15 Reasons Not To Be Skinny


As we currently live in an era in which practically all cultures are obsessed with being slim and avoiding obesity, little is known about all the health issues associated with being underweight. Recent findings (based on a number of health researches) actually show that the risks of being underweight are comparable to the ones of obesity, and in some cases being underweight is actually more dangerous than being overweight.

Besides mild malnutrition or early onset osteoporosis, for instance, the health risks associated with being underweight can even have the most severe of consequences.

Let’s run through some of the reasons why being skinny isn’t actually good for you.

1. Lack Of Energy

When we insert more calories than we use, our body is programmed to store them as fuel for later, in a form of fat.

This ability is something that our body mastered throughout the process of evolution, which makes it beneficial for our health and survival.

So, if we store fat for a reason, to avoid storing altogether means that you are in fact working against your body.

With this back up fat out of the picture, our body doesn’t have ample energy, which means your body isn’t able to burn those fat cells in order to release the precious glucose and ATP we need to perform our bodily functions, let alone do something else.

In these situations the body is hardwired to start eating itself out and burn other tissue for fuel such as your muscle mass. All this will eventually lead to having a low skeletal muscle, the inability to perform basic tasks and the body becomes more prone to injuries.

Just like a car needs fuel in order to run, your body needs its fuel, and that is food. Don’t deprive your body of food. It won’t last long.

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