15 Most Bizarre Diets In History


2. The Lip Gloss Diet

If you’re looking for weird stuff, the ‘90s are a treasure trove. This diet was based on lip gloss. That’s right, lip gloss, the “beauty enhancer” for your lips.

You just put this lip gloss on, and you don’t want to eat! Ha! Genius! It was used by Kate Moss, so naturally, a ton of people tried it out.

This diet claims that you can subsist on fresh air, sunlight and herbal tea for months, drawing all nutrition from prana, the Hindu life force.

There have been a number of deaths related to the Lip Gloss Diet. What? But how? How are sunshine and lip gloss not enough for one to sustain life?

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  1. Tom Rowan

    February 11, 2016 at 1:04 pm

    I Love the CIGARETTE Diet! Keeps me thin & pretty! Screw the health groups!

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