30 Seconds a Day is All it Takes to Get in Shape

October 29, 2014


For many, finding the time to hit the gym or otherwise get in an effective workout can be quite the mountain to climb. In fact, the task is so daunting to some that they give up before they even try.

With all the new fitness trends sweeping the world, there is one type of training in particular that offers a ray of hope for those who are just too busy. Interval training, also known as circuit training, is a regime that emphasizes short, intense workouts designed to get your heart beating and expand your muscle capacity.

30 Seconds a Day Keeps the Flab Away

Circuitous training, as we will call it for this article, focuses on short, intense bodyweight exercises. The timer for each training section can be lengthened or shortened as you prefer, but a minimum of 30 seconds at a single station is enough to at least get your blood flowing.

The best part is you can perform the workout at home without any sort of equipment. There are all sorts of exercises that require nothing but you.

Jumping jacks, pushups, mountain climbers, you name it, all these exercises use your own weight as resistance.

To get the most out of this training regime, however, you must be honest with yourself and give it your all for those 30 seconds you perform a workout.

Many circuit trainers refer to the 30 second-intensity as, “the longest 30 seconds of your life,” and they weren’t kidding. Giving 100% for a sustained 30 seconds will wipe out even the most in-shape athletes.

But the feeling you get after those 30 seconds is intense as well. The feeling of accomplishment, the thought that, “that wasn’t so hard,” are very powerful motivators that will keep you coming back for more.

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