And even THAT’S ignoring all the different things that, whilst not caused by a diet with too many carbohydrates (and fast release carbs), such as menstrual cramps, swelling of the gonads, poor skin, headaches, brain fog, ulcers…etc.

      PS: “No worse than sugar.” is phrasing it incorrectly anyway. It sets it up assuming sugar is fine to begin with. “HFCS is no better than sugar.”
      Not all that we can eat, we should.

      • historyspeaks10

        one day we all die. no matter how healthy a person is, sooner or later they die. if i cant eat a piece of cake, some potato chips or a reese peanut butter cup once in a while then whats the point of living?

        lazarus long said it best, “to enjoy life, take big bites, moderation is for monks.”

        • fatty

          You can buy a big bag of fritos and a half gallon of ice cream and eat just a little? I can’t. I make a big pan of brownies and it’s gone that night. A bag of fritos and it’s gone in half an hour. The same with chips. So I never have them in the house and instead have sunflower seeds, sardines and peaches. Even small amounts lead to bigger amounts.

    • Alice Kincaid Smith

      One last thing: Why do people come out with this ‘moderation’ crap?
      What’s a ‘moderate’ amount of carbohydrates? For me, much over 150g/day leads to bloating, headaches and water retention. Others are fine on upwards of 300g/day.
      What is a ‘moderate’ amount of calcium? Is it the same for a growing child, an elderly person, a sportsman, an office-worker..? For someone eating a vegan diet or a primal diet or a 0carb diet?
      What is a ‘moderate’ amount of arsenic, mercury or cyanide? We eat trace amounts every day, after all.
      What is a ‘moderate’ amount of caffeine? Of ice-cream? Of apples? Of pizza? Of lollipops? Of wheat? Of red meat? Of white meat? Of donuts? Of nightshades?

      ‘Moderation’ isn’t a quantitative measure. If you want to live to tomorrow, a ‘moderate’ amount of yew berries is absolutely none. If you want to grow muscle, a ‘moderate’ amount of protein is anything up to 2.5g/lb-body-weight. If you can’t digest much fruit, a ‘moderate’ amount is under a piece a day. And if you wan’t to be at your very best, with no compromise, a ‘moderate’ amount of junk is zero.

      • fatty

        Eatign processed crap is the problem. We eat oysters, fish, crabs and muskrats and you can look at oysters those mofos are the best. If you look at red meat it only has protein and nothing else but fat.

      • morph2020

        Actually, the foundation of toxicology requires recognition of quantity as an important measure of whether something is toxic. Everything has a toxic level. Toxicologists use something called the dose-response curve. The more you take in, the greater the effect; eventually you reach a toxic level. You can drink enough water to kill yourself. The word “moderate” is being used to try to encourage people not to overindulge. Mae West claimed that “too much of a good thing is wonderful,” but it can be really harmful. Think of the generic term “food.” Too much “food” is toxic to the point of being deadly. It’s known as gross morbid obesity, but “carbon-poisoning” is not a bad term for too much food.

    • fatty

      Your body can tell the difference between raw sugar and refined sugar and anything artificial. You have to realize that why you are fat. You eat food with HFC, MSG, and GM food and have been. If you go to European countries you will eat their food and will notice you don’t eat as much and over there you drink more juices and not the sodas. I went to Ukraine for a month and that was the only time I slept all night and the reason? No iced tea with all that sugar. Refined sugar is toxic. It should be banned.

  • Alison

    I disagree with this article. I live in South Korea and I’ve been dropping kilos and eating all these types of foods. White rice is eaten with every meal. It is all about your portions and what or how much you consume while you eat these foods…. And for fried food, there are so many healthier things that it could be cooked in than fatty oils.

    • Jay Law

      That all goes down the drain for folks who have a touch of diabetes tho. Then things don’t get so easy.

    • james_the_bassist

      Exactly, with fried food it depends on what type of oil you’re using, rapeseed and sunflower oil are probably the best options if you want to have something fried. As for rice, you proved the point I was going to make, in the Far East rice is eaten on pretty much a daily basis, and they have some of the healthiest diets in the world, especially in Singapore, Japan and Korea (I think each have an obesity rate of less than 2%). I think this article should be taken with a pinch of salt (pun unintended), because a good number of these foods I like eating occasionally, a couple regularly, and I’m nowhere near being obese!

      • fatty

        You can eat tons of steamed fish and veggies, but eat tons of fried shit and it’s not what you are eating, but how it is prepared. Just like it’s not what some eat, but they drink a gallon of soda a day and that is the problem.

      • apprin

        Rice WAS one of the most healthful foods on the planet until we learned to polish the grain, give the starch base to humans and then give the healthful polish to livestock. In Asia, they still use whole rice. Todays American white rice is pure starch. We give the nutritious outer polish containing all the minerals and nutrients to cattle as a way for food processors (not farmers) to make a profit. This is all aside from the likelihood that you consume genetically modified (GMO) rice, which is a whole topic in itself. The American diet is laden with processes that make profits for marketers, processors, brokers and advertisers (notice farmers aren’t in the profit group). We are poisoning ourselves with the very products that we believe are helping us. Do some research on GMO foods and you’ll learn that up to 90 percent of your American food base is banned in other “developed” nations because of it’s health threats while our USDA embraces the chemical companies that produce the poison.

  • David

    Junk, Junk, Junk, I’m sorry if I’m little annoying. I am a food science and technologist, this I studied for 5 good years plus a spill in my Mechanical Engineering for an extra year, accumulating knowledge on foods their behaviors when subjected to different conditions even in your digestive system and I never for once heard and seen in any hypothesis or evaluation even no any signs of prognosis how white bread …. listen to that “it doesn’t have any nutritional value.

    White bread contains a lot of sugar and doesn’t have the ability to keep you satisfied.”

    Really??? You know after reading through I doubted all the time I spent in the University but hey I remember the most awesome stuff that happened, I was given an assignment to find out the most widely eaten food in the whole world and after my research I found I was this bread thinking it was rice. From the ancient of days, it has been bread till date… and you know what better do some research, go through any recommended Prof. of Food Science to help you through this. Thanks for reading.

    In case you want to learn something new about your foods you can as well mail me through queennaomi@hotmail.co.uk

    • Steven Bingham

      How you ever got through university with that grammar is beyond me.

    • anitahandle

      If I could understand a single sentence you wrote, I might agree with you. By the way, what do you mean by “a spill in my Mechanical Engineering”? What is a “spill”? Perhaps English is not your native language. If not, keep working at it.

      • Defenseman13

        You’re no picnic either, and you don’t have the education to boot. Stay off the internet.

      • Mjhmjh

        I can’t see the original comment, but in case it’s relevant……… As well as the obvious meaning, a “spill” was a long piece of very thin wood that was used by smokers to light pipes, etc. (It was flat and of a similar length to a knife or chopstick.) You held the spill into a flame and then once the tip of it was smouldering,, took it out of the flame and used it to light a pipe or even a cigarette. Because it was long, it was safer for transferring a “light” than waving a match around.

        Spills were also quite useful for model-making. :-)

    • Ziv Bnd

      David, given that your email is queennaomi and you couldn’t write a paragraph to save your life, I am not sure I really want your opinion on anything.

      • David

        Well Mr/Miss/Mrs. I didn’t remember dropping any opinion not even to you. Your name sounds like a domestic washing agent… for real, is that your real name? lol… Thanks for not wanting my opinion, at least you could read through…

    • Sword of Gideon

      It doesn’t appear that english is your primary language. Unfortunately, your writing is so poor it is difficult to follow what you are trying to say. I suggest that you dictate your thoughts to someone more fluent and re-post.

  • apowers02

    I live off the molecules in the air, for instance I stand over different food stuffs and hyperventilate thus capturing all the nutrient rich air and also gulping helps too. It takes training and careful control of your body to do this. It works so good I need to lose a few pounds, can you believe it? Soon I’ll be putting out a book, it’ll be called ” Breaking Wind ” Thank you for looking at my words. Oh, rice is only to be used at weddings, thrown at the bride and grooms person with smiling faces. It’s so wonderful.

    • Jonathan Washington

      Thank God For That

    • Yack62

      Nope, can’t throw rice anymore, It kills the birds.

  • steve button

    To say white rice has no nutritional value is completely false.

    Why would you allow that without fact-checking first? Fire your editor…

  • ant

    many Asians eat rice incl me. people gain weight because they eat too much. its all about portion control

  • dlwatib

    People will do themselves a big favor simply by ordering their hamburgers without cheese and mayonnaise. These two items practically double the calories in the sandwich, and they are almost entirely empty calories. If you’re worried you won’t be getting enough dairy without all that cheese, then substitute low fat or skim milk for the coke. If you are ordering at Wendy’s (or other restaurants that have baked potatoes), substitute a baked potato for french fries, and go easy on the butter and sour cream.

    • sleat

      I disagree, with respect. Based on what you said above, throw away the bun, eat the burger, with extra cheese, and do whatever you want with the mayo, unless it’s a high-trans-fat variety. If it is, don’t eat it.

      The thing that puts bad (nutrient-free) calories in mayo is the sugar. Olive-oil mayo (or even, yes, coconut oil based mayo) with low sugar is a really good idea. Oh, and eggs are a really good thing. Baby chicks are in perfect health, and have eaten nothing but the contents of an egg.

      Low-fat milk is a farce. It’s basically sugar and water, with a few trace nutrients, and a few grams of protein.

      With the potato, I’d throw away the POTATO and eat the butter and sour cream. Get a sweet potato, or a squash, or some leafy veggies and put the dressing on that instead!

      I don’t know a single obese person who eats as I describe. I’d pay real money to see a single obese person who doesn’t eat lots carbs and sugar and “low fat” for the rest of their diet. “Low fat” and “lite” foods are a big fat lie. Google lowfat milk or read this: http://www.forbes.com/sites/melaniehaiken/2013/07/02/lowfat-milk-may-not-be-as-healthy-as-we-thought-says-harvard-expert/

      Virtually 100% of my dairy is cream and cheeses, my heart is healthy, and I’m far from obese. Lots of eggs, leafy veg, and saturated fat, but virtually no carbs or sugar.

      Just my opinion of what seems to work well, backed up by some studies.

      • dlwatib

        You’re free to disagree as vehemently as you want. Who am I to tell you that your Atkins diet is ridiculous? But I wasn’t talking about homemade mayonnaise made with olive oil and you know it. I’m talking about the ordinary glop that American’s eat from sea to shining sea. Most people have no idea how many calories are in a slice of American cheese product, or a tablespoon of mayo. Those that do, know that I’m speaking the truth.

        • sleat

          Yes, you’re certainly spot-on about US Mayonnaise. How about can we agree that people would be better off ditching that American Hamburger Bun, the one usually made with extra sugar and white flour?

          Yes, a slice of “American” cheese would be a waste of a good mouthful. But real cheddar, with 21 of its majestic 33 grams of fat saturated, will make a person feel fuller, faster, than the same number of calories of white flour and sugar. So which is better to eat?

          Can we at least agree that “lite” products that substitute cheaper HFCS for actual good fats (and then re-sell the fats elsewhere) are a rip-off, and an E-ticket ride to type-2 diabetes?

          Can we agree that It would be better to get 10 calories from unprocessed coconut oil, eggs, or cheese, than 10 calories from Crisco(tm) or a slurry of white flour, or starch and HFCS?

          Here’s a good experiment for those interested; eat eggs, cheese, butter, cream, protein, and veggies but little or no carbs, for just a few days, then have a cholesterol test. Now do the same with a typical American diet, replete with high GI foods. Will the blood cholesterol be very different, and if so, why?

          Hint – The cholesterols in human blood almost exclusively come from the liver, which is how statins work. The body can make the much-needed cholesterol out of anything a person eats…anything. It is generally not made from cholesterol-rich foods.

          • sictransit

            Not entirely true regarding that last paragraph.

            Cholesterol is made in the liver–it is also made in the intestines and adrenal glands. However, cholesterol we eat makes its way to the blood stream as well (with an absorption rate of roughly 56%).

            Statin drugs only work to a degree. The latter form of cholesterol is much more readily oxidized than the former which leads to a quicker progression of atherosclerosis, and consumption of cholesterol still increases ones baseline plasma cholesterol level over a person who doesn’t.


            Eating equal amounts of crisco is definitely worse than eggs or cheese as it’s primarily trans fat, but the others aren’t without their risks as well.

      • sictransit

        1 gram of fat contains 9 food calories of energy.
        1 gram of carbohydrates contains 4 food calories of energy.
        1 gram of protein contains 4 food calories of energy.

        Because of the above is why it is much, much easier to gain weight eating foods with a lot of fat or oils than it is gaining weight eating foods rich in carbohydrates or protein.

        The Atkins diet works for some people due to the impact of abstaining from foods they already ate too much of to begin with.

        Regarding eggs, saturated fats, and cholesterol, you
        are obviously free to eat what you want, but there is a clear scientific and medical consensus regarding the aforementioned: that consumption of either puts you at greater risk of cardiac disease and atherosclerosis (the primary cause of cardiac disease), later on down the road.

        This is the reason the Institute of Medicine refuses to put an upper limit to tolerable limits of trans fat, saturated fat and cholesterol at
        anything but zero.

        From the director of the Stroke Prevention & Atherosclerosis Research Center:


        Polyunsaturated vegetables are a healthier alternative, but It’s important to remember that even they are a junk food–a highly processed food containing virtually no nutrition, or, in the best cases as with virgin olive oil which have shown some health benefits, will still contribute less to longevity than just eating plain olives.

    • sleat

      Can you say exactly what is wrong with cheese, and say, mayonnaise home-made with coconut oil, olive oil, and fresh eggs, and no added sugar?
      Please mention studies showing the details, thanks!

  • Clayton Götterdämmerung Bruyn

    “Furthermore, in the US, canola, soybean, and corn oils are made primarily from genetically engineered crops, which come with their own set of health risks.” Care to substantiate that claim?

    • sictransit

      The risk from GM crops comes primarily from those that are altered to produce their own pesticides or herbicides. Round-up ready crops also aren’t without their risk.

      A study conducted by Monsanto itself determined kidney and liver toxicity in rats fed round-up ready corn, and two different strains of Bt toxin corn. Keep in mind all three of these are crops that you’ll find at the supermarket:


      “…We therefore conclude that our data strongly suggests that these GM
      maize varieties induce a state of hepatorenal toxicity. This can be due
      to the new pesticides (herbicide or insecticide) present specifically in
      each type of GM maize, although unintended metabolic effects due to the
      mutagenic properties of the GM transformation process cannot be
      excluded [42]. All three GM maize varieties contain a distinctly different pesticide residue associated with their particular GM event (glyphosate and AMPA in NK 603, modified Cry1Ab in MON 810, modified Cry3Bb1 in MON 863). These substances have never before been an integral part of the human oranimal diet and therefore their health consequences for those who consume them, especially over long time periods are currently unknown.”

  • Jay Law

    Sour Dough is best for low glucose levels.

  • Ariana

    The last 2 pictures are milkbones really? It’s dog treats not human treats yeah of corse it’s bad for us who ever eats milkbones and you aren’t a dog needs help ,,,does anyone else see what I see?

  • Ziv Bnd

    Author, you lost me at “should never eat again.”
    “Never”? Really?
    Get a grip, and try to recall the common sense mantra of, “All things in moderation, including moderation.”
    Don’t go all fundamentalist on your recommendations, you lose more than you gain, if you get my drift.

    • julianzzz

      Easy to never eat any of them, although fructose gets put in everything. If you cook, you control what you eat and what you are becoming. Dead easy to switch to brown rice and brown bread and oil based salad dressing. Fries? Donuts? Who needs them? Fructose, what for? I find it dead easy to consume less than 1600 calories once I cut out all packaged food. A “no brand” diet is the best. 7000 steps a day is easy, however you have to avoid snacks to lose weight, so far, eight pounds down in three months, slow and steady, accurate measurement and no crash dieting is essential.

  • Adrian Hum

    I guess when an article leads with such a sensational title is just plain good value when it comes to loading your SEO isn’t it. I would suggest that you advise a certain amount of moderation in consuming these foods.

    You also mention fried foods, a well done flash fry does preserve the nutritional value of products like fish, while it gathers fats and fat oil toxins as it slowly broils or grills in its own oils.

  • J. Camaron Rogers

    Well this was a complete waste of time. And there’s nothing *inherently* wrong with HFCS either. Your body can’t distinguish it from any of the other sugars you eat. The problem with HFCS is that the food industry has decided that it belongs in EVERYTHING. It’s the sugar overload in general that’s making us fat, not HFCS by itself.

  • DS

    White rice has no nutritional value??? Maybe that isn’t much a bad thing.

    The main issue in most western countries is that people have too much nutrition.

    In fact people from the two countries with the longest life expectancy (Hong Kong and Japan) eat tons of fried food and white rice every day. I will take my white rice with tempura any day over your so-called healthy sandwich and salad.

    • fatty

      yes, but drink soda with that and sit on your arse. In cities some people do a lot of walking. Americans walk to the toilet.

  • Defiant

    Oh well…guess I’ll stop eating. Er…maybe I’ll stick with cardboard and grass. Then I’ll step off the curb and get killed by a bus. Seriously though, to each his own…but I don’t WANT to live longer if I’m eating BORING food.

    • BOH1066

      EXACTLY! i’ll gladly live for fewer years in exchange for the ability to eat incredibly yummy, pure butter, heavy cream, decadent desserts. same goes for fried foods and collard greens made w/bacon. i eat a moderately healthy diet but DO like to indulge. i feel the same about exercising, especially running/treadmill/stairclimbers. i might add 5 years to my life but i’d spend them….???????………pointlessly. much exercise is nothing more than a tedious enterprise. the human organism is not meant to live for 100+ years. a perfect example is the following fact: if they live long enough, ALL men will get prostate cancer. 100% likelihood of occurrence. 90+% of autopsied geriatric males have some degree of that cancer. we are machines with a finite working time. this need to cheat, or at least indefinitely put off, death is not just futile but also robs us of many pleasures.

      • Giovanni Dattoma

        What you say makes sense…unless we contemplate the growing health problems and growing cost to service people who just indulge as if there is no tomorrow: food, alcohol, smoking. Should people who are less indulgent have to pay for those who just indulge?

      • Tom Gray

        Eat as much butter, heavy cream, and bacon as you want..they’re NOT bad for you. I wish people would stop passing the ‘saturated fat is bad’ myth around. It’s been debunked for a long time now. In fact, reducing saturated fat intake actually CAUSES health problems and makes you live LESS.

    • fatty

      Hec yeah so just eep on eating the pizzas and fast food, because it’s not only toxic but it is exepensive. I now a stupid fat girl in Cambridge Md. who only eats McDonald’s and pizzas and was wondering why she was broke. You can’t eat $6 average in a meal for four people. Thin two Big Macs and large fries and soda is about $8. Your food bill would be about $160 a week for one person. Quit doing this shit.

  • Mike

    Just what are the health risks for genetically engineered crops?

    • sictransit

      Not all GM crops are the same. Many are benign, and make small additions that either alter its growth cycle a bit, pushing it to bear fruit earlier, etc., tolerate drought conditions, or resistance to the widespread tobacco mosaic virus.

      But then there others like Bt soy, corn, and rapeseed (canola) crops which do need more research as they create the pesticide Bt toxin endogenously. The risks of course would be the same as risks associated to pesticides in general, more or less depending on how much of the toxin the plant decides to produce and how potent its affect on the human body is.

      So, anything from nothing, to low-grade chronic inflammation, to cancer.

  • Mike

    HFCS is bad for you? How is that?

  • Ernie

    I eat most of which is so called harmful and yet don’t have health issues, coz I eat with moderation and my metabalisism is spot on when I do my regular doctor visits. Never lernt to spell, to bisy playing at skool

  • Wallapalla

    Moderation is the key to life, If you’ll stay at that, you’ll never have a problem. :)

  • Ann Coffey

    Five foods one should never eat again? Easy, Squash, squash, squash, squash and squash. Another five are spinach, spinach, spinach, spinach and spinach.

  • Opa Mando




  • Diane Phillipa

    After reading thsi list I’m not sure if I should just kill myself now. Whole meal bread (dry and revolting) Brown rice (never cooks right). No fried foods, no tasty dressings what is the point of living. I would rather eat tasty foods than live fiver years longer!

  • http://113tidbits.com/ tony greene

    No salad dressing either?

  • chiluvr1228

    Unfortunately the most activity people get today is walking from the fridge to the TV.

  • Vicki007

    Read the labels on EVERYTHING when you shop. More items are made with high fructose corn syrup and since grocers are lobbying against labeling of GMO’s you have to take a non-GMO list with you to the store. Most of our produce is genetically modified unless is is labeled organic.

  • Jane Johann

    Worthwhile read. Basically do NOT eat: 1.White Bread; 2.Fried Foods; 3.Cream-based salad dressings; 4.White rice; 5.High fructose corn syrup.

  • Jon moonbeamsyndicate

    YEEES… I think PERHAPS Encouraging and REMINDING people to REMEMBER to eat a BALANCED diet, and drink enough water, get their 5 a day, etc… would seem less… PREACHY/patronising/whatever… There’s FUCK ALL wrong with white rice… Imagine SUSHI without it… I admit, I SKIMMED- I DIDN’T read the ‘qualifying’ statements with each “EVIL” food. No TIME… VEEEERRRRYYYY B%%%U%%%S%%%Y!!!!!!!! <3 Eating is EVIL!!! LOLZ LOVE WITHOUT LIMIT <3

  • bsmsnudge

    I want some chips, big ones cooked in lard or dripping, loads of salt and vinegar, very sweet, very tasty.

  • racdula

    Stupid people live to eat. Sensible people eat to live.

  • Felicia R Faulkner

    About a year ago I spent a good 15 minutes in front of the bread isle looking through everyone to see which was whole wheat WITHOUT high fructose corn syrup. Finally found one. Nature’s Own. And it’s on the cheaper side too, between $2.50 and $2.99. And my husband is very picky and he likes it too.

  • jeff_albertson

    French and europeans eat tons of bread and arent obese.
    Chinese eat tons of rice and arent obese. (asians eat a ton of fried foods but they also eat lots of veggies)

    btw, soft drink and sodas is the same thing: sugar.

    Moderation is the key.

    Eat donuts once a month or every two months and its not a problem. scarf down 12 krispy kreme lard specials a few times a week and its a problem.

    and has anyone seen people eat sandwich where bread is replaced by salad leaf who arent fanatics?
    Bring that to work and each a nice soggy leaf sandwich after it sits in the bag for 4-5hrs..

  • lakawak

    Most people will reach for snacks within a few hours of eating ANY food…not just white bread.

  • SoySauce

    LOL. I have to say, bashing white rice? You may want to tell that to the Japanese, who on average are healthier, more thinly toned, live longer, have younger looking skin etc than americans like yourself and yet eat white rice daily.

    • driguana

      I love white rice! If I have a choice between white and brown….it’s not a choice!
      And Sunday is always Donut Day in our house…..a couple of donuts and some really good hot chocolate….and we’re all healthy and slender…..go figure.

  • Alan8

    Not just white bread: Whole wheat bread ALSO contains amylopectin, which causes an unhealthy spike in your blood sugar.

    The spikes in blood sugar damage your body through a process called non-enzymatic glycation, an aspect of the aging process. They also cause corresponding spikes in insulin, which converts the sugar into fat, and increases your risk of diabetes.

    It was a shock to me when I learned this; I had always thought of whole wheat bread as “healthy”.

  • salientfilm

    eat in moderation and work out once in a while. done. saved you all that extra text.

  • Betty Boop

    Well Boomer that could change at any time.

    • Jok

      Well, he is enjoying himself. You only live once.

  • Amerman

    I am within 3 shots of breaking my age
    If you ate right, you’d be 3 strokes under your age

    • Aged1

      Give him another 6 years and he will be.

  • ruth

    wheat can be bad for you too, esp. as one reaches middle age

  • historyspeaks10

    exactly. swimmer phelps ate 20,000 calories a day and took bong hits and he went on to win how many olympic medals? eatr what you want but then get off your arse and get some exercise!

    • anoidbydivisiveness

      At least I’ve got something in common with Michael Phelps… and it Olympic Gold..

  • Spank

    Dark bread can be just as bad as white, in other ways.

  • Guest

    God “give up’ What happened to moderation. French fries? really give up french fries? NEVER.

  • Anon

    With high Fructose Corn Syrup there is twice as many calories in any soda water containing this ingredient. Sugar although bad for you isn’t nearly as bad as HFCS. It’s gross to think what these cola companies force you to drink if you like their products. Whats worse is they both have different flavors, but any soda maker will try to say they can not taste the difference. I sure as hell can!

  • Lorna K Bergin

    People who think they are healthy because they eat the foods above and do enough exercise to not be overweight are sadly mistaken, ever hear of visceral fat people. Or what about not getting enough of certain vitamins and minerals inside you. The word diet should be replaced with something more along the lines of ‘Healthy Living’ or ‘Healthy Lifestyle’


    LOOKAHERE….6 yrs ago I was 310 pds. I had played ball in college and never got above 210. But here I was, a bonafide..fat boy at 6’1”. Today I am 186 and have kept it off for 5 yrs. At 55, I exercise 4 to 5 days a wk for an hr or more each time. I feel like King Kong and..My wife says I look better than before she married me!!!!!!!!!You can eat whatever you want, Just not everyday and not in enormous amounts. I inverted my meal order. Breakfast is my biggest meal of the day. I do stay away from White products though. My breads are 100% whole wheat or whole grained. And no more than a couple slices daily. I eat French fries. But not every week. I’ll have a piece of cake and some ice cream. The key is knowing how to..hit and quit it!! Portion control. I keep a large bowl of fresh fruit on my kitchen table, drink plenty of water and tea. Green tea, suppresses the appetite. Eat more fresh veggies, bake your chicken and fish. And Exercise. It does not take that much. Start with a 20 min walk. Then move up. Buy yourself a stationary bike and flop it right in front of your TV. You can pedal and watch your Fav tv program. And Weight trng? Don’t believe the hype. Buy yourself some resistance bands and get a free program on how to use them from the internet. a couple of 3 to to 10 pd weights is all you need for some simple exercises.Pamper yourselves. Get massages to keep down muscle pain and think about getting a new bath tub. One with those massaging waterjets. It make a world of difference when you start exercising!! You will find getting your weight down not only lets you feel better, you will visit the doctors office less often and a lot of those aches and pains will become minimal. Its not hard..But you gotta get..your head right!!And more importantly, Don’t tell yourself its a diet. Its a lifestyle change..for good.

  • J.J. Vrooman

    I think rice is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just dont like the color white.Why cant they just make rice red or blue or anything?

  • Larry Caldwell

    Maize, wheat, barley, rye, rice, oats and sugar cane are all grasses. Wild rice is not rice at all, it’s just a family of grasses with a robust seed.

  • T.B.F

    Sugar in white bread? You are obviously referring to raisin bread as I have been baking for many years and have never yet used sugar in plain white bread, maybe you should clarify what it means.

    • Proud2bfromtheUSA

      T.B.F. white bread is the highest form of bread in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are sugars that the body stores as fats and are actually what causes you to gain fat when you eat more of them than your body can use.

  • sailordude

    this list is pretty judgmental. People are living longer whats the point?

  • harrison fink

    it doesn’t matter about quantity of calories, but quality of calories. you could eat 100 calories of avocado and 100 calories of chips and the avocado would be better because it is a healthy fat, such as saturated fat.

    • fatty

      I can eat a ton of baked French fries, but get a bucket full of those fried ones and half way through you get sick. It how you prepare it

  • DNealWin

    Studies have shown that deep fried foods, if done at the correct temperature, are not as greasy as thought. Watch Alton Brown’s episode on Good Eats, found on youtube, on deep frying, and he will explain better than I can.

  • Marlene

    It’s important to have a balanced diet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t eat a sweet or a more caloric food. My friends speak about weight all the time, complaining and dreaming with the perfect body… but to tell you truth, they are ok, they are not obese and they are healthy. To have a couple of pounds more that we should doesn’t mean we are fat or in risk. I know slim people with high cholesterol or slim people that would never touch a sweet with the fear of putting on weight.I know slim people that is very ill… Moderation yes, I agree, but we have to be careful to not be influenced by the media about what is the right and the wrong.

  • mikeatle

    Okay, so HFCS is probably a no-no, but I’m not giving up the rest of those foods. It’s called moderation! None of us is living forever. The most ardent health food devotees of the 19th century are all dead now.

  • Alisia

    I eat rice at least once a day..i dont think im fat

  • dollahdave

    I like the fatty that orders 3-40 pc. Mcnuggets,2 lg fries and a DIET coke! LOL

  • 13thGenPatriot

    How is frying a piece of chicken in a pan more unhealthy than broiling that same piece of chicken or baking it? (assuming the meat is thoroughly cooked by all methods) How about a wok? How does the caloric and nutritional value become suddenly “unhealthy” because it is fried? Spray some Pam on the pan…fry up the food. Tada!

  • Hans

    TLDR: don’t eat anything that tastes good

  • tofu

    I have eaten white rice my entire life, three times a day, and i am doing okay.

    • Freeway1

      I can’t let go of white rice or bread. I just can’t.

  • Jorge Berrios

    Don’t you ever say an unkind word about a donut again! Especially if said donut is the glorious maple bacon donut!!

  • CC

    you mean what about 80% of Americans eat LOL good luck

  • bottlesflying

    Fried foods are fine as long as you use olive oil or some other healthy oil.

  • JK

    I was hoping brussel sprouts would be listed.

  • Violet Paran

    If you want really to make a diet your self dont eat too much..make it balance and maintain exercise. Tomato,cucumber,green leafy vegetable are good for our body. I maintain my body figure. 35 25 36 just i maitain my fitness cereal every morning with milk. For lunch just i eat more Green Salad, and soup.

  • Tyler

    Its called moderation.

  • Peter M.

    Frying foods in an open pan is not necessarily bad. It depends how much oil is used. If very little is used then frying foods is no worse than baking. In fact sautéing foods is very healthy since you can more easily control how cooked food is. The cooked the better for vegetables anyways.

  • Maria

    Problem is alot of these items are hidden in other foods

  • Joan C Fohr

    Just shoot me
    love them all.

  • Whitey

    Sneaky trick to lose weight – stop eating like a glutton…

  • James Simpson

    Counting claories is necessary. Fat however is not equal. Fat Free dressings are fat free either naturally or it becomes like skim milk where the skim milk is less healthy that whole bc its missing ingredients needed to process and absorb nutrients like calcium. I don’t know where you got your degree in Nutrition but Fat free ranch? Read those ingredients and tell me its actually healthier. You have many points here but the fact that you shy’d away from Corn syrup and diet soda conversations means you are too worried about a backlash from some corporation like Monsanto, Coke, Pepsi to tell the complete truth. I came off soda alone and loss 60 lbs. Corn Syrup is not the same as even processed white cane sugar. Note all mexican sodas sold in mexican food isle Kroger for example and yes even the glass Cokes in that isle have cane sugar not corn syrup. they usually are only 12oz enjoy one its not like having a big gulp at the seven eleven and I just drink hot coffee and tea and enjoy being heathier. Fried foods are are a given but not the devil just limit consumption. Fries especially. Rasins are not healthy as they typically contain large amounts of pesticides in that litle compact nugget. Unless you are drying your own stay away from cereals that contain processed fruits just as much as the sugar cereals. but as I have noticed replace your dinner with a bowel of cereal have a full lunch but enjoy a healthy big bowl at dinner you will loose weight. Been there done this too. Being healthy is great but eating right with no activity is futile. Get active and drive to become a little more active each day as you do you will need a higher caloric intake then when you splurge you can do so guiltless.

    • Sharon Kay Mikesell

      My mind set is “Eat to live, not live to eat”! It’s working so far. I’ve gone from 293 lbs. to 244.5 lbs. in 8 months. Still have @ least 50 -60 to go. Then I’ll decide my goals from there!
      Also, I don’t fry anything any more! I add enough oil to baking sheet to keep foods from sticking & bake away. Usually it just takes a swipe w/a paper towel & spread oil around or spray it lightly w/spray of choice. Grilling or smoking is another way to keep away from the oils!
      Eat healthy w/loads of veggies & fruits incorporated into your meals.

  • Heinrich Geisenberger

    Ah man what about my late night peanut butter and jelly sandwich and glass of milk. Sure helps me the next day pumping up at the gym!!!

  • alicia

    That’s exactly what I was going to say. I agree with the rest of the foods listed but white rice, come on!

  • http://politicstop.com Steven H

    This felt more like an infomercial for Kraft Low Fat Dressing. These are most likely the same people who pushed aspartame as a healthy alternative to sugar, and margarine in place of butter. We now know how bad these substances are. I’m betting the future will find similar long term results for the chemicals in fat free foods.

  • Erin

    FYI, asians eat variety of rice, brown rice and multi grain rice are also on the menu, in addition to noodles, soba, and buns occasionally, white rice is bad for people who have digestion problem and even seniors. No one eats white rice everyday and most Asians don’t eat fries and burgers.